IADL #425
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 Agh!-- Too bright!-- Can't... see... --Valvoline
 o/^ Hel-LO? o/^ Who ordered the Whitman Thampler, thilly? --anon
 0/`Universe Man, Universe Man, size of the whole damn freaking universe, man!o/` --aK h
 "Halt, villan! Or I, Dorkman, will punish you with the sight of my thighs!" --the Society to Rid the Earth of Celine Dion
 Can white men jump ? Maybe. Can they pimp shorts like that ? Hell no. --Bleech_
 Todd's job with the poison control center wasn't pretty, but when somebody's life depends on induced vomiting, not much is. --the Society to Rid the Earth of Celine Dion
 Bet you didn't know Marilyn Manson even *went* to college. --Samwise
 Hands up - who *didn't* know this guy in high school? --Samwise
 "George enjoys gangsta rap and mid-size family sedans with racing stripes. For George, dial #4860." --the Society to Rid the Earth of Celine Dion
 "Ladies and Gentlemen, for my first trick, I will squeeze myself into a guitar case!" --Wabewalker
 Skippy Whitman, just like his great great uncle Walt, was as gay as Christmas. --Hooper_X
 Little does Charles know that we replaced his usual neighborhood with the Bronx. Let's see if he notices. --Mr. ?
 Now where's the 'AFTER' picture? --Mr. ?
 Way cool, thought Bob.... heck, most colleges wouldn't even have uniforms for the chess team. -- doctor poodle
 By an overwhelming margin, Bob was voted Most Likely to Tan Badly -- mutantdog
 One more like this and I'm turning you into the authorities, Spinn. --Doc Evil
 Golf clubs, Violin, Schwinn Bike... 5-1 odds he's sold all of these by the end of this semester to buy pot. --BAR-1
 I'd write a "shitting a brick" caption... but that's clearly a goose-down jacket coming out... --BAR-1
 Why is there no body hair on this person? --anon
 New superhero of the masses... SPEED WALKER! --Crack "Props to Almost Live" Baby
 I really don't think this was what Walt had in mind when he wrote of "singing the body electric." --Cunninghamster
 The president of the Welcome Club at Whitman's College of Chocolatiers. --Hamball
 Whitman? Marfan, it looks like... --Pete
 There was something about his old track uniform that really inspired him when he played the quitar, although all his songs still revolved around having sex with children. --themightymightyquinn
 John never understood why black folks burst into laughter as he walked past them. --Brandolon Hill
 "...and here is my spout!" --Big ol' Bob
 Time for the Dance of Joy! --Mr. ?
 So. Any questions as to why I'm a lesbian? --anon
 The vaseline on the thighs, the roaming fingers, and that creepy smile... needless to say, no one ever wanted to work with Mark during wrestling practice. --RM
 I find myself captivated by his sharp wit and high ideals. Baby, where have you been all my life! --aK h
 ...and at 600 dpi, you can see that his shorts are painted on... --FluffyBunny
 Heroin chic finaly meets kickboxing. --happy me
 Oh good. Another naughty boy in his short shorts. Thank God for the Internet. --happy me
 I would just like to take this moment and extend a huge thank you to SpinnWebe for giving me one more reason to begin a life-destroying coccaine habit to slowly annihilate my mind and cripple my body. Thanks, SpinnWebe! --happy me
 Just in time for the new millenium, here's the Decline of Western Civilization. Say hello to the people, big fella! --happy me
 Once you have the Billy doll, you have to get his friend Josh. --Honest Jon
 Brevity, as they say, certainly ain't this guy! --Cunnimingus, Jazz Legend
 Tragically, Ted would later find himself threaded through the head of a needle and fed into a loom. from Tall, Skinny Motherfucker Tragedies by Leon Mambu --The Enigma
 The Ray-Ban people plan to use this guy in their next vampire commercial. As one of the vampires or the light source, who knows? --Bore
 Let me guess....."tight end", or "wide receiver" ? -- mutantdog
 It could always be worse. Just be thankfull for the tanktop. --happy me
 and in time for spring, here comes Franšios, modeling a safron and marine "Prison Bitch" by Whitman --happy me
 And so there is a higher chance of recessive genes becoming dominant. --Excerpt from The Dangers of Inbreeding --Yakko
 My god, it's full of spunk. I *hate* spunk. --orrin bloquy
 That's it, I'm getting medieval on realdoll.com's ass. --orrin bloquy
 Actually, the shirt was supposed to say "white man", but that would sound redundant. --RipperJak
 Little Known Fact: Peter Parker's brother, Tim, was bitten by a different insect at the same time that the spider bit Peter. Unfortunately, Stickbugman never became very popular. --The Enigma
 You know you're at the wrong college when the BMoC is related to Howdy Doody. --Stealth
 Oh, yeah. I knew there was a reason I stuck with DFC. --Heath
 England only has one queen, why must we have so many?!? --Poitin
 The Very Model of a Modern Major Jerkoff --Bleech_
 So this guy goes out with Gwen and the Black Cat AND gets hitched with Mary Jane, while I sit alone watching 'Millenium' on friday nights. Excuse me while I kill myself --Bleech_
 "Once I whiped the vomit off the screen and got over my initial shock..." - Diary of an IADL Captioneer --A Grouch
 Wait! Wait! I can make this even worse for everybody! Imagine the way this guy's butt sticks out when he lines up a putt! --Rotter
 It's thought that Richard Simmons' lifelong weight problem was set off by jealousy of his supermacho brother, Skip...the golf jock. --Rotter
 Janet's parents weren't really that surprised when she announced her homosexuality. --crispy
 He is a loathsome, offensive brute...yet I can't look away! --Samwise(obvious, anyone?)
 There's a reason why he's looking for a woman with a sense of humor. --Mr. ?
 SWU: Single White Undecided. --Mr. ?
 "G'Day. And now it's time to kick back with a tinnie of Foster's and play Spot The Pooftah." -It's A Might Peculiar Life, Mate!, Australian Version of IADL. --Doctor X
 Born to raise eyebrows --Les Miserables
 Something tells me that guitar was a waste of money. Now Rhythm Lessons, on the other hand... --Mr. ?
 Just six more days. Thank you, Charles Atlas! --Bad Girl
 And now on Felicity, the darker side of Noel. --Orrin Bloquy
 Sure, you don't recognize me without my antlers and instant coffee, do you? --The Mystery Roach
 You know what the weird thing is? The flash wasn't even on... --Valvoline
 Legs are straight...owner ain't! --Les Miserables
 Man the villians in the Tick cartoon just get weider and weirder. --Yakko
 I Have No Spoon, And I Must Gag --flodnak
 It is better to let the world think you are a fool, than to allow your picture to be taken while wearing a fruity track oufit and remove all doubt. --Master of All That is Evil
 Two days later, he found out that gamma radiation will not turn him into a mean green fighting machine. --Mr. ?
 Yeah, yeah, he's pale and frightening; I'll grant you that. What I want to know is how come he's living in the deep end of an empty motel swimming pool. --Annna
 The Chippendale auditions went badly. --Bad Girl
 Cap on backwards? Heathen! --RipperJak
 Well, I finally believe in the creationist view of the beginning of the universe. There is no way this could be produced by "survival of the fittest". --Yakko
 The part that makes me want to cry in all this is the fact he looks so damn proud of himself. --Senator Tso
 Anthony Perkins' first audition lacked the sullen menace of Norman Bates, but scared me shitless nonetheless. --a. hitchcock

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