IADL #426
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 "Come on! Blocking! BLOCKING, for Christ's sake! Stop the goddamned scene! Kyle, how long have you been taking theater classes? Nobody wants to see your ass. It's called fucking BLOCKING! Aww, Jesus. Let's try this again.....take fifty-seven....aww, fuck." --The Enigma
 "You will fear my half-drunken, inbred gaze." --The Enigma
 Mr. Travis... I do believe you are trying to seduce me... --Bisti
 After SueEllen had gotten those sillouette cut-outs for her glasses, life was just more entertaining. --I'm Hooked On Books!
 Whoa! Infinite recursion and irony in one! --RoBear
 I'm putting my foot down right here. We cannot compete with the 'bots. --Riff
 Well, since they booted it off the Sci-Fi channel, I guess it has to go somewhere. --Riff
 Now if my feet were stuck to the floor, and there was some loud bastard yapping behind me and 12 teenage kids giggling to my right, this is an average friday night at 7pm at the Cinema 21. --AQUALUNG: It's about recession.
 Finally, a proper forum for the classic works of Don Johnson (in this case, A Boy and his Ford Explorer). --Orrin Bloquy
 The Ted Nugent/Barry Manilow buddy picture finally ended a painfully long string of musical buddy flicks. However, the Manilow/Nugent cause-and-effect medley 'Copacabana/Cat Scratch Fever' is setting chart records only dreamed of by Celine Dion. --Kyosuke (believe it or not, it's a salvage of Waldo's captian)
 In the next scene, Barry Manilow squeals like a pig. --kyosuke
 Mike: Wow, he's starting to show, isn't he? Tom: He's more radient than ever. Crow: He's just been out to get some ice cream. And peanut butter. And pickles. --Bookworm
 "Now get them cut-outs off'n my fence!" --Stealth
 Stop me if you've heard this one before...A lacrosse stick, a parking meter, and an appliance repairman walk into a theater... --agm
 Yeah, I'd say these guys are 'built Ford tough.'--One drives the Ford Explorer, the other drives a Ford Probe. --agm
 Billy and Jethro's Excellent Adventure or Dukes Of Hazzard: The Next Lap. --Heath
 Kevin Costner and Rick Springfield battle to determine who would still have a career in the Nineties. --Rotter
 In an odd paralell universe in which Charles Manson is a famous humanitarian and Dr. Laura stars in porno movies, Manos, the Hands of Fate still sucks. --Werehamster
 Dirk Benedict's career hits about as low as it can go. Here we see him in 1987's Battlestud Galasstica, opposite a young, innocent Dennis Franz. --crispy
 I am wondering now, how 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' theme song would sound with banjos. --Mr. ?
 Hey, Bubba. Ya know the best way to overcome the electrical attraction of two positivly charged hydrogen nuclei? -From 'Albert Einstein: Hillbilly Highjinxs.' Direct to video. --Mr. ?
 Al Gore discovers some parts of New Hampshire aren't worth campaigning in. --Bad Girl
 Indiana Nugent and the Winnebago of Doom. --Bad Girl
 The Day the Oaf Stood Still. --Bad Girl
 Fosters, Australian for beer. This movie, Australian for suck! --Mr. ?
 Oh no... we're passing the commentary event horizon! I'm entering the world of the nucleas! Aieeee! --Bill
 Zeke's ears pricked up. Somewhere, beyond the range of human hearing, Minnesotans were mocking him. Due to generations of inbreeding, however, he was 1/8th collie and had no trouble tracking down and delivering ass-kickings to the wiseacres in question. --Annna
 "Put that letter up on Gypsy-cam. 'Dear Mike. I recently saw a picture of you on the internet!' Oh, that's sweet. 'How come you were watching a gay porno--' Er, let's read the next letter....." --Bad Girl
 Yes, but could god make a rock so large that he himself couldn't lift it? Answer me that, Mr. smart-guy... --Bad Girl
 Brilliant idea -- asking him to calculate pi to the last digit. That winnebago is as good as mine..... --Bad Girl
 You sure got a purty mouth. And I should know. I'm a dentist! --Mr. ?
 Cue porn music in three, two, ... --Mr. ?
 10 gallon hat, 10 oz brain. --Mr. ?
 I'm trying to get in a caption, but those damn robots keep taking all the good ones! --RipperJak
 You're from New York City? Well, tell me one thing, city boy. At noon, what's the best way through midtown traffic to get to Madison Square Garden? --Mr. ?
 Vegas odds are that he's got tin foil under that hat. --Mr. ?
 In our Inbred collection, Billy-Joe is modelling a Thick-Hick sleeveless shirt with torn no-name jeans, a stolen hat and dog tags, and Bubba is wearing the very latest in fashionable hairstyles. --Withnail
 The only two actors on Earth that can not be linked to Kevin Bacon. --Wabewalker
 "C'mon over to the Dark Side, boy! It'll be a hoot!" --Phat Cheops (27 Days!)
 Don knew at that moment that "looking under Robbie's hood" had nothing to do with the white Ranger. --wholy1

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