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 Yeah, right. Go to the Dead in that van dressed like that. Why don't you just where a sign around your neck I am a narc or something? --Ken
 Desperate with the dwindling success of further Star Trek franchises, Paramount boldly launches Scooby-Doo: The Next Generation. Ratings go through the roof when Scrappy-Doo is sucked into a jet turbine and ejected as confetti. --anon
 The new Yugo Minivan -- because sometimes, a Volkswagen just isn't gay enough. --Kurt L.
 He may have been even more annoying than Scrappy-Doo, but Caterer-Doo did make a delicious grilled Reuben. --Trainman
 Result of too many yes men at Ford: "Sure, it only gets 6 miles to the gallon, but the environmentalists will love it after we paint flowers on it!" --Trainman
 "No, dad, I don't think you went too far with that orange flower. I think it went to shit with the wheel covers....." --The Enigma
 "Hey guys, I found the place that good times go to die!" --The Enigma
 Woo hoo! Now the next pics should be a Transformers VW Bug, some mechanical Tigers that form Voltron, and Scarlet and Duke from GI Joe! --AQUALUNG's 3rd Grade Existance
 When the world's first car made of entirely recycled materials hit the market, didn't you just know it would look like this? --flodnak
 "Two tofu spins dipped in carob and sesame seeds please - and ooh yeah, groovy van, Man." --flodnak
 "Somehow, I always thought the Mystery Machine would be bigger." --Riff
 If there's a brown stain on the back seat, it must be Scooby-Doo. --Riff
 Understandably, the press panned the new Ford Freak-Out. --Nate
 The number one sign that you have been watching too much Cartoon Network. --Nate
 The Candy Man can. Or, at least he could, until that guilty verdict was returned. --kyosuke
 Sure, everybody laughs at the paint job but we've never been stopped by customs while smuggling hash or cocaine. --anon
 Whoa, I'm trippin' my backpack in a frenzy of Earth Day. --Rotgut
 Borrowing from 'Addams Family Values' Counselors at the Waquameetaukaponk Summer Camp used the 'Happy Van in a Parking Lot with All the Windows Up on A Sunny Day' to deal with 'difficult' campers. --King Catherine the Transvestite
 Thelma we expected to be a little on the chunky side, but DAMN has Daphne let herself go! --Magikaldragon
 "Dammit, Marge! We forgot the strap-ons again. We'll never sell anything at these sex toy parties." --conbombos
 the "Velma's a dyke" myth was permanently laid to rest when the rest of the gang caught her "Zoinking" Johnny Bravo... --Doc Evil
 After being stuck under AD Kersh, Mulder and Scully thought they couldn't be any more debased by the Bureau. They were wrong, dead wrong. --anon
 "Well, no, I don't think it'll help get me laid -- but from now on, when I strike out, I can blame it on the van." --Rotter
 "Nnnnnice try, but this heap won't be ready for Woodstock '99 until you get 70 or 80 corporate logos on it." --Rotter
 Three of Scooby Doo's guest stars, Jonathan Winters and two easy co-eds, return for a reunion episode. --Marlboro
 I was going to sumbit a million captions from the difficult zone! And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids! --Marlboro
 When the ad says: "Love to travel and meet new people? Want to earn up to $800 a week! Call now to open the door to YOUR new exiciting career in sales!" , you can be sure the reality will look like this. --Luna
 Like so many other German immigrants, Gunter and Helga learned too late that you should never leave your van unattended in a hippie-populated area. --Annna
 Martha watched from the window as the children approached the stranger. He would learn the hard way that on her property, you wear fucking pastels or face the fucking consequences. --Brettt Maverick
 WHat are you talking about?!? The cops'll NEVER pull this thing over! --SlappyJack
 "You're new, so lemme help ya out here. The mayo-based stuff is total danger zone." --Hamball
 No steering wheel, no license plates, no airbags. Face it man, this thing's a deathtrap. --RipperJak
 Despite his numerous attempts to brighten its image, Kevorkian's Van O' Death would always be regarded as "really creepy." --Kurt L.
 The lost iMac prototype. --Big ol' Bob
 SAT Question #120: Josie and the Pussycats are to Free Love as Scooby Doo is to _______ --Mr. ?
 "We stopped questioning Fred's sexual preference the day that he repainted the Mystery Machine. After that, it seemed crystal clear." from Meddling Kids: The Rough Years by Velma Masterson --The Enigma
 A smaller version of the RV featured in Stripes was used to infiltrate commie pinko hippie communes. --Leth
 Now imagine your parents coming to pick you up from school in that! --Mr. ?
 KIA, falling on hard times, makes their next consumer van entirely from hardend Crest toothpase. Sales are surpisingly brisk, especially amongst dentists. --Wabewalker
 "Of course it's inconspicous. You're going to California, aren't you?" --Phat Cheops
 "It may be the 20 years of LSD finally wearing off, Moonshade, but this thing looks damn silly and you're homely as a mule's butt." --Phat Cheops
 Drab, drab, drab! I thought you gay people were supposed to have fashion sense! --Stealth
 Carlsbad Legoland gets off to a shaky start-- while the house looks OK aside from its colors, the van appears incredibly phony. --Wabewalker
 Remember the time Homer Simpson gained 300 pounds to get on disability? --Heath
 Here we see MTV's latest idea: "Roadrules: San Fransisco style! --badlawyer
 "I got it from a miniature golf course in bankruptcy court. It used to be hole 14." --Bad Girl
 "Wait'll you see the Barbie that goes with this!" --Essen Dreck
 Driven over the edge by the news of yet another of the TV shows they watched in their youth being made into a pathetic feature film, a gang of Gen-Xers goes on a rampage, killing and eating the cast. Afterwards, they would all agree that while Janeane Garofalo would have kicked ass as Velma, her tender carcass made for some good eatin'. --Gladstone
 The Gang had always thought that Scooby ran away after the Shaggy Incident. But when they decided to take a spin in the old Mystery Machine at their 10 year reunion, they finally realized they had simply forgotten to let him out. --Kit
 Usually, I'm not into such things, but I'd pay top dollar to see this thing get crunched at a monster truck show. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Sure, the paint job's bad, but what's the gun rack for? --RipperJak
 When not to scream "Roadtrip"!!! --Mr. ?
 Proof positive Shaggy waked & baked every morning... --Doc Evil
 Sometimes, we would go really crazy and paint the Christmobile with silly soap before washing it! --happy me
 The Pedomobile - servicing the youth of America, one neighborhood at a time. --Daniel M. Laenker (thanks to happy me)
 I've looked at this for ten minutes and I did't think of anything. Now I've got a craving to sit down, read some Tolkien, listen to Pink Floyd, and eat some brownies. --A Grouch
 The B-Team drove a dorkier van. --Bad Girl

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