IADL #432
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 Having Uncle Ned's funeral and Joe and Susan's wedding on the same day to save money? Count me in! --ak h (this could really work...)
 Paula leapt from the ferns as Bill laid down cover-flashes. This time there would be no Red Eye. --Phat Cheops
 Enough with the 'Best Man' bullshit. Where did that cute little ring bearer go? --kyosuke
 "Half-Woman.. Half-Flower bed... She's Armomamutant!" Man, Marvel's gotta get some new ideas. --Crack Baby
 It's a dysfunctional ... death? --Rotgut
 Lisa ignored the warnings and walked right into the difficult zone. Predictably, there was a psychic plant just waiting for her. --Ratman
 "Hot damn!" Thought Bill, just after his wedding reception. "Now THAT ass jiggles like an epileptic on crack!" --AQUALUNG
 Tammy's Pacific Red Wildflower may have won first prize at the flower show, but Ralph's Venus Fly-Trap could eat raw sirloin steak and chug beer like there was no tomorrow. --agm
 She grinned, flush with victory. Well, she had had to draw blood to get the camera away from that one, and Shiela took no pleasure in the act. But no one -- no one -- was gonna get a picture of her in that gawdawful bridesmaid's gown. --Rotter
 That's the great thing about Irish weddings. All of the skin is so white that you don't need to use a flash. --Rotter
 Senior year ends on a high note when Coach Lehew arrives at the prom dead drunk, and spends the entire evening sitting in the middle of the dance floor inviting eveyone to share a "first and down." --LuvBJones
 Dammit! There's dickweeds among the azalias! --RipperJak
 Armed with her trusty SoulStealer 2000, Kelly begins her campaign to earn the natives' trust. --The Enigma
 Fred had no control concerning alcohol. Shauna had no nose. And Glen...well, he had no shame in his unbridled lust for flower arrangements. --A Grouch
 Incubi to the right, succubi to the left, please. --Annna
 Sheila paused to smile at Rich's childish games. He would be long gone before she finally realized that he played "I've Got Your Nose" for keeps. --Master of All That is Evil (With Apologies to Walter Mondale [for no particular reason])
 Hey, someone tell Whitey he's about to drink Grandma. --crispy
 Jim's Journal #672: "I went to prom. It was okay." --for(;;);

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