IADL #435
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 How the mother of this girl views her boyfriend. --Les Miserables
 Then NBA gets desperate for new players. --Mr. ?
 Conchita could only smile and wonder ... is all of him this big? --badlawyer
 Geez, even THAT guy got a prom date. I'll just throw myself under a train now. --Bleech_
 During a visit to Florida, Dick Clark suddenly ages 200 years --Bleech_ (Props to Gary Larson, yo)
 Frankenstein's career was ruined when he married his thirteen year old cousin, Myra --Brad Popsiclestick
 Hey-- Chicks really do dig scars! --Valvoline
 "You're watching the -New- WB," Jennifer Love Hewitt droned. The Monster grunted. I lunged for the remote. --Florimel (Opium of the masses!)
 Mmmm...Woman...GOOD!.... ...Jailbate...BAD!! --Mr. ?
 Frank seized the opportunity to look down the girl's shirt. Hell, he thought to himself, my bride won't be ready for another week. Gotta live while I can..... --The Enigma
 Sure they're a cute couple, but how much you wanna bet he turns out to be gay? --King Catherine the Transvestite
 Yeah, I didn't feel to hot after my turn on Space mountain either. --Jenn Dolari
 You know, if my sister-in-law finds out my brother is taking "art photos" with young girls again, she's gonna have his balls on a platter. --Nexx
 Me like, thought Al. This Tipper gal might be the one for him. --for(;;);
 If you thought AMERICAN MTV was fucked, you wouldn't believe the shit on Indian MTV. --Hooper_X
 "Hey, baby. Wanna throw the switch?" --Valvoline
 The date ended in terror during the candlelit dinner. --for(;;);
 The rest of her family was hiding inside the suit. Those INS bastards never suspected a thing. --for(;;);
 Behind those blind eyes, Susie had a keen scientific mind. Her seeing-eye zombie was proof. --for(;;);
 Jennifer's trip to the NBA fantasy camp wasn't complete until she got her picture taken with former Celtic Kevin McHale. --Opie
 Wow...that Jagermeister hits hard. She's hideous...what WAS I thinking last night? --Assilem
 Throw in a banjo, a 12 foot tall 1987 Chevy Pickup, 7 armed police officers with guns drawn, two aluminum baseball bats, and 4 dozen eggs, and this pic is what happened to me last halloween. --AQUALUNG
 Having her picture taken on Market Street in Wilmington, Tina was about to cry. James van der Beek looked so much better on television. --Orrin Bloquy
 The date ended badly when she found out that the "large part" in his pants was an exhaust pipe. --Mr. Me
 "Okay just remember, when you meet my parents, don't tell them you're Presbyterian. They hate Presbyterians." -- mutantdog
 How did a gortesque creature like that get a woman like this? Easy. Just listen to his pick-up line. "The bolts make my head very easy to hold on to." --Crack Baby
 Which set of parents will be more upset with this relationship? --Les Miserables
 And all of this time we though Michael Jackson wanted to look more like Diana Ross --Papa Smear
 He is like, SOOOOO cool! Not EVERYONE can have a pierced NECK! --Doc Evil
 "NO! You're s'posed to dress up like Frank-N-FURTER, not Frankenstein! Fuckin' virgin!" --Tegan (props to zazu)
 New in bookstores, the latest posthumous Dr. Seuss collaboration, You're All Mine, Frankenstein!" --Sean Q
 Cheer up, honey. Sometimes Bob Eubanks can be really cruel.... --Bad Girl
 Maria knew she'd had too many hurricanes the morning after HorrorCoN99 --maime
 After donations fell off, the Jehovah's Witnesses began using a different tact --Poitin

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