IADL #436
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Scan supplied by Sean Driscoll

 Australian for "cough." --for(;;);
 Your life line is long and your heart line suggests romance ahead. That'll be a box of Nutter Butters, lady. --Orrin Bloquy
 "Give me the keys, you can't drive in this condition." --I am Kirok
 "Craps again! I win!" Screamed the baby Kangaroo, it had been years since he'd been this lucky! With two or three more wins, he'd be off this damned island country forever! Koalas be damned! --AQUALUNG
 "You roos ain't been movin' the stuff too well; the koalas' been kickin' your asses five ways from Friday. Now ante up, I ain't got all day." --Phat Cheops
 "Gimme four!" --Phat Cheops (Ugh! I KNOW!!!)
 "Rikki Tiki WHAT? Lady, you got the wrong guy, my name's Mike." --Phat Cheops (borrowing from a previous Red Zone)
 "Whooo! Cold hands! Cold hands!" --LuvBJones (yeah, we all saw it coming)
 "Dances with Wallabies" Kevin Costner, Paul Hogan, Courtney Cox, I laughed, I cried, I kissed nine bucks goodbye. One star. --The Notorious D.F.C.
 "I swear, I'll have the money by Friday! You gotta believe me! You know I'm good for it!" --crispy
 Foster's. Australian for "Wallaby Piss." --rudy pepper
 This is the sickest Pez dispenser I've ever seen. --ewhac
 The new Rodential Deciduous Forest Dweller Artifical Insemination Program needed to restock their inventory. And Mrs. Heggenburger was achieving some success until she ran out of peanuts. --Nrrrd Diva
 Lauren liked to show this picture to friends and tell tales of visiting Austrailia, when in reality this was shot at a "Goofy Golf" minature golf course and that 'roo has been stuffed since 1982... --Tillman
 Amazingly, the animal picked the correct rune from her hand. Apparently the Dalai Llama had really fucked up the whole reincartion thing. --for(;;);
 Tonight. On The Discovery Channel After Hours. --ashhole
 ... and then it will be time for you to leave, Grasshopper. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 How to speak Australian: Rabies --Mr. ?
 The really depressing part is that she had to go to grad school for this. --flodnak
 Sheila knew she'd roo this day. --Orrin "stop hitting me" Bloquy
 And here, we see the rare purple breasted Granola freak of the outback. --Mr.? (salvaging self)
 "Ha HA! You flinched! I get a free slap!" --RM (with apologies to Mike Rogosich)
 Fran Drescher discovers her laugh has the exact harmonics of the wallaby mating call. --Mr. ?
 Baby Boomers: Grew up to Captain Kangaroo. Generation X: Grew up to caption kangaroos. --Ken
 "Find the queen and it's your lucky day. C'mon, 20 down, you've gotten a peek, spot the lady, mate." "Three Card" Mindy was enjoying her vacation. --Annna
 Yes, you can shoot through a tree for a soft romantic haze, but subject matter has to be appropriate. --Ape with Attitude
 Well, it's not hot monkey love, but It'll have to do. --Mr. ?
 This image is cut from a pictorial guide to home brewing. Left to right: Yeast and Hops. --Ken
 I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be. My husband is beginning to suspect. --Bad Girl
 Look, I wasn't the one who picked the Seahawks by seven. Now pay up! --Bad Girl
 Mary Foster : Australian for Fondler --Bleech_
 You know, there's not much here to make a big fuss about. It's not like we're watching two kangaroos having sex now, is it? --Wabewalker
 Wanna hop in the sack? --Doc Evil
 Chirpy drops his mango in surprise when Susan starts to give him a handjob. --narcoleptic
 Sheila had originally planned to explore deep into the bush and find a kangaroo. Once her medication kicked in, however, she decided to explore deep into the kangaroo and find a bush. --narcoleptic
 Kippy knew what he was doing was wrong, but for $50, he'd masturbate for just about anyone. --Boopy
 In the live-action version of "The Lion King," here we see a real meerkat as Timon and, of course, Rosie O'Donnell as Pumbaa. --Orrin Bloquy
 And if you don't pay the dominant species on the planet protection money, you just might find yourself in a Big Mac sandwich! --Mr. ?
 *Give me five, way up high, way down low, you're too slow.* Candace eventually made up a passable story about the claw marks on her face. Kangaroo bitch slap indeed. --Assilem
 "Money first!" --RipperJak

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