IADL #437
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 "What's daddy holding behind his back???? Betcha can't guess! Oh, okay... it's a Buick!" --snackwhore
 Without Big Bob Kowalski, Chicago would never have been known as the windy city. --I am Kirok
 Bob was the first one in line to see "Phantom Menace" when it finally came to Butte, Montana --More beer
 The bad news: This guy is the replacement for Sipowicz. The worse news: Nude scenes. --rudy pepper
 Roger Ebert, 2 days after escaping the flaming inferno of his home, 3 days after being savagely beaten on the street, 4 days after losing his job, and 5 days after writing a bad Phantom Menace review. The moral of the story, fuck with Lucas, and Lucas fucks you back --Brettt Maverick
 The day Jennifer regretted telling Wally,"I'll go on a date with you the day a minivan comes driving out of your ass." --Robbbbb
 Thanks to online investors like him, the Dow has surpassed 11,000 points. -- This message brought to you by United States Savings Bonds. --Rotter
 The wheels on the bus go round and round until this guy gets on and then they kinda go oval oval. --Waldo
 For this we champion democracy? --ashhole
 Capable of bearing live litters of up to twenty -eight individuals, the urban street gorilla was one of the more successful species of the post-apocolyptical era. --Semillama
 "Bill's interests are flatulence, scratching himself, and eating bacon by the metric ton. --I am Kirok
 Fat Jack Bivouac: Midget Slayer. --aK h
 Message from Spinn: "If I receive one more caption about this guy being fat, or about this guy being ugly, I'm sending him over to your house. Naked. With tassels." --The Enigma
 Bob wasn't much to look at, but he made a joyful noise as he walked the neighborhood. --sx
 Koogle Man deflects any projectile by vibrating his flab at near-light speeds! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 This photo only supports my theory that natural selection has stopped in humans, and extinction is imminent. Who wants a beer? --crispy
 Barney the Friendly Dinosaur started the long walk home from the Children's Television Workshop studios. Thank god he'd developed a friendship with those makeup geniuses from Sesame Street. Without his "human" disguise, the Boyz in His Hood would have shot him dead long ago. --Nrrrd Diva
 Oh. Another fat, satanic, child molester. Ho-hum. evidence of desensivitation through popular culture on the internet, subject responce #421 --happy me
 Oh, sure. You may think that obesity is the worst of his problems, but just wait until he finishes morphing into a My Little Pony. *shudder* --aK h (notice his hook-like right hand...)
 Time to lay off the tater tots, Anakin --Bleech_
 As his soul flew from his chest and into the ether of Pittsburgh's backalleys, Marvin knew that was one strong antacid he'd consumed. --A Grouch
 The tree's aura was green and symbolic of life whereas Marv's was more like a forcefully sat-upon burrito. --A Grouch
 Beef. It's what's for dinner. And lunch. And breakfast. And mid-afternoon pick-me-ups. And late night snacks. And flossing. And... --rudy pepper
 Next on Sin City Spectacular: Teller attempts to escape from Penn's intestinal tract. --Sean Q
 Morrie lost his job wearing McDonald's "Evil Grimus" costume when he insisted on method-acting. --Bad Girl
 "Galactus and Unicron, Mighty Devourers of Worlds, had a dark secret: The only thing they truly fear is the day when they must face this man. For then, the devourers will be devoured, and the universe's cycle shall begin anew." -IADL Comics #437 --Hooper_X
 Bubba Willis: The fat, skanky, bloated fanboy's fat, skanky, bloated fanboy. --Hooper_X
 The Russian version of "Tele-Tubbies" was less than successful. --Uncle Roy
 "Pssst...wanna buy a slightly damp Plymouth Voyager?" --Stan Xhiao
 I snapped about three pictures, thinking he was smiling and seemed friendly - then he whipped out an Amway book, and I ran in stark raving terror --Jeff C
 "Gravy. I smell gravy. Do you smell gravy?" This sort of thing always happened when Joe was around. --Schottworld
 It became clear to Lestat: this binge blood-drinking was going to have to stop. --Phat Cheops
 Marrying modern web technology with some good old-fashioned detective work, the IADL is proud to present pictures of your next roommate! --Horselover Fat
 The last thing a donut sees. --Orrin Bloquy

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