IADL #44
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 Man, DeForrest Kelley has REALLY hit bottom since they won't let him in anymore " Star Trek " movies... --Doc Evil
 Holding back the tears, Ralph just couldn't accept the horrible truth about where McNuggets came from. --Count Chuckula
 "You are now entering a dimension; not only of sight and sound, but of missing pants and raunchy jokes. Submitted for your disapproval... the web page up ahead... the IADL Zone." --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 "We at Candid Camera thought it would be funny to replace her Ex-Lax with angel dust. Let's see what happens..." --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 "Hunner percent. Hunner percent. Ah feel tip top... Hunner percent." --Ngoc van Trimble
 Wendy's Founder Dave Thomas after years of crack abuse. --kafka
 Try our new "Double E-Coli Burger" topped with delicious Room-Temperature Bacon(tm) and dried mayo...it's sending America running! --kafka
 McDonalds "Head Chef", Irwin Finkelbinder, heads to the mens-room to perform one of this favorite duties.....preparing the "Special Sauce". --kafka
 Everybody get out, there's a lobster on the loose!! Arm yourselves with lemon and butter! --Don Spudleone
 Johnny Cash's younger brother, Festus, went by the alias "The Man in Soiled Gray". --I AM DAMO SUZUKI
 ...and Ralph is modeling an item from our "Scary Lunatic" line with a gray top and a teal bottom complete with semen stains. --anon
 Just from the bathtub, John found out that the grease from the burger had made his shirt very translucent --anon
 Diahrrea, cha-cha-cha! Diahrrea, cha-cha-cha!... --Doc Evil
 HEY Look gang! It's the Dad from " Teenwolf "! --Doc Evil
 Carl was considered quite a gourmet in his little town after the word got around that he only ate at burger joints that had diplomas on the walls. --Sauk Hawk
 Al rushes crying out of McDonald's, his lifelong dream shattered: After 45 years, he was too old to sit in Ronald's lap on his birthday. --Lord KAS
 That guy who haunts the restaraunt, punishing those who throw away recyclables? Come on that's just a myth! Don't be so naive. Now watch me get 2 points with this ca--Aaaauuughhh! --Greg J
 In this scene, Tom Anderson learns the horrible truth about Beavis' disappearance and where Butthead gets Burger World's meat for so cheap.--Courtesy "Beavis and Butthead" play, now on Broadway. --Greg J
 HEY!... You working or playin' on that Guldurned 'NET' thing again? and while we're at it, you know anything about dirty pictures of naked men on my screen every morning? --anon
 Shirts from Ralph Lauren's "Colors Not Found in Nature" Collection can be worn tucked in, or untucked, for that dashing, cavalier look. --anon
 "Code 3! Clear the way! Colostomy bags' full!!!" --Duke of Kings
 That guy from "The McLaughlin Group" looks like SHIT in the morning! --anonymous
 Abner storms out of the doctor's office after learning that his boob job will cost three thousand dollars. --The Lawyer
 Elmer was seriously concerned that he might be slipping out of focus. --The Sandman
 "Takin' pitchers of my daughters with no pants on? We'll just see about that you sumbitch!" --Ngoc van Trimble
 In a costly election year faux pas, and much to his chagrin, Jack Kemp is caught trying to sneak out of Denny's without paying, --Coyote
 Ed Milligan, succumbing to BurgerWorld's "special sauce," makes a beeline for the restrooms. --The Outsider
 For years, Candid Camera was trying to capture Zed Throttlemeyer, but as this picture shows, they will just have to keep trying. --Don Spudleone
 The local "Bowl and Chow" was a great combination of dining and entertainment. Unfortunately for the store, the alleys were located in the dining room's lobby. --Don Spudleone
 Ladies and gentlemen, everyone's science teacher from high school! --Don Spudleone
 Hey! Is that another victim of Lord Sarnak's blade? --anon
 Interestingly enough, this is the same person from the last picture with a different hairstyle and no make-up. --Der Tanzer

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