IADL #440
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 So many people told Jen and Maria that 'their train of thought was still boarding at the station' that they decided to do something about it. --agm
 Sue answered the ringing phone; the woman on the other line kept yelling 'Tank, I need an exit!' and complaining about 'being stuck in IADL 350.' --agm
 Nota Bene: Inuit streetwalkers in Anchorage, a) carry Mace, and b) respond poorly to the phrase "Eskimo pie." --Orrin Bloquy
 Edna and Ruth Ann would race walk from pay phone to pay phone to see who would get the first chance at seeing if there were any coins in the return slot. --Male Bimbo
 Kaption Kwiz #440: Find the item in this picture that was laid by a group of sweaty men with large spikes. --Stan Xhiao
 "Did you ever feel...not so flesh?" --sx
 Irene had gone all the way to the train station before she noticed that Selma was not wearing her helmet or her drool pail. --Leaf
 Throw in a long tunnel and a strobe light, and you'd get an 80 share on Japanese TV. --Sean Q
 "When Mom and Dad said I could have my own phone, I was pretty psyched. Ha ha, very funny, motherfuckers!" --Talisker
 It was love at first sight: she had her confident gait and expensive polarized Blu-Blockers, I had my severe pigeon toe and a jaunty white hat. --Mungdungus
 We're back to the number one show in Singapore, Action Whores --Mr. ?
 A scene from Chowgirls, the Chinese interpretation of the Elizabeth Berkely's Las Vegas bomb. --Papa Smear
 The platform emptied whenever members of The Yokos appeared. With their warbling banshee warcry, even the Crips didn't mess with them... --Leth
 This fall on ABC! Laverne & Shirley 2000! Yep, the original's offspring are up to crazy antics just like their mom's did in the '70's! Don't miss the premiere when Shirley Jr. finds out she's got a yeast infection and Laverne Jr. tries to cure it with a vaginally inserted Alka-Seltzer! It's bubble trouble! --Tillman
 And so, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were cast out from mankind. --Hooper_X
 By a strange coincidence, the girl on the right is wearing a training bra, and the girl on the left has tracks up her arm! --G. Locke
 Suki was always the target of ridicule after disclosing her favorite train platform feature: "Me love new long line!" --Crack "2 Live Crew would be proud" Baby
 I thought I could, I thought I could.... but after looking at this picture I lost my motivation. --agm
 Linda and Kiri made their living on this line. They were known as The Hosebags of Platform 9. From a Johnny Cash song that never saw the light of day --I am Kirok
 "Gangway!" Lynn thought it was more of a 'platform' before Scooby and Shaggy colided into the girls head on. --Valvoline
 Suk-yun walked next to Dorothy for eleven miles before she finally was able to talk her out of the 'oz flashback.' --Jeff C.
 "I will not eat them on a train, I will not eat them with Elain..." --Mr. Me
 "I stare into the endless abyss/My eyes crying a thousand tears/while my groin perks/at the thought of the approaching denim" --The Jordache Canticle, Chapt. 2, Lines 34-38 --AQUALUNG
 T & A & AT&T --Heath

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