IADL #441
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Scan supplied by Sean Driscoll

 "Two, twenty-six... two, twenty-six... hut.... hut....." Australian Rules Football --Sean Q
 "Ooh, baby, yeah, baby, yeah... hey, peanuts!" --Sean Q
 "There, kid, ya happy? Now give me the fucking Klondike Bar..." --Sean Q
 The Australian version of Pooh getting his hand stuck in the honey pot has a more down-to-earth feel. --sx
 "Hand job? HAND JOB?!?!! Kid, does it LOOK like I want a fucking HAND JOB?!?!?!?" --rudy pepper
 On an island first populated as a British penal colony, it is not surprising this is the sexual position of choice. --Sean Q
 Kangaroo (n) - Eats sprouts and leaves. --Riff
 "You call that a billabong? I'll show you a billabong!" --Young Crocodile Dundee, 1996 --sx
 I knew I had hit bottom when I could only become aroused after snorting coke off the wrist of a toddler in a fuschia hat. Thank God Mr. Moose never found out.--from The Totally Unexpurgated Diaries of "Captain" Kangaroo --cunninghamster
 Enclosed please find bill for one (1) busted MAG 17-inch monitor. --Horselover Fat
 When you're 90 you're not going to be able to remember your name or where you put your teeth. But you'll always remember this picture. --Horselover Fat
 Tommy had a habit of interrupting others at inconvenient times and trying to give them things they didn't need. He'd eventually start his own telemarketing firm by age 22. --agm
 "Deal! Here's your cornmeal, and I've got seconds!" --Sean Q
 Open casting call for the new Quantas mascot. --Sean Q
 ADVISORY: "Dinah Does Australia" contains scenes of bestiality, pedophilia, coprophagy, and double penetration. And that's just on the box. --Sean Q
 Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! How do I get this off my computer? I don't want to get arrested! And I don't want this to get accidentally filed in this week's sermon! --Ashhole
 "Here, wrap that rascal. You don't know where she's been." --I am Kirok
 Litle Mort put to rest rumors that he "couldn't organise a fuck in a brothel with a fist full of fifties." --Stan Xhiao
 Gives "Aussie Blue" a whole new meaning --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Since seemingly every animal class does it "doggy style," I really doubt that they think of it that way. Actually, anything besides "doggy style" is probably reffered to as "human style." --GreatCthulhu
 Three weeks and one massive class action law suit later, the curtains came down on AussiDisney --Mungdungus
 Hey daddy! This big bunny rabbit thinks he's the mail man!!! --tupid
 I think what disturbs me more than the actual picture.....is that someone is behind that camera snapping away. --The Enigma
 Everybody's getting some but me :( --anon
 She's looking for my contacts. Now fuck off, kid. --Orrin Bloquy
 Jo-Jo despaired of getting any privacy, taking bleak comfort in the knowledge that to get any less, he'd have to become or marry a British royal. --Orrin Bloquy
 "Six idyacayshun." Flash to shot of Foster's can. "Beeah." --Orrin Bloquy
 If DH Lawrence wrote "Winnie the Pooh." --Orrin Bloquy
 Well what ya know, thought the kangaroo, Looks like ol' Satan came through on his half o' the pact... --crispy
 Many people mistake this for "doggy style," when really it's "the JFK." See how his head goes back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left. --crispy
 "Say, Edna, you get the feelin' we're bein' watched?" --Mungdungus (savaging)
 So that's what a snackwhore is. I thought they'd be taller. --crispy
 "Yeah, I could have given Kelly the whole birds-and-the-bees talk.....but you know, it was a LOT easier to just let her watch 'roos fucking." --The Enigma
 Get your mind out of the gutter, kid! I'm a licensed chiropractor! Now get lost...and take your perverted mother with you! --A Grouch
 No, you don't understand! I asked if you wanted to see a picture of my roommate! --Mr. ?
 Caption Kangaroo --The Lame Pun Theatre
 So, you got a Christmas card from the Neverland Ranch too, eh Sean? --Mr. Yummy Pants
 See! This is what comes of letting children watch Teletubbies! --Jimmy Swaggert
 "(uff uff uff) smell your finger? Kid, you are (uff uff uff) SICK!" --Sparky
 I can just hear Bolero playing in the background... --Les Miserables
 Please do not feed the fucking kangaroos. --NME--
 Hot sex, a handfull of beer nuts, damn! If there was a football game on, this would be heaven! --Frenchy, the Toad Swallower
 Christopher Robin stopped minding Kanga's incestuous tendencies when Roo started touching him down in the 'thousand acre wood'. --Riff
 That's a right dinki-di donga you got there, Joey, little Marvin whispered. Here, I'll give you a bite of me damper if you give me a sound thumping next. --Stan Xhiao
 Next on the Playboy Channel...The Young Amy Fisher Story, With Joey Butt-a-fuckhole --Les Miserables
 All I know is that kid's parents probably went to great pains to explain that they were 'just playing wheelbarrow, that's all.' --Heath
 Hey, kid! Could ya hold my gum for a minute? I can't chew it and do this at the same time. Thanks... --ewhac
 OK, so which one's Stephen Baldwin? --Samwise
 Be honest...how many of you made this your wallpaper? --Heath
 Hey, it's IADL. We should just thank God that they're not 450-pound inbred Southerners fucking, right? --The Enigma
 With law school admissions becoming more and more competitive, Chris's parents aranged for resume-building experiences as early as age 3. --Ken
 What IADL really stands for: Incecestous Australian Dingo Lovin' --Magus
 Nickelodeon had to pretty much scrap the first, Eszterhas/Verhoeven version of "The Rugrats Movie." --Orrin Bloquy
 "Ummm...looking for my keys." Mr. Kangaroo was a little slow in responding to the toddler's question. --Sean Driscoll (Let's see you all top this one)
 Skippy was torn... torn between the earthy, giddy pleasure of sexual intercourse, and the delightful prospect of a Double-Stuff Oreo cookie. Oh, life's little torments...... --Stitch
 Wood in roo, mate! --stan xhiao
 Christopher Robin stars in The Hundred Acre Woody. --Les Miserables
 Christopher Robin loved Kangas' Swing parties, but wished just once to have a human girl rather than ending up drunk with Eeyore. --Wake
 Well, good on you mate, but wait your bleedin' turn! --Uncle Roy
 "Oi, thanks, mate. I was wonderin' where that benwa ball had dropped off to." --Stealth
 "And as you can see projected earnings for 2000 are several percent higher than this years, and, next slide please, you can see how DEAR SWEET LORD!" --Jenn Dolari

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