IADL #442
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 I'd caption this, but I'm going to be too busy giving myself a scalding hot mental shower. --The Enigma
 "What, girl?" WOOF! "Timmy's trapped in a narrow crevice that I cannot possibly wedge my body through?" WOOF! "Well, fuck Timmy. I'm going to go grab me a beer." --The Enigma
 At Roger Corman's Hercules Golf, the tunnel to the seventh green is guarded by "Cerberus." --Ken
 Insidious as they were, Louis Farrakhan's disposable Honky Motels *did* substantially thin the 'stupid white people' sector of the population. --Orrin Bloquy
 Choose Your Own Adventure ...Indeed! --Valvoline
 "So I'm dating a dog. At least he's cheap to feed!" --Valvoline had to go there, didn't he?
 If this isn't a metaphor, I don't know what is. --AQUALUNG
 "...so we grabbed the dingo by the hinds and pulled her out of the walloping crutch like a furry old tampon. Jill and I was so rattled by it that we didn't knock uglies for a week." --Stan Xhiao
 "In Queensland, our Grey Wallabees are big as mountains, and they honk out dirt snakes the size of border collies." --Queensland Tourist Bureau brochure --Stan Xhiao
 Paramount gets thousands of confused fan letters after the enigmatic final scene of Star Trek:Deep Space Nine where O'Brien follows a shapeshifted Odo into one of Raisa's Pleasure Caves. --Crack "Gonna Miss Nicole DeBoer" Baby
 Tattoo, this is Dr. Jim Smith, canine proctologist. "What HIS fantasy, Boss?" --NME--
 Damn....these Japanese game shows just get weirder and weirder, don't they? --The Enigma
 "Hey, that's my ex-girlfriend!" But no -- it was only giant, ice-cold cunt made of stone. --for(;;);
 Well, at least we're not going to have to WATCH this one..... --The Enigma
 Time to take Mr. Salad for walkies. --I am Kirok
 Man, what kind of bigger picture is this gonna be, anyway? Heironymous Bosch's Day at the Zoo? --Pete
 Duke and Will couldn't think of a better way to spend a nice afternoon than going into a cave and killing off a few hundred orcs. --Ken
 Tourists often make a day of exploring the Labia Minora, foothills of the spectacular Grand Tetons. --Stan Xhiao
 "What, girl?" WOOF! "You're hopelessly wedged in a rock crevace with your ass upturned provocatively?" WOOOF???!!! "And you'd like me to help you out by getting the KY?" WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! "Oh, I'd be happy to help you out, girl...." --Mr. Schpanky
 Looks like I gave up Putt-Putt golf just in time. --Ape with Attitude
 Sometimes a female dog provocativly stuck in a vertical crack is just a.....who am I kidding? If you have dreams like this, you are one seriously messed up monkey! --Mr. ?
 Even the best seeing-eye dog couldn't protect Jane from what happened next... --crispy
 Hold on a minute, hon, I gotta get Rex before he falls through that Land of the Lost thing again. --Orrin Bloquy

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