IADL #444
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 "Yeah, but I just keep him around so I can beat him up every once in a while." --Crack Baby
 I always wondered what happened to Slimer after Ghostbusters II. --Orrin Bloquy
 "Uh, ma'am, your lambda's on backwards." --Heath
 CK what? A fragrance for androgyny. --Riff
 Clutching a beer to her breasts was the only way Dottie could get men to look at them. --I am Kirok
 The IADL Back Lit Collection number 2 of 16. Collect and trade with your friends! --I am Kirok
 The year is 2012. Democracy has failed us. The gold standard has been re-adopted. Microsoft is no more. And....well, just look at the Calvin Klein models, for God's sake! --The Enigma
 X-Files: The 10th Anniversary Reunion. --Lots42@aol.com
 "Whatsah matter, Dr. Banner? Think turnin' green is gonna scare us?" --Valvoline
 The camera adds ten pounds, and often a can of Diet Coke. --Stan Xhiao
 "Hello, welcome to LAX. Please accept this Budweiser as our gift. Can I tell you about the Master and his teachings?" --Sean Q
 Sure it was morally questionable and Constitutionally shaky, but everybody agreed that pre-jailing ugly adolescents resulted in a noticeable drop in crime. --Wabewalker
 Goofus does something, while Gallant does something entirely otherwise. At least I think he's doing something entirely otherwise. What the fuck is going on in this picture, anyway? --Fried Marsh Gastropods
 Unable to get away from his television life, Drew would take his days off doing Loveline live at the airports. Lawyers ate well that month. --Jenn Dolari
 Now that's really nursing a beer. --scoob
 James revealed a slight smug grin. He was glad he was gay. --I am Kirok
 Between programs at the X-philes con, Bobby proudly displays his treasured vial of Mitch Pileggi's lip sweat while his bodyguard looks on. --Orrin Bloquy
 "Dear Diary: Day three. Still stranded at Logan. Our plane sits on the runway but we aren't allowed on it. Tried to hang myself in the bathroom this morning, but the belt snapped. Have been begging from skycaps to survive. Never flying out of Boston again." --Pete
 "Huh-huh...sidewalk moves!" Todd thought, This is the last time I get talked into a blind date. --The 13th Angel
 Put a pair of glasses on him and he could sue Gary Larson for defamation of character, huh? --Orrin Bloquy
 "It's a Billy Beer. I brought it for Show & Tell." --Mr. Me
 Meanwhile, in the shallow end of the gene pool... --AQUALUNG
 Look, dude, that plane boarding over there is flight #69! We gotta get on that plane, man--I bet all the stewardesses are porn stars! --agm
 Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Star Destroyer Androgoneous --Mr. ?
 Phil pouted in near-tears as Pat once again made off with his Play-Doh. --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque
 It's Pat II: Julia Sweeney Needs Money --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque

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