IADL #445
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 Looking around, James understood what he had to do. He would, indeed, bring funk to the unfunky. --Capn' Undead
 There was nothing Bob liked more than watching their little untied shoelaces get sucked into the end of the peoplemover. --spun
 It would have been the perfect metephor for life in modern America- the white folks get whisked along in comfort and ease while the black guy had to walk, cut off from mainstream society. Then the schmuck in the blue coat walked into the shot and ruined everything. --Geoduck
 How many poor posture positions can YOU find in this picture? --RipperJak
 "That fucker with the flowers is 'round here somewhere..." --rudy pepper
 White men can't walk. --I am Kirok!
 All departing passengers must passs through Booty Check before boarding the plane. --Stan Xhiao
 Bill's job as the slaughterhouse supervisor had just taken a turn for the more interesting. --retro
 Someone in this picture is a Freemason. You figure it out. --AQUALUNG
 Just another day for Leroy, Quality Inspector on the Honkey Assembly Line. --The Enigma (thanks to clang)
 Jim froze in his tracks, transfixed by the airport speakers. Desperado... --for(;;);
 Rashun shuddered. Apparently, Prince, Kirby Puckett, and now himself really were the only black people in Minnesota. --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque (props to Chris Rock)
 A revelation hit. Two months later, Tricky's Purple Shirt-Wearin' Inbred Muthafucka would be number 1 across the globe. --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque
 The Omega Homie: Levar Burton as the last black man in Wyoming. 1 1/2 stars. --Mr. ?
 Excuse me, sir, have you heard the good news of our Lord and Savior, Arnold Palmer?...Excuse me, ma'am,... --Orrin Bloquy
 Will Smith in the remake of "On a Clear Day, You Can See Forever" was okay, except for the theme rap song sampled from "Betcha By Golly Wow." --Orrin Bloquy
 Okay, if you move the Grey Pawn to B4, the Parka Knight will be forced to retreat leaving the Purple T-shirt King undefended. Checkmate? --A Grouch
 Chicago International went with the new "Airport In Wonderland" theme to pep the place up but the checkerboard carpet distracted the obsessive-compulsive users while an average of 1.4 children were lost in the looking glass/moving sidewalk every day. --A Grouch
 Black Knight takes White Queen to mate. --Heath
 While most people simply ignore panhandlers at the airport, Kelly riverdances his way silently behind them and gives them a wedgie. --snackwhore
 LSD induced paranoia struck Ted in the middle of O'Hare. He dare not leave the blue square or fall through the floor, down a chute, and end up in King Gumdrop's fiefdom of Candyland. --Crack Baby

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