IADL #446
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 Maybe it WAS time to douche.... --Jenn "Testing the 'Gross gets In' rule" Dolari
 Dear Penthouse Forum...I never would have believed that this could happen to someone until it happened to me... --Les Miserables
 First year vet students are responsible for collecting sperm samples. --Microman
 IADL pictures are getting sick! Sick! One bestiality picture after another! And you can't really get a good view of the action, either! --Horselover Fat
 Desensitivity test: Are pictures of canine-human chain bangs...: a) exciting and somewhat embarassing, b) boring, c) cliched, d) your wallpaper graphic --crispy
 Eventually, Janet's dogs tired of simply humping her leg, and moved on to what they referred to as "the whole enchilada." --The Enigma
 Susan sure fooled those damned canines. She had her legs surgically removed today. Now what would those monsters dry-hump? --Ken
 Can you spot the bitch in heat? --aK h
 Choosy dogs choose JIF! --The Enigma
 "Ball In The Ruff" --sx
 Susan was going to the dogs ... and coming from them. --narcoleptic
 All I can think of is "Recommended by top breeders." Damn, that's insidious marketing! --crispy
 Thank you, IADL, for your investigative journalism. Now I know why my girlfriend's panties smell like peanut butter. --crispy
 "You gonna try it?" "I'm not gonna try it. You try it." "I'm not gonna try it. Let's get Fido." "He won't eat it. He hates everything." --anon
 Rejected scene with Wynonna from "Mars Attacks." --Orrin Bloquy
 Unfortunate genetic engineering led to this mistake: the Double-Assed Sharpe. Doesn't wake up the neighbors barking all night, but a real pain in the double ass to clean up after. --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque
 "Help! I'm being attacked by Alpha-male huskies! Wait! Don't just laugh at my pain! Help me!..." --Valvoline, the Passive-Aggressive
 Fluffy sighed. There was no way Tiger was going to mount her unless she got the growth on her head removed. --Boopy
 We at Fox would like to apologize for showing the following scene on our 'When Animals Attack' show as we have learned that those dogs weren't exactly attacking that lady. --Mr. ?
 The only thing Marsha remembers about her yearbook photo: it had a caption about dogs. --Bad Girl
 The Shaggy Dog II. While making love to her boyfriend-turned-shaggy-dog, Annette is interrupted by Fred Macmurray -- who's also turned into a dog. One star. --Bad Girl
 A little known dog factoid: If you shave the hair off a samoyed's head, they all look like Gates McFadden underneath. --Norm DePlume
 Irma Klutz, championship breeder of carnivorous wolfhounds, on why she feeds her dogs Neighbor Kids. --"First, the brat from the 'No Rain' video..."
 Bacon, bacon, bacon, I SMELL BACON! --I am Kirok!

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