IADL #447
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 Wait, you take your left foot out, then shake it all about after you put it back in? Damn, this is complicated. --agm
 Look everyone! It's funky breakdancing Hitler! --Mr. ?
 Zere vill be no more funk and or noise! --Mr. ?
 I'm sorry, Franz, but the 'I was only following orders' excuse is not going to save you from this jaywalking ticket. --Mr. ?
 Why are Hessians guarding the Alamo? --Doc Evil
 Hitler, Himmler, and Hess : Hall Monitors from Hell --Bleech_
 "I know I'm breaking formation, but goddammit, this syphilis is kicking my fucking ass....." --The Enigma
 It's the goosestepping facsist review of the year! Jawohl for "Der Fuerher:Der Musikal!" --Skywise
 And this year you WILL buy the Boy Scout's Goddamn Candy Bars! --Skywise
 Drastic, sure, but nobody ever hogged the court at Roosevelt Middle School. --Trainman
 "If you vant my body, und you tink I'm sexy, come on suger let me know!" --AQUALUNG
 The Bolivian Army, though optimistic and spirited, was nonetheless obliterated by the UCLA Pep Squad. --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque
 Sure, Nuclear Winter's a bitch in many ways, but nothing beats the thrill of your very first Mutant Parade. --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque
 "Sgt." Michaels and his two brothers are still roaming the streets of Europe, looking for those damned Saving Private Ryan auditions. Dumber than a bag of hammers, those boys. --Farmdog Poke Cheop Barbeque
 Russia's most popular 70's gag featured these three charging in after someone saying, "I didn't expect the Ukranian KGB!" Most of the humor was lost on Western folks, especially the half-hour torture session. --Crack Baby
 Hans hated being lead dancer in the open air production of Mein Kampf. The steps were hard enough but the uber-pole hat dulled his happy stepping. --Evnull
 A picture of "Boys" "Scouting," if you know what I mean. --Microman
 It's not just decorative; Major Ortega is specially trained to bring down enemy pinatas. --Ken
 The meter maids in North Korea are really, really strict. --Talisker
 When there's trouble in Cuba, who do you call? Captain Unicorn and the Gay brigade!! --Riff
 All right, men! Commence taunting! -- French Riot Squads --Riff
 In Independence Day II: Canada Day, really tiny aliens attempt to invade Earth, using really tiny destructor rays. However, the rays don't cause the people to explode; it just makes them feel 'tingly.' 2 stars. --crispy
 Over/under on number of Monty Python references to be submitted as captions: 47,385. Over/under on number of FUNNY Monty Python captions to be submitted: 16. --rudy pepper (doesn't mean I won't try anyway!)
 "Ooh! I broke formation again! Yes, sir....fifty pushups? I've been naughty....I really ought to do a hundred...." --The Enigma
 The long-awaited sequel to Tea with Mussolini: Hash Browns with Hitler --Ken
 Trying to cash in on '40s nostalgia, the Goosesteppin' Daddies somewhat miss the mark. --crispy
 "Don't Ask", "Don't Tell" and "S&M LAD" were the newly created characters for the Army's new Gays in the Military policy. --Uruguay
 Catch all the basics of "Goosestep Aerobics" with the new video "Kaiser Buns" for only $29.99...wienerschnitzels are standing by! --Twisted Mentat
 The cease-fire was just signed and they're already practicing for Kosovo: The Musical --Robbbbb
 "The dreaded Playground Police were heading right for me. I froze. Seconds later, I can only remember the swing of a tetherball and the vague knowledge I had killed a man. The rebellion had begun..." --A Grouch
 Sadly, the Atomic Hitlers on Parade charity walk-a-thon brought in less money than the Three Guys Eating Pancakes For God Jamoboree. It looks like little Susie will just have to return those new kidneys. --aK h
 They Saved Hitler's Groin. --Bad Girl
 Nonetheless, these "quaint Old-World" constables knew that anything less than a 2.1-megapixel camera with at least 48M of CompactFlash storage wasn't worth confiscating. --Rotter
 Meanwhile, in Austria, brownshirts still search for the Von Trapp family. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Then all three neo-brownshirts marched in a direction that vaguely pointed to Europe. France surrendered. --Jenn Dolari
 "Schindler's Ghostbusters"... the fuck? --Orrin Bloquy
 Cop Rock 2: Rockin in the USSR --MiniMe
 Just a couple of guys, out on the town, looking for Das Bootie. --Boopy
 Squad on you, state! --Ken
 What to do with a time machine and a laser gun that can core a person like an apple. Hmm... let me think. --Mr. ?

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