IADL #450
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 Jesus.....you know the Army is getting desperate when this is the 14th Special Elite Sniper Paratrooper Assassination Squad. --The Enigma
 Man, these World War II veteran parties are wild! --The Enigma
 The Johansens, shortly before being trampled to death by the Denver Broncos. --hate
 Years after he returned from deep space, Richard's sister and brother had aged many decades and reached maturity and inner serenity while Richard remained the same asshole he'd been all along. --Nrrrd Diva
 Unable to mate "properly", siamese fraternal twins can sometimes make the best life companions, occasionally producing offspring that are only handicapped with a distinct lack of haberdashery sense. --Nrrrd Diva
 "You wanna probe 'em, sarge? They might be spies." --Bad Girl
 The Prude. The Frau. The Marine. --Bad Girl
 The day Steve earned his cow-tipping merit badge. --Bad Girl
 Dubuque's cheapest hooker. --Bad Girl
 Next time, I'm taking my shore leave in Vegas... --Bad Girl
 Inexperienced soccer players often have to learn the hard way where to put their hands when they form a "wall". --Ken
 Earnest and Elizabeth enjoy what would be the last photo of them and their son. Little did they know ,Enlarged Scrotal Syndrome was slowly taking his life. --tupid
 Man, when they send kids off to camp these days, they don't tell them it's camp Pendleton, do they? --AQUALUNG
 The infamous long-suppressed "nothing to see here" Area 52 photo. --Orrin Bloquy
 The soccer team used to make fun of Larry. Until he called in an air-strike on their houses. --Lots42@aol.com
 American Gothic Reunion, 1959 --Jenn Dolari
 Frank and Mona's years of perseverance finally paid off-- they found a young buck for a threesome! --I am Kirok!
 "Dear Dad. We've come as far as Napoli. I looked up your long-lost aunt Cecilia and cousin Antonio. That's their village on fire in the background. They say hello. Wish you were here. Jimmy" --Sean Q
 "Hey, you get to the pillaging late, these are the kinds of slaves you get. The early bird catches the voluptuous Swede, you know. The late bird gets granny." --The Enigma
 "I claim this island for, uh, Bill and Edna." --Ken
 In addition to having fried-'nanner-and-peanut-butter sandwiches flown in from Memphis daily, Elvis survived boot camp with some of that good old Tupelo grandma-lovin'. --sx
 Private Wilson's remains were mailed back to his parents in an envelope no larger than this picture. --Kearney
 For Tier II heartland markets, MTV developed "Real World: Fort Leonard Wood." --Stan Xhiao
 Private Balls presented arms, a sharply tuned "Wrinkly Couple". He knew this was the weapon the Nazi's truely feared and lived for the moment when he would unleash the grey terror on the squareheads. --Evnull
 The 4-H Council meets the 4-F Club. --narcoleptic
 Ethel didn't look intimidating, but she could shoot the 'nads off a fly at 100 yards. --narcoleptic
 The plus side of dressing like Grandpa: Looking buff for the camera. The minus side: his belt's gonna chafe the bejeezus outta his nipples. --rudy pepper
 Uncle Ed. Auntie Frieda. Crazy cousin Earl before he was discharged from the army on a Section 8 for "stuffing the turkey" while on KP duty. --Mr. Schpanky
 Khaki : What the Gap doesn't want you to know --A Grouch
 "Between my closet gay husband with poor dress sense and my Neanderthal son who is of the bovine preference, I rely on Lucky Strikes to keep my nerve from shattering like so many tacky glass knick knacks. Sincerely, Nell Hobswitch, New Jersey." --A Grouch
 Oh, we're so proud of Roger. Ever since he started beating the crap out of all the foreign kids in elementary school, well, we just knew he was headed right for the Army! --agm
 Sure, she was a disease-filled whore who'd blow every soldier on the base for a nickel. But man, could she capture special moments on a Polaroid. --agm
 "Son, before you head to 'Nam, I want you to take this box of suggestive pho-tos of yer Ma. Lord knows they helped me through some lonely nights in W-W-II." --Hang Lose
 Here we see the collective audience for the last 'Earnest' film. --Hang Lose
 "And this is our grandson Jimmy. We're so proud of him. He kills gooks, you know." --Boopy
 When Bill wrote his parents a postcard from Guam that said, "Weather's nice. Wish you were here.", he thought they'd see it as a joke... --Tillman
 "Son, I thought the army was supposed to turn you inta some sorta fightin' machine or somethin'. Lookit all these people out here, and you haven't killed a-one yet, you yellow-belly fairy!" --Hang Lose
 "I know I said I wanted to see you again Maw and Paw, but I didn't expect you to fly out to Da-Nang." --Hang Lose
 "And this one's of our dear little Ricky... well, before he got odd and started trapping neighbor kids in his basement." --Magus
 "And here we all are at Jimmy's prom. He doesn't talk to us anymore." --Pete

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