IADL #452
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 Wanting to save time during the rapture, God uses an industrial sized wet/dry soul vac. --Mr. ?
 Druid Spring Break! --J. Random Hacker
 Field trip to the Smithsonian gets funky with the new 'Intestines of Orson Welles' exhibit. --Orrin Bloquy
 This year, MTV does Spring Break at the Guardian of Forever. Woo-HOO! --Orrin Bloquy
 Consumed by ennui from the 'burning man' event, they flocked to the 'big fucking inflatable thing' event. --Orrin Bloquy
 People came from all over the world to enjoy the fun and whimsey of the 12th Annual Feminine Hygene Fun Fair. --I am Kirok!
 After ten minutes, Bob was unimpressed. "Somehow, I thought Heaven would be . . . . nicer." --Hang Lose
 Lucas sure spent money on those special effects, but man was he cheap on the inflatable castle at the wrap party.... --Jenn "Just Happy to Make Yellow Some Days" Dolari
 Jon remembered the email. "Dearest love. I shall be half-naked and toked out on pot." Jon never did find her. --Lots42@aol.com
 The Colgate Toothpaste company unveils its new "Fuckin' Big Toothpaste" at a local college. --Kearney
 It worked! Eddie's somewhat evil plan to make the weather usually partly cloudy had almost entirely come to fruition. --Kearney
 Joe just loved going to the monkey-torture shows every Sunday at Monkey-Torture Park. --Kearney
 In an effort to increase attendance at public executions, the town of Stonington erected a set of gallows made entirely from cookie dough. --Kearney
 I dunno, the trip was fun and all, and I especially liked the new tote bags, but 'Burning Man' just seemed to lose its edge once Dow Chem took over. --Wiggy
 Limbo for the balanced-impaired. --Les Miserables
 "RRRARRRGH! FLEE THE TERRIBLE WRATH OF THE...the...sort of white thing made out of...out of ice and kinda looks...like a...*sigh* spider. Never mind." --Pete
 No southern revival was complete without a romp in Billy Graham's ball pit. --Nate
 The good kids got to take field trips to the zoo or the candy factory. Bad kids took field trips to the "House O' Styrofoam" in Liberal, Kansas... --Tillman
 Little did the kids know there was no exit from the Massive PVC Pipe Playland ride. But their parents sure did. --Ask For It By Name!
 The Keebler booth was a big hit at Spring Break ... until, without warning, their new Googol-Stuffed Oreos started exploding. --narcoleptic
 Remember to stop by the padded 29th stage at Woodstock 99, where you can see your favorite special bands rock'n'roll! --Hang Lose
 Only in Nebraska could 'The World's Largest Pile of Spackled Toilet Paper' draw a crowd. --Hang Lose
 No one knew what it was, but when the crowd picked it up and dragged it across a blackboard, Minnesota went deaf. --Hang Lose
 When he's away on vacation, Atlas just props the world up on support pylons. --agm
 Live in concert: Air! --Valvoline (groan)
 People from all around came to laugh at the fourth little pig and his stucco skyscraper. --Namgubed the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Elf
 Twenty years later, researchers finally prove that Gillette Foamy is thick and rich enough. --Cryptique
 Mick Jagger greets the fans. --Cryptique
 Graduation day at the Goalie Acadamy. --clang
 The alien gave the Earthlings much knowledge in exchange for a light snack of mouth breathers. --Male Bimbo
 "If you build it, they will come" is fairly open to interputation. --caznag
 If one of those things came to my town, I'd probably go out and have a look at it. It's either that or watch paint dry in sunny Medford, Oregon. --Annna
 The best thing about Rodentia University? Habitrails! --Splunge
 It's big, white & floppy. My guess it's symbolism for Ron Jeremy after 15 Screwdrivers. --Crack Baby
 Proving that zealots will go anywhere to see anything, thousands made their pilgrimage to God's Ashtray for a glimpse at His discarded butts. --Leth

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