IADL #453
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 Moshpits for schiziods. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon (what the fuck do you expect, I gotta 'D' in handwriting!)
 Bob and Larry were amazed. Not only did Tim catch the snipe, but in his moment of glory decided to drop down in the mud and do the CURLY SPIN to celebrate --tupid (as if you did'nt know)
 ...and that was when they realized that sandals were a really crappy choice of footwear for mountain climbing. --snackwhore
 If Deer Had Rifles --snackwhore
 The First Annual Quadraplegic Charity Run was a dismal failure. --Lots42@aol.com
 Damn, there goes another perfectly good white boy! --Mr. ?
 Forget about Laser Tag, kiddies, the new craze this year is Tazer Tag! --Mr. ?
 We replaced Bobby's insulin with Folger's Crystals. Let's see if he notices. --Mr. ?
 The torch carrier for the Special Olympics --Hobgobble
 As agents Mulder and Scully looked on, they could only come to one conclusion: 7 years is way too long to put up with this shit. --Hobgobble
 And lo, before the cock crows, you shall tumble down the mountain three times. --Jenn Dolari
 Next on ESPN 3, Extreme Flailing! --Jenn Dolari
 Sure, Mary was sad that her son Billy was having another epileptic seizure...but dammit, he spilled the milk again! --Les Miserables
 Stumpy and I looked on in amazement as the camp counselor actually crammed his own head completely into his ass. We had thought it only a saying, but from then on it was the stuff of legend. --Wiggy
 "He put chocolate in my peanut butter. I put my foot in his ass." --Valvoline
 "Dude, I am NOT going to eat the rest of those 'shrooms." --Valvoline
 The scientists stood as still as possible, knowing that angering a Ralph in its natural habitat would spell certain death. --Capn' Undead
 Suddenly and without warning, Mike had an unfortunate bout of Whiteness. --Capn' Undead
 "So that's what happens when the Ritalin wears off." --flodnak
 We realized Bobby was going to make very poor outdoorsman when he displayed an irrational, all-consuming fear of deciduous trees. --Nrrrd Diva
 Geez, I know the poncho was a bad fashion choice, but you don't have to be such a drama queen about it, Frank. --Nrrrd Diva
 Afternoon of the Living Dead. Why bother? Two and a half stars. --Riff
 After a little touch-up work, this image will become the latest Nessie sighting. --Riff
 I guess we should've been worried when Steve was kidnapped by rabbits. It just looked so funny. --Bad Girl
 To the disbelief of everyone, Derek actually begins honking out a dirt snake. --agm
 The midseason action flop "Ponch Patrol" was yet another reason why the UPN network sucked ass. --Hang Lose
 Steve and Derek stood in mute horror as Jake was dragged off by Yog-Sothoth; finally, as the screams died down, Steve managed to put words to his horror - "dude, I can't believe you left the fucking video camera at home." --The Enigma
 "I told you, man...don't fuck with Scotty! --spinn (yeah, I accepted my own, so sue me)
 "Oh man . . I thought lacing a joint with strychnine was supposed to give you an awesome buzz. Guess you can't believe everything you read on the internet." --Hang Lose
 They knew that "Brad" must be a narc when he started break dancing to the Grateful Dead. --I am Kirok!
 What stunned Mitch and Dave the most was that their friend was actually falling uphill. --Kearney
 Parkinson's and multiple amputations make for hours of nub shakin' fun. --Kearney
 "Huh... I guess appendicitis hurts." --crispy
 "Are you sure the tuna salad didn't turn?" --crispy
 Mike's gift as a medium turns painful when a wandering Native American spirit enters his body and starts beating the crap out of the nearest white man, namely, Mike. --crispy
 Carl rues his choice to Extreme Mountain Breakdance to "Inna Godda da vida." --crispy
 Deliverance II: Electric Boogaloo --Ken
 August 1969: Paul Simon watches with glee as Art Garfunkel takes a header behind the main stage at Woodstock. Hmmm, he thinks, there's a song in there somewhere..." --Sean Q
 "Next time, cast a gimp with an arm and leg on different sides of the body, for balance." Road Rules XXVII production notes --Stan Xhiao
 Suddenly, Greg understood the "Slippery When Wet" sign on Anita's tent. --Sean Q
 I wouldn't be laughing if I were you. Didn't you say you ripped off that blind Haitian lady too? --Ken
 Under new FIFA rules, instead of receiving yellow cards, players guilty of flagrant fouls would have to serve two minutes as the ball. Here we see two Argentines lining up a free kick. --Ken
 The dirt luge is a popular sport in Arkansas. --Stan Xhiao
 Billy learns the hard way that playing dead works for bears . . not inbred cousin-pumping necropheliac hillbillies. --Hang Lose
 I told him not to wipe his ass with the shiny leaves. --flodnak
 Aww, great. Who woke the dead again? --Mr. ?
 God in Heaven, Bill, that is the strongest damn chipmunk I have ever seen! --Phat Cheops
 Insulted by Hank's gift of a low-quality airline peanut, Slappy the Squirrel judo-flips him into the dirt like a sack of flour. --Phat Cheops
 Gravity wins! Fatality! --Crack Baby
 They all came running when they heard the honking, but by then the dirt snake had consumed his entire leg. --Sean Q
 You won't really be able to see how disgusting this picture is till they slap in the cgi Jar Jar. --Horselover Fat
 1987: Tim trips on a root and skids a quarter mile down a mountain dirt road on his ass. He then plays the "I meant to do that" card better than it had ever been played before...and thus were the X-Games born --Rotter
 After the Y2K bug demolished Western civilization, there was much less call for performance art. --Annna
 Little Known Fact: God hates hippies. --caznag.

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