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 Tweety disappeared from the 'toon scene for a few years, but he made a decent living as a matchmaker in China. --snackwhore
 "From here comes the kidney, and much yen for you." Aunt Ley tried to hustle Kenny away, but Tweety's new role as the Organ Harvest mascot had caught the young lad firmly by the imagination. --Wiggy
 Hey, they're Japanese. Of COURSE it doesn't look weird to them. For God's sake, have you seen their GAME SHOWS? --The Enigma
 Tweety and Sylvester have their photo taken with the mascots at the Asialand theme park. --Hang Lose
 Vote Quayle in 2000! --Waldo
 All would politely turn away when Sylvester had one of his "attacks" but, in truth, it was Tweety pimping himself to the public that really made the big cat want to retch. --Wiggy
 Big as he was, Tweety still ended up as feathered gunk between Godzilla's toes. --narcoleptic
 Among the photo highlights of the Woo family's trip to America are also pictures of them with Chuckie Cheese, a mailbox, a cardboard cut out of Willard Scott, and an Oldsmobile. --I am Kirok!
 Thanks to Mrs. Okizawa's quick thinking, another attempt on Tweetie's life was foiled. Meanwhile a doubled over Sylvester attempts to remove the num-chucks from his groin. --I am Kirok!
 Here we see Sylvester assembling his rifle so he can knock off Tweetie. Not so he could eat him, but to save the world from anymore of those annoying commercials with Michael Jordan. --I am Kirok!
 The long hours, the sweating, posing and the stench of hot ass and cabbage were worth it, only for the occasional boob squeeze for Tweety. Even if it was only grandma. --FluffyBunny2
 Proposed Warner Bros. slogan for 1998: "Aspiring to be as annoying as Disney." --ChAoS
 Disney introduced a different element into their Thailand sex tours... --Rusty Russell
 The round-eyes stared in horror as the Yellow Peril made its way down Main Street, USA. --Stan Xhiao
 I tawt I fewt a padded tit! --Ken
 "OK folks. C'mon and get in the picture with your ol' pal Tweety. Say Hiroshima!" --Kearney
 Yeah, Pete hated his job. His only solace was that, save for the diaper, he was completely naked under that costume. --Kearney
 In retrospect, Tweety was a poor choice as a mascot for the Hydrocephalus Society. --Uncle Dave
 After the subway attacks, many Tokyo commuters purchased poison gas warning systems. --Stan Xhiao
 Grandma and tweety had something in common. They were both kept in cages in the living room. --Kearney
 "Anime secret police executed American toons in dozens but Tweety never was in their numbers. This photo surfaced after I had joined the resistance. The feathered traitor got his reward..." - Sylvester : All American Toon Hero --A Grouch
 "Oh yeah? I may be dressed up like a cartoon bird, but at least I ain't makin' Nike's for a dime a day." --Kearney
 While a couple isolated individuals appreciated it, most Chinese Nationals thought that Nato's apology for the embassy bombing should have come from a FUCKING POLITICIAN! --Hang Lose
 Sid and Marty Kroft are back in action with their new series, "Billy Ling and a Buncha Crazy-Ass Drug Induced Muppets Guaranteed to Scare the Crap Outta Your Kids" --Hang Lose
 The Grandma obsession became so bad that Tweety would need to feel up an elderly citizen just to go to sleep. --Mr. ?
 Your Sylvester, my Tweety, to the DEATH! --Mr. ?
 The one millionth little girl who asked Tweety "Which Pokemon are YOU supposed to be?" was the unfortunate recipient of a beat-down. --Smokey

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