IADL #455
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 Somehow, somewhere, Jerry Falwell's head just imploded. I love these guys. --rudy pepper
 A National Enquier photographer scores the ultimate photograph. WWf's co-owner Shane McMahon and one of the posse members at a fun fair in Conneticut --tupid(316)
 At the Stardust Inn in Sonoma, California, the rooms have unusual themes. This couple chose the rubber ball toss room after their first choice, the bubble wrap room was unavailable. --Ken
 Three Vegas sportsbooks are offering odds on which bodily fluid will hit the bullseye first. --Ken
 As the final examination at the Ohio Fire Academy, prospective firefighters must hit the target with a firehose for 30 consecutive seconds. Those who succumb to temptation are relegated to desk jobs. --Ken
 Nobody liked the boss. He was a raging asshole, and we finally resolved to do something about it. All it took to mellow him out was ten glasses of vodka, fifty dollars, an eager male prostitute, and a disposable Polaroid camera. --The Enigma
 "It was a close one. Phil was submerged in plastic balls for nearly ten minutes, but the CPR from Roy saved his life!" --Crack Baby
 Two guys who obviously have the balls to kiss in public. --RoBear (wishing more of us did)
 Gary thought that he'd finally be able to kiss Jason without lying in the wetspot. He forgot that 4-year-olds thought that the ball pit was the perfect place to tinkle. --RoBear
 The love scene from TitanDic. Strangely enough, still starring Leonardo DiCaprio. --Jenn Dolari
 Beavis and Butthead's first sexual encounter: "You said balls." --Jenn Dolari
 People with normal color vision see the number 5. If you are colorblind, you will see a couple of guys getting it on. --Ken
 "Aww, that's so sweet! It's great to see teenagers in love!" Nobody had the heart to tell grandma that the two teens were both guys. She found out five minutes later, however, when they proceeded to third base. --The Enigma
 See, this is the precise reason why people are resisting the Internet. They don't want to see pictures of two guys kissing, fondling one another, or making out in any sort of way. It's disgusting. It's depraved. It's immoral. It turns people away in horror. Now lesbians, on the other hand..... --The Enigma
 Shortly after this happy moment in a Santa Clara amusement park, a disagreement over who'd get to "Ride The Matterhorn" caused the breakup between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that would forever change computer history. - Scene eliminated from "Pirates of Silicon Valley". --Leth
 Hey, nice watch! --narcoleptic
 Hey...attractive people expressing a healthy emotion. This is pretty fucking functional for IADL, actualy. --caznag
 Trent Reznor has the "Chuck E. Cheese" nightmare again. --j. random hacker
 Steve thought Mark was swooning in delight although it was just the plastic-additive fumes sending him into anaphalactic shock. --A Grouch
 Jim and Bill weren't too swift - their idea of 'safe sex' meant you were surrounded by netting --narcoleptic
 The aliens had gotten the 'Homosexual Human' habbitat all wrong in their Bio-Zoo, but Chad didn't care. He was gettin' some! --Hang Lose
 If no one else is sending a toaster to these guys, I'll volunteer. Rrrowrr! --CedricFox
 I hope they took off their shoes. --I am Kirok!!
 It's all fun and games untill we realize that's a stolen cadaver. --caznag
 Tom Selleck & Kevin Kline kissing was one thing, but the stage musical version of In & Out had a scandalous lip-lock between Rob Lowe & David Schwimmer. --Boris Baddenov
 Why... why they're grooming, Little Timmy! Yes, grooming for mouth parasites! They did, after all, just eat at Jack In The Box..." --Phat Cheops
 "So what I'm saying, Keith, is that while I DO find myself inexplicably drawn to you, I feel that we should keep our emotions out of our business relationship and GLURMPHGH!" And that, my friend, is why Keith is our best Customer Service Representative. --Phat Cheops (now with 100% correct versions of the word "feel"!)
 This plastic ball pit is about to become the Ring Toss booth. --Valvoline
 ...and the next sound you'll hear will be the exploding aneurysm in Jesse Helms' head when he learns this was a government-funded performance piece. --Uncle Dave
 Greenpeace has been protesting Norwegian ball fishermen because their nets are not gay-couple-safe. --Ken
 It's fun to stay at the YMCA! --Mr. ?
 And across the room, two chicks were making out in a pit filled with roast-beef tacos and clams. --Hang Lose
 Looks like someone's not going to be running for public office.... --Don Spudleone
 The diamond anniversary ring. Show him you'd make out with him in the Chuck E. Cheese ball room... all over again. --anon
 ...and then Jeffy woke up. --Pete
 Bobby and Lance celebrate after knocking down the DNA exhibit at the '89 World Fair. --spinn (I accepted this one myself. ha!)
 In September on NBC! In the touching season premiere of "Friends", Joey and Chandler finally give in to their feelings and become lovers! At a carnival! It's laughs, tears and condom jokes ahoy this fall on NBC! --Tillman
 Ah, this is bullshit. The real action is over by the Whack-a-Mole. --flodnak
 The dunk tank replacement at the Christian Coalition Family Values Picnic was a huge success. --Ashhole
 Having used up all the major cities, Chuck E. Cheese becomes the location for next season's "The Real World". --Ashhole
 Evil robots can be so dumb! Neo would never think of escaping a fun Matrix! --Horselover Fat
 Watch how the father regurgitates food directly into his hungry offspring's mouth. --Magus
 This picture reminds me of why I don't eat Trix cereal anymore. --rudy
 This photo brings back fond memories of how Mom would take any inappropriate cereal prizes and flush them down the toilet, all the while muttering and cussing like she had Tourette's. Those were fun times... --rudy
 He had the taste of a gopher on acid and had no body below the waist. But Vic loved him all the same. --Magus
 Dear Skittles: Your new advertising campaign sucks. --The Enigma
 ...and if we magnify the picture, you see that they're virtually swimming in the virus." A scene from "AIDS: God's Own Revenge", courtesy of The Jerry Falwell Educational Video Library. --Saurentine
 If you think this is bad, you should see the action in the kiddie habitrails. --I am Kirok!
 Silly homosexuals - Trix are for kids! --narcoleptic
 All Cheryl could think was "I hope Joe doesn't find out I'm a girl." Ironically, "Joe" was thinking the same thing. --Holy Jesus Batfuck
 The male nurses were especially cruel during the early part of Cristopher Reeve's rehabilitation. --Mr. Schpanky
 Eric mollifies Mark with a tender kiss before dropping the bombshell: his atrocious rec-room decorating just lost him his QueerCard. --Stealth
 400 years from now, historians will think this picture says "Target has a sweetheart deal on rubber balls, available in a rainbow of gay colors." --rudy
 What else could he do? It was, after all, a triple-dog dare. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Chuck E. Cheese's newest attraction: ANIMATRONIC HOMOSEXUALS! --Eli
 Homo sexualis reproduces hermaphroditically, like the common earthworm. One specimen generates a large, sticky egg mass which is then fertilized externally by its mate. --Mycroft
 Geez, the State Fair in California sure is different from out here. Most I ever got was a Kewpie Doll. --anon
 Okay, the Jerry Springer Show cleaned up the violence but geeeeeeez --anon

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