IADL #456
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 "Yeah, I know Richard is a blue-eyed devil, but he does have the best prices in town." --I am Kirok!!
 "You couldn't find a less conspicuous place to buy the bomb parts, Sajib?" --Riff
 Which dishwasher is mine? It's the one that says Bad Mutha Fucker on it! --Crack Baby
 Jay and Silent Hakim look for a new set of wheels. --Snafflepod
 I will not look at his ass. I will not look at his ass. I will not... --Werehamster
 Little Richard's was the only place Louis Farrakhan would buy his T.V.'s. --Les Miserables
 "Everybody loves to shop at Richard Appliance & Electronics! Because if you don't know Richard, you don't know Dick!" --Tillman - Should have been in marketing instead of I.S...
 Who's the Private Dick that gets all the Chicks(& APPLIANCES AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!!!)... SHAFT! --Big Bad Bobo
 Coming to America II: The Reposession --Samwise (So I was a repo man, so what?)
 When 2 large men purchase an air conditioner dressed in 3 layers of wool, something's up. --Ashhole
 Suddenly, Jerry heard the music; soft at first, then quickly increasing in volume as he turned to face the two customers. Shit, Jerry thought to himself fearfully. I'm trapped inside a fucking porno. --The Enigma
 "Sure, he's hell to look at, but you've got to admit - nothing loads stereos and televisions as well as a Dimensional Shambler." --The Enigma
 Thirty pounds of gunpowder, a gallon of gasoline, and a new Amana dryer. This was going to be the best 4th of july ever, Steve thought. --Lowfyr, who can't get on this list to save his life.
 "Yessir, Mr. Richard, I'll just stand over here and grab my ankles...." --Mr. Schpanky
 Talk about one-stop shopping for all your entertainment needs! You can get the microwave oven at Richard's, and a fresh supply of hamsters from the back of Joey's car. --narcoleptic
 Jim and Lorna were flabbergasted that a 16 foot cubic refrigerator would fit in the trunk of their Toyota Corolla. --Male Bimbo
 "Richard, Appliance, Electronic" = "Dick, Device, Runs on Batteries" = "Vibrator." Pretty clever way to get around Giuliani's porn crackdown, if you ask me. --NME (salvaging rudy)--
 They're about to give a "down payment" to that guy's ass. --Valvoline
 Sabir noticed that his trunk had been 'funkdafied.' And not in the good sort of way. --Kearney
 Not only will they sell you a shop-vac, they'll have the stockboy actually clean the blood out of your trunk. --Kearney
 Though I'm not really sure what it means, I am positive that this guy is down with OPP. --Kearney
 "Hiring the living dead as stock clerks is just one of the ways we at Richard's can bring you low, low prices - every day!" --flodnak
 "Ya don't need a Presidential Pardon to get great prices at Richard Nixon's Appliance & Electronic Superstore! Would I lie?" --Wabewalker
 Good marketing concept: "fire" sale. Bad marketing concept: "take out all the merchandise you can carry" sale. --RipperJak
 I guess we'll take that refrigerator, the lamp, and that used robot gardener slumped over by the dolly. --Bad Girl

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