IADL #457
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 Yeah, well, I come in a rainbow of colors too. --Yakko (I stole that from Brunching Shuttlecocks)
 uh, Fred....it's me, Clyde. Remember last night when we were fucking around with that black magic book? Dude, that shit's for real, Fred...Fred?...FRED!! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Seconds later, the guy in the blue had no ass hair left. --Lots42@aol.com
 Jimmy and Liz discuss finances while Matthew pees on the birds: Next on NewsRadio. --Lots42@aol.com
 "Mooo! --no, wait... Meow! ...no, that's not right... Oink?" --Valvoline
 "C'mon, asshole. I saw you feeding the ducks over there. Cough it up." --Nrrrd Diva
 "Spare change? Hey buddy, got any spare change?" --flodnak
 It's beautiful, but the only sounds that come out of its mouth are really annoying. It reminds me of my last girlfriend. --Werehamster
 Sometimes, you just have to stop in life and flash the peacocks. Wait, that's not right...... --The Enigma
 Jim looked down at his now terribly soiled jacket, and realized that you just can't trust those fucking Mentos commercials. --Hang Lose
 Later on, in court, Dale's "Oh, like you never wanted to screw a peacock in the middle of a public place?" defense was filled with holes. --Hang Lose
 Somehow, I just get the sense that that Peacock would die happy if it could just get high enough to crap on that guy's head. --Hang Lose
 "I'm the farthest thing from gay, mister, but...nice plumage!" --Smokey
 "Oh my God," said Phil and the bird simultaneously, "look at the size of those titties!" --crispy
 This Fourth of July, the fun guys at Spinnwebe would like to seize the opportunity to give America the bird. --The Enigma (salvaging Kitsunesan)
 When the peacocks start talking to themselves, it doesn't mean that they're insane, it means that you're insane. --Mr. Me
 Pavo cristatus, the common peacock from eastern Asia and Homo Honkius, the common honkey from the Midwestern Untied States. --Kearney
 "...hold very still...they can sense fear...and sometimes low standardized test scores..." --Kearney
 Though estranged from his cousin Diablo the chicken and not nearly as famous, Carnita the satanic peacock was every bit as ferocious as his relative, and a hella better macrame'er, to boot. --RM
 Frodo discovers that Mordor isn't as bad as people say it is. --Magus
 Screw the stale bread, I'm going for the wallet! --Honest Jon
 After about three weeks, Tom got up the nerve to ask her out. They dated for awhile and then eventually drifted apart. And the bird seed he'd find in his bed was starting to bother him. --I am Kirok!!!
 Gallant feeds the peacocks and says "pretty bird"; Goofus prefers to chase them around and call them "sexy bitches." --Kearney
 "So, Professor Jenkins, we meet again. But this time, the advantage is mine!" --Wabewalker (and Gary Larson)
 A drab world of muted tans, blues, and grey greens, where even the most colourful avians struggle to be seen...Utah, 1978. --A Grouch
 Draw! --Mr. ?

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