IADL #459
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 Slowly, Dieter followed Natasha, aiming his concealed satchel gun carefully. But where had she hidden the microfilm? --Lowfyr, who believes that "only spies wear shades".
 "Holy SHIT, would you look at that outfit?" "I know, it's so minimalistic, yet so stylish!" And in a split second, Jerrell was forever excommunicated from the Church of the Leering Jaywalkers. --RM
 Sheeit. That's seventy-eight women don't wanna do the wild thang. --Horselover Fat
 Well, what's the use of having an imagination NOW? --The Enigma
 Jungle fever strikes at 5:17 P.M. EST on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Time stands still. --The Enigma
 "Daaaaaaaamn." --The Enigma
 It's a trap, men! She's got a pair of hedge shears! Run! RUN!! --agm
 Right. Left. Stop and gawk. Right. Left.... --OAK
 "Oh, Allah! She has got the legs and she knows how to use them!" --Riff
 What were the odds? Three guys with whiplash in less than an hour, the chriopractist thought. --Brandolon Hill
 All will make way for Thunderthighs! --Jenn Dolari
 "No, no, it's a Gameboy, not a camer-OOF" This time the old excuse didn't work. Spinn is out of critical condition, though, and recovering nicely. --Leth
 She's married. We know this because A. she's wearing a ring and B. that's her husband carrying the purse 12 paces behind her. --rudy
 Why don't we see the top of her head? Does she have a troll-do, or a Don King, or perhaps because we'd see the protoplasm cord linking her to the Mother Ship? --Ken
 "Ma'am, can I adjust your knobs? Your dress is scrolling." --Lots42@aol.co,
 The "Get Back Here, Bitch!" scene from What's Love Got To Do With It II: The Wrath of Ike. --Smokey
 You just KNOW that she doesn't own a single Celine Dion CD. Not a one. --rudy
 Boy, old Charlie Chaplin's gonna be pissed when he finds out she stole his bathing suit... --rudy
 Mandy silently swore to herself that the next yokel to make a "Yo, Trinity, I gotch ya exit right heya baby!" comment was getting a knee in the groin. --F
 Coming Soon: Speedwalk, Lola, Speedwalk --Valvoline
 Dismayed that the line "Oooh girl, your booty lookin' too damn fine." failed, Kevin goes back to blaiming his life on The Man. --Tsao Tsao
 Count the Scwings! Ready? One... two... three... four... --Wabewalker
 Just so you know, this is what I do for you people. This is just after I set up to take the picture, and just before she lined up a flying kick to my colon. --spinn
 But June, don't you think you're being a little hard on the beaver? --Les Miserables
 Tina refused to believe that Robert Palmer's career was over. --Cryptique (salvaging Lowfyr)
 Amanda took seriously the challenge of "Hanes Her Way." --Cryptique
 The game of follow the leader came to a tragic conclusion when Farooq became momentarily distracted and led his group straight into a phonebooth. --RipperJak
 Her dress showed a black-and-white picture of Milton Berle. But sometimes the reception was bad. --Bad Girl
 36-28-36. Unfortunately, not in that order. --Bad Girl
 Horizontal Spice --Bad Girl
 Wait up, Morey. You might want to stick around and watch this. She just drew squares for hop-scotch.... --Bad Girl
 Whoa. Now THAT'S an impressive tattoo. --Rabbi Mia Hamm
 Caught in mid-step between "wah" and "diddy-diddy" --Ken
 Tshhhhhhh ch ch tshhhhh ch ch.... dammit, I can't phonetically represent that high-hat cymbal sound that goes with "hot hips". Can I attach a wav file instead? --RoBear
 Hey, baby, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like...oh, hell, who are we kidding here, right? How much? --The Answer
 "That outfit would just make my ass look huge," rued Rehan. --Boopy
 She was the good time that was had by all. --sx
 Woah, that looks like about . . six puppies . . two kittens . . a hamster . . . and maybe a box turtle fighting under a blanket. --Hang Lose
 Roy was pissed. "Fuckin' lying sons of bitches at the Federal Witness Protection Program!" --Hang Lose
 So that is what the singer from the Cranberries does with her spare time! She's a ho! Cool!! --biteme
 "I am not now, nor have I ever been, a 'little teapot short and stout'" --djymm
 What's with these people? thought Kevin. She's the third one today walking an invisible dog. --Ken
 A sudden, unexplained jolt catapulted Raheem back to his brief stint in the Gulf War, and he demanded Kristin to "suck in that gut, Private!" Not long after that, Raheem found himself gargling his own testicles. --Phat Cheops (now with 100% correct spelling of the words "to his"!)
 First it was Madonna-chic, then heroin-chic. Matrix-slut-chic *HAS* to be the silliest of all, though. --Leth
 o/ Tanya Turkish liked to fuck while wearing striped bathing suits.../o - From "88 Lines About 44 Inch Hips" --rudy (props to The Nails)

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