IADL #460
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 Born to be mild. --Leaf
 Not wanting to be a showoff, Billy rode the most generic motorcycle he could find. --OAK
 Dan was too slight to handle a hog, so he drove a piglet. --sx
 Tom didn't really understand the movie and tried to exit this world through his car trunk. --Lots42@aol.com
 Ironically, it was the terribly loud engine which prevented Steve from hearing the cries of the only other person left on earth. --Lots42@aol.com
 True Fact: IADL Harley Davidsons is an anagram of Hairless load did navy. --Ken
 VRUMMMM!!! VRMMMM!!! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Some day, Vance surged with pride, I'm gonna be a Shriner! --Stan Xhiao
 Bruce Willis stars in Die Hard VI: Pub of Doom --Sean Q
 Darryl was, without a doubt, the baddest Cubeb & Notions salesman on the East side of town. --sx
 Dave made a pretty good living working out of his trunk. He was the personal "Skull Buffer" of the local gay motorcycle gang. --Kearney
 Steve liked to feel the wind in his hair when he rode. Unfortunately, the cops tended to stop him when he rode pantsless. --narcoleptic
 "Oh shit", thought Pete. "There's that guy I did the salsa with at Berlin. Hide! Hide!" --YMCA cop
 Billy knew his parents were simple folk. When they constructed him a "motorcycle" consisting of a moped and some styrofoam, he rode it anyway. --Kearney
 When the voices told Stanley to shave his head and ride around town on a gay motorcycle wearing an orange T-shirt, he did. But the gravy in the saddlebags was all his idea. --Kearney
 "Christ," thought Hunter S. Thompson, "it's those goddamn bats again. Stay in control...let them know you mean business...after all, you don't fuck with an armed Doctor of Divinity when he's ripped to the tits on peyote." --Uncle Dave
 On Chicago's north side, you could wear prison orange and ride a stolen police motorcycle without anyone batting an eye-- but, try wearing a Sox shirt, and you were likely to be stuffed into a trunk. --Lowfyr-- "This joke is funny if you're from Chicago"
 The noise of motorcycles always caused Harold to scurry out to his car for his RPG rocket launcher. --Lowfyr "Because that's where I keep mine"
 Sure, the fairing and windshield get me an extra 5 miles per gallon, but my head is the key to aerodynamic efficiency. --Gaijin Marty
 Watch what happens when he hits the right side of the picture. I bet he squishes up all thin. --Jenn "Hoo boy" Dolari
 A second later the Tricycle Gang will ride by, ringing their bells and angrily yelling phrases with 'heck' in them. - Scene from My Wacky Life: The Daniel Stern Story, starring Chris Elliot as Daniel Stern --Mungdungus
 Graeme Wieberdink: world's baddest pastry chef --djymm
 While Safety Orange Man waits in the getaway bike, Skewed Perspective Boy stands on the back and breaks into parked cars. --Stealth
 Cruisin' For Bagels. --Stealth
 Matt figured he didn't need to wear a helmet; he assumed that nine beers were cushioning enough. The local police later enjoyed a fine, sunny afternoon of 'Matt-scraping'. --Hang Lose
 Holy crap, that bakery rots thought Biff as he sniffed the air. Meanwhile, John Wayne Polaski adjusts the weight of the ever-increasingly mushy corpses in his trunk. --crispy
 *yawn* Boy, a lot of humor gets lost in these live-action Wallace and Grommit interpretations... --Smokey
 Randy liked to play tug-of-war with the car. The car always won. --narcoleptic
 Pissed off by the old "Nair in the shampoo bottle prank", Mike leaves bear traps in all the other employees trunks. --A Grouch
 Biff didn't have time for no sissy helmet laws when he got the urge for a biscotti. --Brandolon Hill
 Jessie Ventura's little brother Tim who is thinking about running for Deputy Utilities Commisioner in Chicago. --I am Kirok!!!
 After Letterman died at the hands of Leno during the Late Night wars, Paul Schaffer dedicated his life to crusing the streets of New York, righting wrongs and performing interstitial music. --Wabewalker
 Mark's new diving trophy didn't quite fit into his saddlebag. --Norm DePlume
 Sad to the bone. --Set of the..something..I don't know.
 Kojak: The Next Generation --Ratman
 Queasy Rider... --Doc Evil
 Doug was the first male member of Dykes on Bikes. --Male Bimbo
 Morals-Still-Being-Debated Knieval --Valvoline (sp?)
 Ever since his drummer quit the band, Michael Stipe has been on a downhill slide of motorcycles, trendy bagel shops, and gangland-style executions. --SalsaShark
 Sure it was cheap, but every mile or so, Steve had to get off his bike and push it back a couple of yards to wind the sucker up. --Mr. ?

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