IADL #462
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 "See honey, just look at the poster. You're not fat, you were just born four hundred years too late." Thus began the time in Steve's life that he called "The Celibate Years." --Kearney
 Cautiously, Von Weimar raised his periscope. Where was he, and what had happened to the other U-boats? --Lowfyr
 Minutes later, the horrified Slider gang would realize they'd passed into an alternate universe where Andrew Lloyd Weber was president. --Lowfyr
 Jill's date with Ed was going great--until the ivory poachers found him. --Shifter
 Although you cant see it, Tom's shirt that says "free mustache rides" seemed to be a babe magnet. --tupid
 Mary and Tom picked up the pace a little. The parking meter was still following them... its silent, EXPIRED sign demanding retribution. --Phat Cheops
 I need a new monitor. When I called that number, and asked for tickets to what I thought the show was titled, the woman called me a name and hung up. --crispy
 Jill loved going out with Steve. No one ever thought her butt was big next to his. --crispy
 Rick liked to hum a little tune he made up for himself called "Why Don'tcha Throw the Wife into Traffic." --Kearney
 "C'mon, Jim, don't get so down on yourself . . you just need to get a little sun . . lose some weight . . buy a new wardrobe . . improve your posture . . stop talking with your mouth full . . " One block, 45 seconds, and a dozen reasons later, Marcy dumped his sorry ass. --Hang Lose
 "Say, honey, that Bill Clinton Nude One-Man Show looks interesting." --Pete
 In the new, surrealist version of D&D, Frederik the Parking Meter rolls for backstab. Hastuk, wearing a T-shirt of Virtual Quarters, gets +5 on his saving throw. --Ken (salvaging Magus)
 Their 1400-mile pilgrimage now over, Jim and Katie experience Live With Regis and Kathie Lee-letdown. --Leaf
 The fertility goddess smiled. Yes, tonight more dorks would be conceived! --Brianator
 "That Darn Anteater"? Is there no end to the pointless Disney sequels? --Norm DePlume
 Despite his massive overbite, Connie still thought Steve was a "fun date." --Uncle Roy
 Every time Wanda would walk by, George the meter would vomit quarters. Oh, if she only knew how he'd felt! --Crack Baby
 Sandra was the best hunter in her tribe of separatist cannibal lesbians. She could always "bring home the bacon". --narcoleptic
 'Crazy Old Naked Man Show' or 'Hat Darmha Antelope'? There's no doubt about it. The Fargo Theatre district sucks. --Mr. ?

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