IADL #463
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 "I am the emperor of all I survey!" "I am the emperor of-- hey!" --anon
 "Man I miss home," Spencer thought to himself,"I could go for a nice gullet full of Mom's homemade sardine vomit right about now." --I am Kirok!!!
 "Hang on, Bob . . um, Dave? Woah, hold up Bernie . . It's just I've been looking us over and-- Chuck? Jill? We've got beaks, and-- NO, AL! Well, and flippers, so I'm pretty sure we're not lemmings. Chris? Matt? Anyone? --Hang Lose
 "Oh, Gross! Honey, Isn't it supposed to be the monkeys that fling their own feces?" --Hang Lose
 These Coors commercials get weirder every football season. --Trainman
 But what they really hated was when Henry got the urge to do Burgess Meredith impersonations. --Orrin Bloquy
 Uh guys... I think we took a wrong turn. This isn't Antarctica, it's an old Star Trek set. --Ratman
 The trained penguin re-creation of 'ALIVE' was a smashing success. --Lots42@aol.com
 Hey baby! Wanna see my "South Pole?" --Doc Evil
 All through his tour, Sparky had been acclaimed as the "Dean Martin of singing penguins," but on this little gulag, they knew the real thing when they heard it. -- Crazy Climber
 'Damn!' thought Emily. 'Either Dave's had a freak accident recently or that water's cold!' --Luna
 O.K...I always wondered where U2 got the idea for the Joshua Tree album cover... --Cryptique
 Check it out, guys! Some kid fell into the polar bear exhibit again! --agm
 And then Roy saw the fearsome giant, towering twice his size. He knew what he had to do. He'd slay the monster. From the AP&P (Advanced Pidgeons and Penguins) Players Handbook. --ChAoS
 Five guys in tuxedos and what looks like a grand piano. But nobody has any hands. This must be what jazz clubs are like on the sixth plane of Hell. --rudy
 How a drunk sees nuns --Magus
 May I take you coat? Oh, sorry sir. May I take your coat? .... --Mr. ?
 Today's modern zoos even offer their penguins in futuristic "letterbox" format. --Bisti
 Well, we've reached the top. Now we'll see who the "flightless birds" are. --Azazael
 Linus Torvalds goes to heaven. --Yakko
 These Japanese game shows just keep getting weirder. Wait 'til they bring out the bullseye. --Magus
 "Whut thuh-" Kirby had only a second to think before the five foot wide papier mache sun completed its descent from the ceiling --Mungdungus
 "If the Rat Pack Were Penguins", all this month at the If People Were Penguins Museum and Smoke Shop. --Leaf
 Ford looked to the sky. Two to the power of 2 hundred million and falling, intoned the strange, bodiless voice. --Mister Fubar (It's mine, I tell you! It's all mine! Bwa ha hah!)
 "Damn! Shirl's wearing the same outfit as me...damn! Olive's wearing...damn! Lucy's wearing...damn!...." --Stealth
 Let's see...put a blocker penguin there, make that one a climber penguin...damnit! They're getting squished at the entrance again! --spinn (self-accepted)
 Only a true expert wildlife photographer could catch penguins in the act of Puttin' on the Ritz. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Amongst the worlds' most fearsome creatures is the native terror of the Andes mountain range, the 12-foot tall Chilean Electric Penguin. --Crack Baby
 I see some kids coming in... start humping, everybody! --Horselover Fat
 All dressed up and nothing to do. Other than eat raw fish entrails, of course. --narcoleptic
 "I gotta be meeeeeee, I just gotta be meee!" --Magus
 This is a large room with giant icicles hanging from the walls and ceiling. There are passages to the north and east. There are some penguins here. There is a strange little man with a digital camera here. --Jenn Dolari channeling Marc Blanc
 Observers would later observe that the DVD phenomenon had reached its peak with the release of Metro Zoo Penguin Encounter, a seven hour, multiple angle extraveganza with director's commentary channels and even more extra material as bonuses. --HasNoName
 "Leavin', on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..." "For the love of God, Bernie, shut the fuck up!!" --crispy

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