IADL #464
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 The modern dramatic depiction of Hades & Persephone, acted out by Mrs.Bridger's kindergarten class. --Captain Howdy the Exorcist
 "Kelly.....oh Kellllllyyyy......do I sound familiar? You know, your old friend Bumpy? Well, the toilet didn't kill me, and.....let's have a little chat, shall we?" --The Enigma
 Scotty, one-half to beam up... --DOG SHIT TACOS!!!
 Man, modern art just gets creepier and creepier. --aK h
 As Brandi Chastain rips her jersey off, even the fire hydrants turn to look. --Cryptique
 Desperate for attention, little Carrot Top would create fantastic inventions out of ordinary items, and the rest is history! --Valvoline
 The manhole trap's little boy lure wasn't working. With the current prey around the place it looked like a bag of Doritos might work better. --Stickboy
 The mortals were forced to avert their eyes as Lord Mikey flew past on his levitation disk. --Set of the Dilusions of Granadeur
 When the gas line finally blew, the kid had only a few seconds to enjoy the "Magic Elevator Ride" before he entered low earth orbit. --Set of the Projectile Vomiting
 Researchers from the Urban Legend Institute begin tests on the "alligators in the sewer" story. --A Grouch
 Wanting to be like daddy, Mikey would pretend to put a gun to his head. --OAK
 No one tried to stop the beast which had crashed the remote shoot and dragged Regis and Kathie Lee off to their deaths. In fact it was kinda cool. --I am Kirok!!!
 While on their daily walk, Bobby's mom suddenly snaps and kicks the shit out of a mime. --I am Kirok!!!
 "Keep jumping, Jimmy. I know those sewer-workers are strong, but you've got the weight of the manhole cover working for you too." --Monkeyglow
 If the kids' shadow forms the image of Darth Vader, I'm outta here... --Doc Evil
 Billy soon realized if he stood over a manhole cover he could toot as much as he wanted to and no one would ever know. --Boopy
 If stepping on a crack breaks your mother's back, does stepping on a manhole irritate her ariole? --Azazael
 As a boy, The Flash would sometimes stand atop manholes, mutter something in Latin, and freak people out by disappearing really quickly. --Azazael
 Unfortunately, it was full. timmy had to wait for the next magic bench to get him uptown. --Crack Baby
 Matthew had failed his thirty-eighth consecutive commercial audition, so his mother explained that he would have to live with the Sewer People now. --Leaf
 It was bad enough that Elliott enjoyed the blasts of air from below blowing up his shorts, but the fact that he had an audience was just plain disgusting. --Robbbbb
 "Tough luck, Bob. Looks like you just stepped on the Magic Manhole Cover of Youth." --Wabewalker
 My dad just made me stand in the corner when I did something wrong. --Mr. Me
 As Jocko tosses back another, he begins to wonder if downtown Sydney is really the best place for a dingo trap. It's A Might Peculiar Life, Mate!, Australian Version of IADL. --Doctor X
 The magic electronic signpost kept flashing "Simon says turn back around", but alas, no one could read it. --Norm DePlume
 San Francisco is so pet-friendly, they even provide teeny fire hydrants for small dogs... --narcoleptic (try #2)
 "Beam me up, O'Brien! I have to tinkle!" -clip from the new UPN series, Star Trek Babies. --Frenchy, the Toad Swallower
 As Brian stepped on the pressure plate, a section of the wall slid away revealing fireball throwing demons! - Doom, the Movie! --Mr. ?
 I don't hate all children. I only hate children who are badly dressed and eat fecal popsicles, such as in exhibit 464 shown here. --Daniel M. Laenker

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