IADL #467
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 "Here, smell this. Isn't that the worst toenail infection you ever saw?" --narcoleptic
 "Ok, ok, it's like... Jaws, but with a black Lexus, and it's in Chicago. The main difference though, is that he hunts rollerbladers." - Shoddy but successful pitch for Fruitbooters Must Die --Mungdungus
 Goofy outfits would get you half priced scones at the Fine Street Bakery, but no outfits at all would get you free sodomy next door at Lusty Larry's. --Kearney
 Bruce and Dick are forced to change in less comfortable surroundings while the Bat Cave is fumigated. --crispy
 Axel and Theodore meet at the Public Library for a quiet evening of studying Chaucer and knockin' back the brewskis --anon
 Yuppies 'dress down' to avoid another bar-room ass-beating --Skywise
 Misinterpreting the "Go!" banner, Al and Jake packed up their things and left. --Valvoline (green zone? ha!)
 Living in a back of their car with no money or food...it was another Saab story. --Les Miserables
 Two Cubs fans don their disguises to go watch the game. --I am Kirok!!!
 Steve may not have had any super powers, but his white boots were the beginning of a really butch costume. --Lowfyr
 "But first, I gotta put on my drinkin' shoes!" --j. random hacker (don't ask... just don't ask)
 Bob, just cause your dog does it, that doesn't mean it's any substitute for toilet paper. --Jenn Dolari
 A quality bar serves a variety of fine beers... Bud, Bud Light, Bud Ice, Bud Dry, Bud Red, Bud Dry Ice, Bud Red Light... --rudy
 "Look, Fred. if your ass itches, scratch with your hand like a normal person. Scraping it against the pavement is just gross." --Stealth
 "Dammit, I can't figure it out. They told me this address was for the health club. Oh well, wanna get a beer?" --tupid
 Things just aren't the same on Sesame Street since Jim Henson died. --Ratman
 ding! "Your trunk is open. And your taste in clothing is horrible." --narcoleptic
 No one suspected that Jim and Bill were gay, because they had the fashion sense of engineers. --narcoleptic
 Most homosexuals come out of the closet. Louis came out of the trunk. --narcoleptic
 The two Joggaraptors lay in wait; the yeasty atmosphere betrayed the presence of hops-consumers. They would feed well this afternoon. --Stealth
 Blatantly displaying their "White Sox" in Cubs territory, the pair almost deserved the brutal ass beating that ensued. --Lowfyr
 "Why do you ALWAYS do this, Earl?? Why do you make me ride in the trunk? I'm pretty sure everyone knows we're gay. I mean, Jesus Christ, you're parked right in front of 'The Fine Seaman.'" --Monkeyglow
 His rapping days behind him, LL Cool J opened a small bar which catered to rollerbladers who liked to drink horse piss. --narcoleptic
 While Gary avoided wrecking his new shoes by traversing the wet cement in his socks, his buddy Franklin simply plants his ass into it and spins. --A Grouch
 "Hold on. I have to put on Dr. Levine's "Magnetic Power Knee Strap". --I am Kirok!!!
 Here we see a rare shot of the Zodiac Kidnapper, who would kidnap people by the Astrological signs and relocate them to a more suitable climate. All victims vouched the experience was terrifying, except for when they'd stop every 200 miles to change into "clean, comfortable socks." --Crack "3rd Time's a Charm" Baby

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