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 In his teenage, hippie years, Barney Fife lost many fast-food jobs for shouting, instead of asking, "You want fries with that!" Fortunately, he found a long, successful career in law enforcement. --Roy
 Yes Sir, I am certain we DO NOT serve the 'Poop-Yourself-Thin' Diet Fiber shake! --BrickBat
 "McSoilent Souffle is made of McPeople. It's made of McPeople." --ChoppingBlock
 Whaddya mean, "Too much beef is bad for you"? I've been eatin' these things everyday for the past year, an' I look 'n' feel great! --jerright
 Jenny Smith: Famous Nostril Model --toade
 Thelma, from Hanna-Barbarras' new " A Middle-aged Dog Named Scooby Doo ". On Cartoon Network! --Doc Evil
 Dejected at being turned down as the featured attraction on the "Nipple Server" Franny "flat-as-a-board" Finkelman resigned herself to a lifetime of toil at the Burger King drive-through window. --kafka
 So * THAT'S * what happened to Flo after they cancelled " Alice "! I gots some grits you can kiss right here Bay-Bee!! --Doc Evil
 When the sideshow business' market fell out, P.T. Barnum briefly tried using his employees in a fast food endeavor. --Greg J
 Beula could hardly keep a straight face, thinking about her secret. Boogers in the cheese sauce was so funny! --The Lawyer
 Helga was the best Dominatrix I had ever had the pleasure of submitting myself to. She had outgrown the traditional "leather and studs" motif, and settled into an equally imposing role. I can say this: You've never been properly punished until you've had hot fryer grease dripped on your nipples. I call her "The Dairy Queen" because she has created roles involving frozen dairy products. The pain! The pleasure! I love Helga... --anon
 Okay, YOU decide which is better: A postal worker going a little whacky with a weapon; OR Martina here not appreciating your tone of voice and serving up a "Spit 'n Phlegm Burger"? --anon
 The Emperor really fell on hard times after the second death star was destroyed --The Sandman
 Keeping my svelte, girlish figure is no picnic when I'm constantly surrounded by this cornucopia of heavily breaded delights. --Jojo the Spiv
 Terminator 3: Arby's Day --Don Spudleone
 Death goes out to eat. --Don Spudleone
 Cindy was able to pass the electrical bill savings on to her customers at the "Restaurant for the Visually Impaired". --Coyote
 From "Avoidable Accidents in the Workplace, Chapter 3", Robert, now Roberta, learns a painful lesson about knife-sharpening in the dark. --Coyote
 "OK, kid. Look, it's either the camera or your knees -- you've got ten seconds." --The Turtle
 Well, sure I'm bulemic, but this stuff tastes good going down, let me tell you. --not elsie
 Yeah, whatever, Mom. Just gimme the double fudge shake, or I'll have to ask for the manager. I don't care if this IS your only source of income. --anon
 Dear Spinnwebbe, please stop taking pictures like this. They're giving my son terrible nightmares. Sincerely, hippie's mom." --hippie
 You turn that thing off right now or I'm dropping it, and you, in the deep fryer and servin' up SpinnWebe McNuggets. --anon
 Karen Carpenter often lectured the masses on the evils of food at the local Arby's. --DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!
 So that's one regular, one chicken sandwich, two cokes, and 10 souls of the damned. Do you want any fries with that? --Greg J
 We at Arby's are true equal opportunity employers. For example, this hermaphrodite has been working for us for 4 years now. --Don Spudleone
 Not only is she extremely attractive, but she's also independently wealthy! --Don Spudleone
 I can't tell you what's in the cheese sauce because nobody knows what the hell it is. --Don Spudleone
 Lord Vader was NOT pleased with the tater-tots...He requests your presence immediately. --Doc Evil
 Following the removal of the Ndbele marriage rings from her neck and her return to civilization, Debbi had difficulty adjusting to "normal" teenage life. --Ngoc van Trimble
 Would someone please kill me? No . I mean it. Shoot me dead. My life is an empty void of meaningless nothing, please.. Whoops here's my manager. Would you like fries with that? --Count Chuckula
 Don saw the angel of death hovering in front of the menu, and knew it was time to stop eating fast food. --Tom Fulp

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