IADL #471
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 Suprisingly, the inventor of "Really Flammable Baby Pajamas" isn't doing too well. --Kearney
 And here's a fun scene at the 35th St. Mall. The delivery truck for Everything's a Dollar! just pulled in. --Crack Baby
 "These little moving boutiques...STICK'EM UP! GIMME ALL YOUR STUFF!... are so convenient!" --Stealth
 Damn. Moving day again! --LiLi
 "I don't care if I am black and pushing this damn cart. I still don't believe in the Voodoo bullshit curse." Grand Wizard Billy Tubbs in a recent interview. --Kearney
 Roy soon began to suspect that maybe the sporting goods department was in the other direction. --Hobgobble
 Y'know, thought Ray, I could fix this baby up, maybe put a motor in it. Man, I'd be the wino from hell! --narcoleptic
 "Man, I can't wait for this shit to be anecdotal." --Pete
 Reggie should have known that "E" trading wasn't his cup of tea. --tupid
 How your luggage REALLY gets from O'Hare to Newark. --Gaijin Marty
 Sure, it may get great gas mileage, but what about the seat belts and air bags, huh? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!? --AQUALUNG
 Fuck man, that guy's got my M.C. Escher poster in his cart! I always wondered where that damned thing went... --AQUALUNG
 Leon not only cleans your windshield, but also vacuums, Armor-Alls, and puts in a spritz of that new-car smell. --rudy
 Visual BASIC programmer -- willing to relocate. --Ape with Attitude
 o/Rollin', rollin', rollin', Get those carts a-rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', Shop-Rite/ I'm anticipatin', the donut that's waitin', at the end of the ri-ide.../o --rudy
 Boy, these superstores sure are getting big, thought James as he headed up aisle 164 toward the NT Workstation display. --Ken
 "What, ho? 'tis yonder Dunkin' Donuts, through my visage appearing much like a hallowed spirit of righteousness, calling out to me 'Leon...Leon!' and wither I go, I must go...for I shall not abide another moment of this intolerant suffering!" - William Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Cleveland" --AQUALUNG
 If found, please return to Safeway, 1300 Main St, Alamosa, Colorado. Thus began one man's journey. --Ken
 Snoop's brother, Stray Doggy Dog --Mr. ?
 Why do I feel that if I ever make it to Chicago, this guy, some dad with his kids in a stroller, and two gay guys are gonna kick my ass outside The Fine Seaman? --Flan!
 Sure, Jose's lunch truck may not look like much, but he sure makes a good carne asada burrito. --Robbbbb
 UPS delivers yet another package to Spinn. --Robbbbb
 Ever since Frank Oz died, Sesame Street just hasn't been the same... --Mr. Schpanky
 The wimpy motorcycle's gone, and the joggers are just about finished tying their shoes...oh, and here comes Ray to clean up. Guess the parade's over. --Gaijin Marty
 This picture smells like urine and roasting chestnuts, but tastes like a French Cruller - from the Scratch-and-Spinn Companion, page 18. --rudy
 Burt found the only grocery cart in existence with 4 decent wheels in a K-mart back in 1982, and he'd be damned if he was going to give it up. --narcoleptic
 It was then that George realized that the cancellation of Mystery Science Theater 3000 wasn't going to start the global looting and rioting he thought it would. --Jenn Dolari
 Oil soaked rags! Getcher oil soaked rags here! Great fun for the kids! Free lighter with purchase! Oil soaked rags... --Doc Evil
 You know, if I ever lost my cart, then I'd be willing to admit I was powerless over alcohol and my life was unmanagable. But until then... --Ape with Attitude
 ....it's time for another Wacky Action Movie Setup! In this scene, the Token Black Man is pushing a grocery cart through a Dangerous Intersection. The grocery cart contains all his Wordly Belongings. Watch now as a High-Speed Chase forces him to abandon his buggy in the middle of the intersection; the buggy will be hit by the Hero in the Speeding Car, and the Token Black Man's Wordly Belongings will be scattered into The Street. Hilarity will ensue. --The Enigma
 Looking back on things, Kevin began to realize that telling the President of the company to "partake of his love muscle" might not have been the best idea. --The Enigma
 Once a week, Smarty-Mart would let Jason shoplift a few things. It wasn't good policy, but it did keep him from sitting in front of their store and crying. --Magus

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