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 Austrian male prostitutes are well known for their marketing skills. --Kearney
 Mmmm, Vienna Beef! That same delectable beefy taste sensation that comes in every Vienna sausage, now conveniently reshaped into steaklike hunks of genuine processed beef and nitrite goodness! --rudy (In your grocer's freezer!)
 Gus and Chet sat at separate tables, pretending to ignore each other. Soon, however, their resolve would give out, and they would fling themselves into each other's arms for some hot passionate lovin'. --narcoleptic
 Vienna Beef is made of Mutton! It's Mutton!! --Riff
 Umbrella #1: "Do you want me to take over on that table for you?" Umbrella #2: "No, thanks. I've got it covered." Germans don't do comedy; they make beer. --Riff
 Always sad to see Mormon missionaries have a falling out. But once Dan tried iced tea there was no going back to Koolaide. --Ape with Attitude
 Fred brought the peanut butter. Al brought the jelly. --Oh, wait. Here comes Mr. Universe with the buns. --Valvoline (I'm not gay, I'm just really happy)
 On Thursday, David Duke had trouble choking down his hotdog for reasons that escape me. --Male Bimbo
 Shawn didn't get the part of Elwood Blues at the local theater. So he figured he'd drown his sorrows with a chili dog and a brewski. --tupid
 "I thirst, Jean-Luc. We should not eat until the beverages arrive." "Ah! But Gaspard? How does one wait for one who himself is a waiter?" -- scene from H.P. "Spanky" Beckett's "Waiting for Bordeaux." --Smokey
 "Oh, garcon? Fetch me the wine list, s'il vous plait!" --narcoleptic
 "Vienna Beef...It's what's for a light appetizer before dinner." Everyone seemed to know that the new ad campaign from the Vienna Beef Association was just skirting a copyright infringment lawsuit. Replacing Robert Michum with Bobcat Goldthwait as the voiceover announcer didn't help their case any. --anon
 Jules didn't appreciate the sight of the bugs jumping out of his sandwich onto the ground, but he sure did like the meaty squish! they made when he stepped on 'em. --narcoleptic
 VIENNA BEEF??? Arnold Schwarzenegger should sue them for using his bathhouse nickname! --Boris Baddenov (yes, I know Ah-nold is actually from GRAZ, Austria)
 After the CD revolution, many encyclopedia salesmen moved to different lines of work, such as selling lemonade or Mormon missionary work. --Crack Baby
 "NO, I DON'T! I don't have a SQUEEZE BOTTLE OF IT, I don't have a JAR OF IT! And if I did, I certainly wouldn't keep Grey Poupon on my sleeve." --for(;;); (Throwing his hat into the ring)
 The cars were all white. The pavement was white. Even the trash can was white. As he clutched his meal, Calvin Williams felt scared....very scared. --A Grouch
 There is nothing, absolutely nothing, amusing about this picture. Well, except for the dead baby in the trashcan, but you can't see it from this angle. --Stealth

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