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 "Nice try, lady, but you can't leave your kids on the bus. Not even the twitchy one." --narcoleptic
 While Heaven's public transportation was free and the busses were solid gold, the drivers were still humorless old cranks. --Lots42@aol.com
 Just as Bob predicted, the next batch of college students asked him where Sandra Bullock was. So he shot them. --Lot42@aol.com
 Are you tired of visitations by angellic spirits with overactive libidos? Than use Amco brand Immaculate Contraception. --ChAoS
 Oops...I dropped your token again, miss. Would you mind picking it up...again? --Les Miserables
 Lisa, misunderstanding the police, came out with her glands up. --OAK
 Wednesday Addams learned alot from her Uncle Fester, but the vagina/light bulb trick was wearing thin. --OAK
 Chicago's idea of instituting pole dancing in mass transit tripled the number of riders and cut traffic in half. --Brandolon Hill
 "New York, last call for New York! Next stop, Tahiti!" After 31 years as a bus driver, Stan knew all the shortcuts. --narcoleptic
 "Next stop, the fiery pits of Hell! Everybody off for Hell!" His passengers sent him a collective glare as he closed the door. "Fricking Cherubs; no sense of humor ..." --Riff
 Okay, five minutes from now, if someone asks you about this photo, you will NOT be able to remember the color of his coat, his hair, or what kind of bus he's driving. But you'll be able to draw her mammarial profile just as easily as you can sign your name. Trust me. --rudy
 "Damn! Wish YOU were my lover!", they thought simultaneously. --Leaf
 Goddamn punk-ass high school kids. Unless one of 'em goes postal in the next week and blows up the school, I may have to do it myself... --narcoleptic
 "Remember what I told you - eBus goes IPO tomorrow. Buy it early and you'll make a mint!" --narcoleptic@techie.com
 o/ Three leers from the bus driver, the bus driver, the bus driver / Three leers from the bus driver, the bus drivin' man. / He farts and he cusses / He crashes the busses / Three leers from the bus driver, the bus drivin' man. o/ --narcoleptic
 Go ahead and slouch all you want. I still can see your perkies. --sick old man
 "Damn," thought Larry. "She would get off at the VD clinic." --Nate
 Here we see Larry J., whose gray neck goiter swells during sexual arousal. --for(;;);
 "Jesus Christ, lady, your ass smells like a pile of rotting weasel carcasses! What the hell did you have for lunch?" --narcoleptic
 Long term parking & short term romance. Available at your local airport. --Ape with Attitude
 Whoa, and watch out for Lord Sarnak there, lady. --Crack Baby
 And there's the light. Now walk into it. Into it! There ya go! -- The Grim Reaper's job was never a long walk after God allotted him a cable car. --Crack Baby
 I can smell her from here. Oh wait -- that's my socks. --Bad Girl
 The day Larry started working on his next book: Things I'd Like To Lick. --Bad Girl
 John Carpenter's Escape From Kenosha. --Thomas Wilde
 Big Edna let our a long, sad sigh as Julie walked off the bus. "I wore my Obesession and my lucky bowling shirt and she never even noticed!" --Mitch
 "Man, I'd like to spend a three hour tour making a radio out of her coconuts." In his twilight years, Alan Hale was both perverse and senile. --Mycroft
 With the help of a Cray supercomputer and simulation software, we can, with 99.382% accuracy, project a scene from Randy Quaid's life in 2029. --Not Beakman
 "Young man! How many times have I told you not to steal the complimentary Kleenex?" --A Grouch
 I didn't realize that Benny Hill drove the bus to heaven. --Mirrf

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