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 "Across the lake is Chicago and freedom, sweet freedom" -yearnings from Muskegon, Michigan --Robbbbb
 Kujo had the bad habit of walking directly infront of family photo opportunities. --OAK
 "Yup. Life's a little slower here in Jersey." -- New Jersey Tourist Board Ad Campaign --for(;;);
 The next generation of Japanese robot dog can remember up to 100 words, recognize its owner by sight, and fire mini-missiles out of its balls. --Shem
 A single brilliant ray of sun shot through the clouds and landed on the object of Rex's gaze: There, exiting the bus, was the most sniff-worthy crotch ever. --for(;;);
 Rotweiller(TM) - when a temporary restraining order just isn't enough. --Mr. Me
 "It's right over there! Can't the Justice League rent a boat? I don't understand." --Lots42@aol.com
 "Go get it, Lycos! Lycos? Lycos? C'mon, Lycos, what's taking you so frigging long? What the fuck, you brought me back nothing? You suck, Lycos." --Hang Lose
 After ten years of being shipwrecked on a island it only now occured to them to look to their left. --Rizzer Roo
 After the Great Plague of '05, "Woodstock 2009" was a pretty low-key affair. --Gaijin Marty
 Next on Behind the Music, Ricky Martin falls on hard times and is force to live on the beach, playing show tunes for nickels. "It hwas really hard, chu know? I had a paella habit that cost me won hondred doellars a day." --Kearney
 Would you guys throw me something to fetch, for Chrissakes? Driftwood, guitar pick, shit, I don't care, throw a goddam crust from your sandwich. I'm bored as shit tending to these damn hermit crabs. Fuckers keep fighting each over a snail shell. I'll just eat them all and let 'em fight it out in my tummy until I yak 'em up on your living room carpet. In a smelly heap. So I STRONGLY advise you to stop eating that hard pretzel and chuck it down the beach for me. You'll be happy. I'll be happy. Your carpet will be happy. Fair enough? --rudy
 We've secretly replaced Jessica Fogarty's suntan lotion with a rottweiler...let's see if anyone notices... --Les Miserables
 Alertly noting that someone was about take his owners' picture without their permission, Sparky instantly sprang into action, posing so that his good side was facing the camera. --Geoduck
 From the producer of Lassie, PAX TV presents a heart warming canine hero for the new millinium......Rancid, the Rabid Rotweller. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Once the Lego people took over the world, all non-square people and animals were banished to desert islands. --agm
 o/` "...someone's drowning, my Lord...kumbahyah...someone's drowning, my Lord...kumbahyah..." o/` --NATE (no idea how to spell kumbahyah!)
 Facing mounting public pressure, Rudy Giuliani finally caved in on his 2008 election promise to put an engine on Manhattan and take it to the Bahamas during winter. --Stickboy
 Rex, the "censor" dog, is trained to stand between the camera and topless sunbathers. Thanks, Rex! Working Dogs,The Discovery Channel --OpenGLFan
 Riss off, ruster! --Doc Evil
 "Doesn't that cloud over there look like the unbearable angst of living our bleack, wretched lives, every moment filled with an awareness of the futility of our existence?" "No, it looks more like a fluffy bunny to me!" --narcoleptic
 Damn, thought Rover, I thought they said we were going to see the bitch! --NME--
 "Hell, not only can I speak but my balls grew back. Industrial pollution rocks! I'm off to score." --Lots42@aol.com (Try 2!)
 Want to know why this dog is smiling? Consider that everyone refused to take him for "walkies" before the long car trip here. Now look in the picnic basket. --Kitsunesan
 Everyone froze in silent shock. Three feet behind them, a dog barked. --Mycroft (salvaging Mr. Schpanky)

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