IADL #477
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 Mega-City One historians discover the Yankee field foul ball post. --Lots42@aol.com
 Now, some people might say it's possible to buy a suet feeder that's too big, but some people have never seen the size of the sparrows in the Bronx. --Rotter
 "Just fill the easy-to-clean bait tray with fresh lasagna, plug your Goombah Zapper into any 110V outlet, and you can count on at least four hours of evening backyard fun, free from Mob influence." -- Brookstone Catalogue, Summer 1988. --Rotter
 "Gee, if he were chained into this thing with the doors folded on top of him," Ed muttered to no one in particular, "we could grill him alive...slowly and really painfully." The street vendor smiled in response. He could aways spot the people who'd just come out of the Adam Sandler movie playing up the street. --Rotter
 Ah, Joliet! --Crack Baby
 "It's from Nam. It's a little memento of my time as a POW - I lay naked on that fuckin' thing for three long fuckin' years while they used electric shocks to fry my goddamn nuts off. Five bucks and it's yours." --narcoleptic
 After the whole re-civilization thing, Thunderdome really lost its edge. --for(;;);
 "Hell, it'll work on hammerhead, tiger, blue. . . " Even though he was located in Cleveland, Melvin did a suprisingly brisk trade in shark cages. --Kearney
 "Jess, baht weel eet support my bodyweight eef I am suspended by my neeples?" --Kearney
 Before Hulk "smash," he take time to appreciate beauty of art and craft. --Valvoline
 The Gambino family has been in decline ever since John "The Teflon Don" Gotti left operations to Vincente " Macrame'" Santucci --Poitin
 "I'm telling you, Louie. That modern art crap is just a load of horse dung. Gargoyles; that's where the money is." --Riff
 "Sculptures! Get your shitty sculptures here! Tell me what the hell they're supposed to be and get a discount! Quality Plaster of Paris sculptures here..." --rudy
 "Yeah, I use it to deal with mimes. You know, when the bastards start with that 'invisible box' shit - just slap this puppy around 'em and lock it closed. Drives 'em fuckin' nuts." --narcoleptic
 "So this thing is a REAL teleporter? You're not making it up? Wow!! How much?" --narcoleptic
 Much to his chagrin, despite numerous death threats and even a couple of broken kneecaps, it was beginning to look like he was to forever be called Vinnie "Ain't Got No Pokemon Cards" Ganzetti. --The Enigma (salv. Rotter)
 The blue collar Renaissance Faire. --Mirrf
 It seemed like a good idea on paper, but the Antiques Road Show goes to Brooklyn turned into a PBS nightmare. --Uncle Dave
 "Yeah, well, my anniversary's comin' up and I wanna get my old lady somethin' nice, see? Youse got any of those plastic flamingos? They'd really go good wit' our Renoir." --Mycroft
 Gimmie that statue of Tantalus, It'll look boss next to the flamingoes on my lawn. Not Sisyphus, you moron, Tantalus! --Werehamster
 The Alvarez brothers were on the sidewalk every day, selling ceramic Chinese kitchen gods, Norwegian lawn trolls in cement, and Mexican bathroom demons made from kiln-fired refried beans. --A Grouch

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