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 Wanda fumes "Goddamn Fire Island trashmen! Not only DIDN'T they collect my trash, they had the nerve to CRITICIZE MY OUTFIT!!!" --Boris Baddenov
 Before you scoff... she matches the inside as WELL as the outside. Top THAT. --Fluffay
 Those of you with normal vision will see the number 47. Those of you with color blindness will see an art major at the sorority's Hippie Day celebration. --CedricFox
 Proof that even something as simple as a T-shirt and a skirt can go horribly wrong in the hands of the fashion impaired. --CedricFox
 "Ok, I've dressed myself with articles of clothing drawn randomly from the barrel, as you instructed. Now what?" --narcoleptic
 You know somewhere that old hag from Old Navy is laughing hysterically. --Waldo
 She's preppy. You're tripping. --rudy
 Once Shaggy turned her on to 'shrooms, Velma's outlook on life changed... --rudy
 Page 37 of the "L.L. Benzedrine" catalog... --rudy
 The Flashstance movie craze was short lived, and thankfully, isolated to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. --Crack Baby
 "Watch as the American Blue Denim Twit stalks its prey, the Garish Sixties Reject." --Skid
 Ok,....who threw Timmy away? --tupid...
 And shortly after Eddie Murphy picked her up, he found where the seventh scrunchie was... --Orrin Bloquy
 Whew! I think I finally lost that awful Richard Simmons! cue "T-1000" music --Phat Cheops
 "Near!" runrunrunrunrunrun "Far!" runrunrunrunrunrun "Near!" runrunrunrunrunrun "Far!" --Phat Cheops
 Principal Anderson froze. Once again, Bonnie the blind girl had been the victim of a horrible prank. --Phat Cheops
 Episode 183 - Hot on the trail of drug dealers Wonderwoman infiltrates a commune. After her attempt to "blend in" is uncovered things happen that cause her breasts to jiggle a lot. --Matt Miller
 Okay, maybe there were some flaws in eighties fashion... --RipperJak
 Now here we see Linda in a lovely blue stretch poly skirt and dirty rag t-shirt designed by Henry the piss drunk bum. This article will be donated to the trash recepticle following the show due to the fact it is burning Linda's skin like acid and is generally unfit for humans. --anon
 Like, ohmigod! That security guard is, like, so rude. --Bad Girl
 "I can't believe it... someone threw out a perfectly good Phish fan!" --rudy
 Marcia waited for her sister next to the blue skirt dispenser. --Bad Girl
 I wish he'd hurry up and get here. I'm nearly through grazing. --Bad Girl
 "And....whoops!" Sheila's first attempt at tripping failed miserably. "Okay, here I go again......whoops!" --Bad Girl
 Nancy sweated an extra lot in polyester, so she brought her jumbo-sized Handi-Wipes container. --sx
 Wanda crept like a panther, testing the weight of the spoon in her hand. You asked for it, bitch. And now you're gonna get it. --for(;;);
 On second thought, Brenda decided she liked Pleasantville the way it was before. --for(;;);
 How many batteries does that shirt take? --Tillman
 Seconds after Keri raised her arms and shouted "She-Ra, Princess of Power", Shannon charged from behind and gave her a double kidney punch. --A Grouch
 If I stare at her shirt long enough, I can see two 3-D humps in a.. ooh, that is see-through, isn't it... --Crack Baby
 Muriel's Wedding II: Judgement Day. --The Interrupting Cow
 "What're you lookin' at?... Well, besides that." --Magus
 Fortunately, rumor has it that the "C-3PO and R2-D2 Go Undercover" scene will be cut from Episode II. --crispy
 Why has no one commented on my T-shirt design? Could it be that they don't recognize the current flow and temperature gradations of the water near the Great Barrier Reef? No, that can't be it, everyone knows that! --narcoleptic
 I wonder if she spritzed with fox urine as well, so blind people wouldn't miss out on this? --Norm DePlume
 This is what happens when you don't wear browser safe colors. --Norm DePlume
 The next time Spinn gets too many bad comments on his background color, he's goint to call in his consultant here to really teach us a lesson. --Norm DePlume
 There's nothing like a tampon mis-application to throw off your judgement for the whole day. --FluffyBunny
 Denise lines up for her final attempt at defending her championship in the "Bury Your Foot in the Tripping Chick's Ass" competition. Points are awarded based on style, penetration, whether the shoe becomes wedged in the crack, and total time elapsed between the kick and the resulting "like... wow... my ass is really sore giggle Is that a foot? Oh, cool..." --rudy
 Fed up with Cidney's rude comments about her wardrobe, Alice let loose a blast of telekinetic energy. Nothing happened, although a nearby butterfly did seem a little dizzy. --Magus
 What? Are those damned Hypercolor shirts back already? --Valvoline
 Hello, Alicia. I see that it's laundry day. --Werehamster
 Linda Carter travels back to the 60s to kick her own ass --Bleech_
 Doris was kicked out of the gang when it became apparent that she would never understand how to dress properly for a rumble. --Ogdred
 Damn, someone threw away a perfectly good white girl again. --Mr. ?
 Not only that...she turns into one really wussy Power Ranger. --Yakko
 Rubinaya Owczarzak, the highest-paid streetwalker in Poland. --for(;;); (salvaging connect-o-beard)
 She's more fun than a barrel of monkeys - and that's only because the monkeys in that barrel are dead. --Jackie
 Geez. Even I feel repelled, and I'm an engineer. --Mycroft
 This is the only way you could get a gay man to hurridly strip the clothes off a woman. --King Catherine the Transvestite.
 Most likely to incur the first captiol punishment by the Fashion Police. --Mr. ?
 This picture is worth a thousand words, all of them unpronouncable without the aid of hallucinogens. --Mr. ?
 With a shirt that loud, I wonder what would happen if she broke the sound barrier? --Magus
 "Hi, I'm Svetlana. Am hot Russian chick looking for wealthy American man for great boom-boom. Am only infectious for 8 days every couple of months. Call me now darlink." --I am Kirok!!!
 Too slow and uncoordinated to make the soccer team, Genevieve is relegated to the lowly position of team trashbarrel guard, complete with uniform and scrunchies for emergency lassoing should the trashbarrle try to make a sudden escape. --Little Hobbit
 The new iMac spokesmodel representing this season's fresh look: the playschool surfer. --Little Hobbit
 when transporters malfunction, THIS is what comes out the other end.... --Kitsunesan

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