IADL #479
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 Oh damn! We'd better hurry up! The bus is about to leave and we've only got 2 more vacation stops until "Cyanide & UFO Tuesday". --Crack Baby
 Brian wriggled, deepning his wedgie. He wondered, should he call Guiness? --Lots42@aol.com
 The Princeton Spanking team was always ready to go. --DBH
 "Hey you-- Kiss it. You too, dickweed. Both of you can kiss it." --Valvoline
 "Isn't today a great day to be a henchman?" --Riff
 "Convinced the world will end? Pretty much keep to yourself? Not averse to castration? Good, good, right through here..." --Leaf
 If Team Positive Thinking couldn't turn those darned Crips around, no one could! --for(;;);
 High above the teenagers, Dr. Squeak's team of fifty-foot tall rat and gerbil scientists carefully recorded their observations. --The Enigma
 Dissension among JCPenney catalog models is dealt with harshly. --The Interrupting Cow
 Although the data are still being analyzed, early indications are that the lousy cafeteria food ultimately resulted in the premature abandonment of Biosphere III. --Gaijin Marty (self-squandering)
 OK, team, let's get out there and SELL SOME MYLAR!! --Gaijin Marty
 Dwayne was about to lead his Freshies through the best part of the campus tour: Slap and Tickle Alley. --Leaf
 "I wouldn't touch those trays if I were you, Gunter marked them as 'his territory' a while back by rubbing his scrotum all over them." --djerkwhad
 "Aha! I knew you were both staring at my ass! Why must everyone always stare at my ass? Why can't people just like me for who I am? -- mutantdog
 "You bitch - you wore the same outfit as me! You too! You're both bitches!" --narcoleptic
 Hollywood cashes in on the sci fi prequel craze with "Logan's Stroll". --Norm DePlume
 Everyone at the GAP commercial cast party gets all excited when they find out Chip has Jenga stashed in his backpack. --Norm DePlume
 Jason would wear his parachute even on the third floor. "Like, you know, you never, like, expect to be like tumbling through the infinity, man." People would run. --FluffyBunny
 And as I stepped, proudly wearing my new uniform, into the employee break room at Arby's, I recalled with horror my terrible dreams of that damp Cyclopean city of slimy green stone. The geometry was all wrong! --Annna
 Up With People '99 - All the dancing, all the songs and a backpack filled with C-4! --Tertius Quid
 I swear, if these people start singing, I'm firebombing an Old Navy. --Azazel
 "Hey Arthur, where do you think you're going? You forgot to finish off your applesauce..." --narcoleptic
 Toby would rue the day he asked Keith and Marty what "feltch" meant. --Uncle Dave
 The GAP khakis prepare to rumble with the Old Navy drawstrings. --Norm DePlume
 "Bring it on, motherfuckers." --Ogdred
 A scene from Day of the Pastel Dead --narcoleptic
 Once again, he heard those words he dreaded so much: "Hey! Let's gang-rape Bob!" --Ogdred
 Bob, Teri, and Jon tour the Death Star's Tater Tot Kitchen --Bleech_
 Now let's go rumble with the South Street Periwinkles! --Mr. ?
 And this is the legendary Kung-Wuss martial art move, the Sissy-slap and Run Away. --Mr. ?
 The other zombie like servers chased Josh mercilessly. "This is a chain restaurant. You must conform to the corporate directive. Resistance is futile." --I am Kirok!!!
 Actually, you can't see it in this light, but the knapsack is an excellent idea on what zoo employees can do with some thread, a needle, a melon scoop, and a dead monkey. --A Grouch

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