IADL #482
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 Once again, the pink rangers morph watch malfunctioned. --tupid
 o/~ Cotton Candy Maaaaaan! Cotton Candy MAAAAAAAAAAAAN! HE's gonna sneak up on youuuuuuuuu...... o/~ - from Adam Sandler: I'm out of Ideas --SlappyJack
 Revenge of the Giant Floating Prehensile Vagina! "i liked it!" - Larry Flint --Mr. ?
 Gallant talks to his girlfriend about their relationship. Goofus talks to his inflatable girlfriend about their relationship. --Mr. ?
 Julie's fertility dance worked best when she wore the Labia Headdress of Ra. --for(;;);
 I'm going to have to quit drinking cheap beer. Now I'm seeing old Benny Hill shows on Spinnwebe... --Tillman
 Seurat's Wednesday Morning at about 8:30 on the Isle of the Grand Jatte (Where the Hell Is Everybody Anyway? Screw It, I'll Try Again Sunday)--Main Collection, the Dysfunctional Art Institute of Chicago --Gaijin Marty
 Sliders: the Last Episode: the last cast member dashs through the portal into a methane atmosphere. --Ape with Attitude
 The crowd gathers for Teshfest 2000. --Waldo
 TrojanMan's associate, TodaySpongeWoman, was eventually stripped of her superhero status. --for(;;);
 "First the cheap bastard doesn't get me any cotton candy, and now he's sayin' he'd rather do it out here than spring for a lousy hotel room... Oh, you want a hoover, do ya? Well, looks like Ms. Hoover's wearing her dentures. Prepare for massive chafing, cheapskate..." --rudy
 The gopher quickly snapped the picture and scurried back in the hole. Within hours, thousands of gophers were poking fun at these people on 'It's A Dysfunctional Burrow.' --agm
 The above picture was taken Jan. 18 in Nome, Alaska. Still don't believe in global warming? --agm
 I don't know why, but after a while, all IADL photos start reminding me of '60s album covers. --flodnak
 Yeah, my wish was to grope fourteen breasts at one time -- but I didn't mean on one woman. --Bad Girl
 If you look closely at the leaves, you can see it's actually a 'Magic Eye' 3-D picture of 3 weasels and a turnip. Either that or a Klingon battlecruiser having sex with a Yugo. --narcoleptic (self-salv)
 THRILL.....or get vaguely excited, or something....to the mildly frightening events in Mundane Meadow. --The Enigma (salv. Valvoline)
 Hmm. Great, how am I gonna think up an unwholesome caption for THIS one? Maybe I'll just say the trees are screwing and be done with it. --Magus
 While the other feminists were content to lounge on the grass and discuss "Cathy" cartoons, Mika doggedly kept marching around the jogging path with her Maxi-Pad totem staff. --A Grouch
 No one was left standing on Bunker Hill after the Yankee whipped out his loofah sword. --siren
 And the fluffy gateway to Heaven disappeared as quickly as it had appeared! --Bob Scott
 "Oooh! Ooooh! I'm Hurricane Floyd! Better board up your windows and leave town! Whooooooosh!" ....but everyone knew that Jerry was harmless and "special." --Bob, the Avatar of War
 2315. A GODLESS WORLD. Only three people attended the second coming and one was in it for the cash. --Papa Smear
 In an ironic coincidence, Spinn was finally laid to rest on a small, pleasant, green hillside, where baloons were sold, people chatted calmly, nobody was EVER freakish or unpleasant, and even Bil Keane found it nauseating. --Magus

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