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 Guy w/ sissy vest & attache, 3 points. Balding jogger w/ wall street journal, 5 points. Flipping lady w/ handbag into trunk of Buick Regal & watching the hood snap shut w/ a satisfying "thunk", 100 points. --Shoggot
 I must agree with Sir Mixalot on this one. I like a woman who has a lot of room in the trunk. --Brandolon Hill
 Unfortunately, Angela and Tony's Rush Hour Tailgate Bar & Grill was not a smash hit, at least not the way they thought. --Mister Fubar (I'm a glutton for punishment)
 To garner votes, Al Gore helps potential supporters with their luggage. --Luther Yonderboy
 A crowd immediately gathered around the alternate portal to Narnia. --Evnull
 The nice thing about driving a Chevy is that you can keep a Honda in the trunk as a spare. --Werehamster
 I dunno honey, I'm sure I put him in here at that last rest area. --Crapsman
 After throwing clueless tourists off the Brooklyn bridge, NY cabbies meet to divvy up the swag. --narcoleptic
 "It might be a little crowded, but the A/C will be on. Thank you for travelling Greyhound!" --K-Man
 Eloping in New York.......Dad has to help. --tupid
 Guests of Conan O'Brien live in the lap of luxury... on the pull-out couch in Mrs. Richter's living room. Andy's dad will drive you wherever you want to go. Nothing's too good for our guests! --snackwhore
 "I'm just putting groceries into my trunk, okay? Christ, don't you people have someplace better to be? Don't you have jobs? Hey, you! Put my suitcase down! Oh, God, I fucking hate Manhattan....." --The Enigma
 Evacuation, Sean Connery, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Platt. The citizens of New York are ordered to evacuate the city for no apparent reason. Chaos ensues. Nothing blows up. Christ, it drained me of my will to live. Half a star. God, I need a bottle of vodka. --The Enigma
 "I hate fucking rush hour. The traffic's so thick you've gotta leave your car to hit pedestrians." --Riff
 Can't carry all your luggage? Dennis Franz to the rescue! --K-Man
 This is the last shot of Susan before she gets devoured by the demonic Chrysler in the film adaptation of Stephen King's latest book, Ever Since I Got Nailed By A Van That's All I Can Write About. --narcoleptic
 Roger Ebert started to place his satchel in the trunk, and was suddenly and without warning overcome by the flood of emotion that he had been unconsciously staving off since the horrible tragedy. The 16 hour traffic tie up that ensued made the day infamous as Siskel Sobbing Sunday. --snackwhore
 keee-rist, 1400 livery limos in this city and I end up getting hired by little miss "eww, the trunk's dirty" and her fat spastic colon of a husband. Guess what, lady, it's fucking Manhattan. It smells like chestnuts, diesel, hot dog farts and piss. Deal with it. Now put your bag in the back or I'll shove it up your ass so hard you'll need liposuction to retrieve it. --rudy
 Many New York City residents flocked from miles around to see the only abandoned car in the area without a body in the trunk. --RipperJak, bastard offspring of Riff and Shoggot
 Nope. My husband's not in this trunk either. Damn, that asshole will go through any length to avoid meeting Mother." --Crack Baby
 Fred and Nora arrive in the big apple for their appearance on the Letterman show only to be horrified by the realization that they left the garden squash that looks like Spiro Agnew at home. --I am Kirok!!!
 From the True Adventures of the Last Caucasian Cab Driver in New York City. --I am Kirok!!!
 The Roadmaster spread open its engorged trunk, the inside of which was now thoroughly slick with the translucent secretions of sexual arousal. Its engine shuddered in anticipation: That LeSabre's in heat. --for(;;); (salvaging Shoggot)
 Well, there's a whole breifcase full of ill conceived Pokemon captions, but none of the cards! Damn! --David "Bob"
 "Okay. Brown bag, hash. Green bag, weed. Larry? Was the maroon bag harvested fetal tissue or stolen livers from Chinese dissidents? I can never keep it straight." --Jake
 Gripping my napsack in traffic at mid-day? --the rev
 Random woman's butt. One hit. Excerpt from the IADL drinking game. --David "Bob"

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