IADL #486
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 Inspector Gadget screws up another undercover sting operation when his Go Go Gadget Hairpiece goes off accidentally. --Leth
 I know it's the wrong sort of boxing, but I'm still betting the black guy will kick the white guy's ass. --Riff
 Not content to merely walk under a lader, Larry wanted to push his luck by loading under a ladder! --Mr. Schpanky
 In Manhattan today, a twenty foot high gurney carrying Louie Anderson collapsed, maiming two delivery men and causing 4500 October issues of "Kiplinger's Washington Letter" to arrive at their destinations with a small wrinkle in the back cover, causing an undetermined number of very wealthy people with extraordinarily tight asses to throw nasty snits. Mr. Anderson, who was being transported via the gurney to the third floor because his weight exceeded the holding capacity of the freight elevator, was reported to be in fair condition with a bruised ass following surgery to remove an infected toenail. --rudy (even I don't know what the hell I mean...)
 "Look, stop snickering. My kid wants Pokemon cards, he's getting Pokemon ca....oh, shut the fuck up and keep loading." --The Enigma
 Audience Participation Caption: Please whistle the theme from "A-Team" here. --Doctor X
 "I think we need a bigger van." "Jerry, if you do that Richard Dreyfuss impression one more time, so help me God, I'm gonna break your head open." --The Enigma
 When electronic equipment happens to 'fall off the truck', make sure it doesn't land on your foot. -Mafia theft handbook --Mr. ?
 Pallet Jacks, Safety, and You - Workplace Safety Film #34. Christ, though Ed. It turned out it was possible to sink lower than directing an episode of "Love Boat, The Next Wave." --Fishe
 Workmen prepare to do another facelift on Cher. --Waldo
 Before he could get in the way, Benny would always be securely shrinkwrapped and safely placed in the corner. --icebear
 Oooh, nice ass. Let me see, is it work glove in the left pocket, or work glove in the right pocket??? --r_u_all_here
 Martin regrets his rash promise to insert the boxes which can't fit into the van into his ass. --deX!
 "Jesus Christ, what are you guys gonna do with a thousand cans of stewed prunes?".....The Chicago area waterworks employees have a cool joke in mind. But they're not telling any one. --tupid
 Don't worry, Ed. Whoop-ass comes in cans, not in boxes. --Riff
 Of course these minions would have to be eliminated. One, and only ONE person could be allowed to know the final resting place of the DFC archive... --Dave Steckler
 Loadin', Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Leslie Nielsen. Two hours of Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence dropping and breaking random shit while talking "all black-like." Leslie Nielsen makes funny faces. You know, I could have gone into another line of work. Movie critic wasn't my first choice. Hell, manually masturbating pigs for artificial insemination would beat this job. Everclear. Need Everclear. --The Enigma (did I get it yet?)
 It was September 18, 1985 at Pier 31 in Oakland, CA. The new cargo was coming in. Now, it was only a matter of time before all these "Alf" dolls would be flying off the shelves for years to come. --Valvoline
 After watching the infomercial, he'd been confident that financial security was just an 800-number away. Now that he'd accepted shipment of 800 Legends Of NASCAR insulated mugs, he wasn't so sure. --Rotter
 When Stan and Floyd held the new "Ouija Box" they inadvertently summoned the spirit of the lovable automaton Johnny 5 and began loading massive amounts of freight while speaking in an annoying robot accent. --Kearney
 "No, no, Carlos said to load the drugs into the TEAL van! That one's COBALT!" --The Mad Puffin
 "Guys, what does DEA stand for?" --The Mad Puffin
 "I swear, Phil, if you sing 'Carry That Weight' one more time, you can expect to get mighty intimate with that there forklift." --The Mad Puffin
 If the Safeway delivery men don't act quickly Delta Burke eats them, too --Papa Smear
 " Fools. Beaurocratic fools. They don't know what they've got there." --The Guy who pulls obscurre movie references out of his ass
 Assuming that his foreman has made good on numerous boasts to "use construction tools of the future", Jimbo tries to adhese I-beams together with the sticky globules. Meanwhile, in a nearby hospital, Timmy's cancerous lymph nodes are replaced with a shiny new set of rivets. --for(;;); (salvaging agm)
 Joe enjoyed his work, except for one thing: he just didn't like having to synchronize his box tossing with every goddamn Volkswagon that drove by. --narcoleptic (semi-obscure)
 I've realized that I'm mad as mild pergatory, and I guess I'm going to take it for a little while longer. --David "Bob"
 "You're putting 'em in the van? Shit - I've been taking 'em out of the van. No wonder we're still not done!" --narcoleptic
 Ah, so this is how cardboard is shipped! --Frost
 Best Buy wisely cuts out the middleman: As soon as the latest Geri Halliwell CD shipment arrives, it's immediately loaded into a van and driven to an incinerator. --RIZZZ
 Gallant is happy to help the old woman with her groceries. Goofus just ate all of her Valium. --SuperNova
 April 5, 2008: Ken Starr prepares his absolute last report on former President Clinton (and this time he really means it, no fooling) for delivery to Congress. Meanwhile, the resulting paper shortage has led to riots on Wall Street. --flodnak
 Hmmph. I bet this the last time my ol' lady sends ME to Wal-Mart for Tampax! --The Rev
 The Eskimo have hundreds of words for "snow." Bob and Larry have fifteen curse words specifically directed at boxes. --Annna
 After their show was cancelled, the A-team had to make ends meet by going courier...except for Murdoch who had been abducted by aliens from Paramount Studios. --A Grouch
 "Whaddya mean, 'This cartoon is locked (too many captions waiting)'?!?!? We gotta unload the fuckin' truck!" --narcoleptic (not that I'm hinting at anything, KC)
 Ever since New York created these handy Corpse Disposal Units, the city's been a brighter, cleaner place to live! --Pete
 And so, the cycle continued. The KC-Force would be born into a child, who would (after approximately 4-7 days) build up the fine motor skills to edit down the captions. In their turn, the remaining Knights of Malta would hunt down the location of the man-child, behead him to prevent further caption-editing, and dissect his neural cells for clues to the location of the dread Spinn. Here we see the salted infant hides being shipped back to Malta for display. --for(;;);
 Hey Earl, what does "dn apis siyt" mean? --Norm DePlume

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