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 Teresa didn't mind the torso that was growing out of her butt, until the eye-poking started. --FireVampire
 GodDAMN do I love these liberal Sex-Ed classes! --SlappyJack
 (ohchrist!!!! If my mother sees me doing this to pay for college shes gonna kill me...) --SlappyJack
 Censors wisely decided to delete this scene from Rush Hour 2: Sodomy in Shanghai. --peckinpaugh
 Calvin was the object of his friends' scorn when he bought the "Lifelike Blow-Up Wanda" doll. But, after the suprise attack by the tribe of dart-spitting Brazilian pygmies, who was laughing now? --X_Bones
 Satisfied Customer # 527 shot flowers out of her nose at climax . . .they didn't call Keith Washington "the Dirk Diggler of Detroit" for nothing. --peckinpaugh
 Just another day in the life of a Dallas Cowboy. --peckinpaugh
 "I swear I thought this one was really female. And she just wanted a ride home." --Mycroft
 Can someone attach a .WAV file of that goddamned grating Eddie Murphy Laugh just to complete this experience, please? Thanks. --The Enigma
 Cartoon one in the new Dysfunctional Boondocks. --David "Bob"
 The other superheroes were never really comfortable watching Bill's slow motion morph into Red Flower Girl, Mistress of the Desk. --gonzette
 Strangely enough, the only difference between Who's the Boss and Who's the Boss 2099 was the ten references to "booty" per episode. --Jenn Dolari
 Hmph. Must be a Christian school. --rudy
 "I told you not to open the seventh seal...and, what do ya'know, I was right about Jesus being black, too." --OAK
 Harold misunderstood the lyrics as saying "Yo, bumrush the ho". --OAK
 They all laughed hysterically...Urckle had done it again. --OAK
 Eddie Murphy's laugh makes me bleed from the eyes, too. --Riff
 That's either a huge grin, or the painful grimiace associated with a raging hard-on caught on the wrong side, in a pair of tighty-whities. I'd suspect the latter. --Mr. Schpanky
 Chris Rock was voted "Most Likely to Get Laid by Passed Out Chicks" in his High School yearbook. --Lame-O
 Back row classroom action when teachers are legally blind. --peckinpaugh
 I think they're trying to tell me my Windows Desktop is fucked... --rudy
 "Now class, that is a shit-eating grin. Thank you, Robert. On to hand gestures..." --crispy
 What Cleveland Indian fans get when they move to New York. --peckinpaugh (I am trying too hard now)
 Needless to say, Roger's combined Heimlich/Rectum Plunger Manuever would never be looked upon by the AMA as a qualifiable "health safety procedure." --peckinpaugh
 With the help of her new tutor, engineering student Molly Horthendof finally understood the concept of Insert tab A into slot B. --peckinpaugh
 "Move along, people. No anal sex captions here!" --peckinpaugh
 Antoine saw a definite upside to over-crowded public schools. --Tertius Quid
 Join us for Fox's World's Funniest Surgery Disasters when we see what happens when a angry South Central black man gets joined at the waist with a Korean shop owner. It's a laugh RIOT. --Marty (JEEZE JUST ACCEPT ONE STINKING CAPTION!)
 ...but perhaps the most disturbing part of this picture is the haunting question: why would ANYONE intentionally install Olive Green blinds? --David "Bob"
 Dead or no, he was dating FloJo. --for(;;);
 If you're just tuning in from the DFC, this is the kind of smut we carry here. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING!! --peckinpaugh
 Rosa Parks' granddaughter always sits in front. --Ape with Attitude
 Answer: This. Question: "Where in the HELL is Terrell, and what is so important that he can miss Thanksgiving dinner with his family?" --peckinpaugh
 Coming up next on the WB: Another Wayans Brother We Just Dug Up! --Ask For It By Name!

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