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 The Million Surfer Dude March wasn't exactly a success. --K-Man
 Even years after the strip ended, Calvin was still stalked by his evil bike. ----Tice
 The east street tallywhackers are looking for a fight. --tupid
 Last scene of the video for New Kids on the Block's latest single, "Out of the Closet." --Mycroft
 They wondered why there was nobody else in the mall. What happened while they were in the bomb shelter? --Wacko
 This was the last picture taken before Hanson's mmmbrutal mmmbludgeoning. --Wacko
 Finally, the implementation of school uniforms goes TOO far, when button-down shirts and Bermuda shorts are adopted by the Girls' Bike-Repair Technical College... --Boris Baddenov
 Max, Biff, and Leonard seek out more Girl Scouts to roll for cookies. --Stealth
 Willis, Drew, and Horton would always walk around the black neighborhood, quoting lines from Reservoir Dogs and Goodfellas, generally acting like bad asses. Then they would all get their collective dicks broke by a bunch of pipe carrying, anal retentive hermaphrodites. --peckinpaugh (sucks)
 The boys were heading to The Gap, certain that "Everybody in Leather" was an order, not a question. --Leaf
 I just *knew* this "3 cock-rings-on-a-chain" deal was a bad idea. --The Rev
 "That's odd...the light is at the MIDDLE of the tunnel." --Dvandom
 "I don't mind re-enacting the trench fight scene from Star Wars every time we walk down this way, but why does Steve always get to be Darth Vader?" --Dvandom
 "Hey, guys, does 'autoerotic' mean you do it in a car?" --crispy
 Dockers shorts: They look good on models. Just models. --Crack Baby
 ...And here we have a piece by LadyJ entitled "Staring Crosseyed into the Abyss." Note the interplay of light and dark; the way that the eye is drawn towards the far end of the sidewalk. What awaits these strollers? Does the light represent the promise of a bright future, the bicycle their humble past? Or do the cars, pointed towards the viewer, portend a more ominous fate - such as being chased into the road by a rabid Rottweiler and bounced off the hood of a speeding taxicab carrying their parents? --rudy
 Blah blah something something despair, something something futility of life, blah blah, bicycle symbolizes the latent homosexuality of the men. Sometimes a photograph of men walking past a ugly building is JUST a picture of men walking past an ugly building! --Nrrrd Diva
 This 14-story office building started off as monkey bars, then got completely out of hand. --RIZZZ
 With the DFC out of the way, the editors finally have time to do a little shopping. --Robbbbb
 Fridays are Casual Day in the Borg Cube. --Shifter
 Hey, those guys are probably gay! Voice-over: I don't remember exactly when my captions lost their edge. But maybe it was time to try other things, like bathing or talking to girls... --for(;;);
 Desolate, the last three teenagers without computers running a Microsoft operating system and America Online wander the barren wilderness that is now meatspace. They do not know where they want to go today, nor have they mail. --Caiknight
 The three pranksters giggled as they ran down Executor's corridors. Next time Lord Vader sat down, he'd be in for a shock... --Zoltar the Not-so-Great
 "Oh, hey Steve, don't forget your eternal soul's in my GAP bag." --imbecillus
 ...But where were they going without ever knowing the way? Denny's, then probably gonna see The Matrix. --Wacko (who thinks it's better without the punchline)
 Dave should have an easy follow-up for a spare. Stay with us, we'll be right back on Human Bowling. --narcoleptic (oops!)
 Follow the light. Go towards the light. Ok, now go past the light about 100 yards, turn right at the Dunkin' Donuts, and then take your next left. "Ummm, guys, somehow I don't think we're going to Heaven. Either that, or God's a real smartass." --narcoleptic
 In a modern day retelling of the story of the Magi, the three wise guys search in vain for the baby Jesus, never realizing he's now the child of an illegal Mexican immigrant. Eventually, they get mugged in Teaneck, NJ, and the thieves make off with their presents of gold, frankincense, and a Furby. --narcoleptic
 Paris has the Pompidou Center, the inside-out building which is considered a masterpiece of modern design. Akron, meanwhile, has its Piece-Of-Crapiseum. --narcoleptic
 Artist: M.C. Escher Title: Gap Ad Artist notes:" As you can see, the lines in the foreground give it an optical illusion that the boys are walking on a neverending street, and the bike throws off....... Wait a minute. No, wait. Shit. Lemme try that one again. Maybe with lizards." --deadcoil
 Just then, a giant wrecking ball rolled down the aisle and picked up the spare. --Mr. ?
 The adolesent boys wander the streets like lethargic zombies in The Town Without Mountain Dew. --I am Kirok!!!
 "Whoops, sorry Stan. Did my hand brush against your firm buttock again? Sorry. Whoops..." --for(;;);
 The Second Little Pig designed architectural masterpieces like the structure shown here. However, the "Windy City" probably wasn't the best place to build them. --Robbbbb (sorta self-salvaging)
 Dim, Pete, and Georgie, dressed in their Sunday casuals, slowed, then halted -- they had spied, at the end of the corridor, Your Most Humble Narrator. --for(;;);
 Next on Dawson's Creek , a natural disaster provides an opportunity for looting, and forbidden love --The Golden Refugee
 After the great Neutron War, the last surviving Gap models pick through the wreckage, searching in vain for a camera at which to stare blankly while reciting the lyrics of vapid pop songs. --The Golden Refugee
 Dork Side Story. --Pete
 I knew we said we were gonna beat Steve up after this, but now that I've had a makeover, I just don't feel like getting my hands dirty. --Elkman
 People often visit the World's Largest Bike Rack not for its size, but its great souvenir shop. --Valvoline
 "Closer......closer....." Sitting in his hunting blind at the end of the sidewalk, Russel gave another sorority girl mating call. "Three bucks and they're coming right to me! And not another hunter around for miles!" That's right - it was the start of Frat Boy season and Russel was determined to to be the first member of his hunting club to bag a trophy Greek. --Dr No
 Bike. Basket. Blue. Bars. Bags. Buttrammers. Today on "South Side Sesame Street". --Phat Cheops (reaching)
 Roving gangs of Wal-Mart employees make sure downtown stores stay closed. --Spun Clyde
 You know, prior to the Renaissance, these guys would have just walked across the picture and fallen off. --phil
 Because of their rigorous initiation practices, the Circumcisors were undoubtedly the smallest street gang in the tri-state area. --Mycroft

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