IADL #498
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 John Gotti and Sammy Bull take a leisurely stroll through Chinatown on casual Friday. --ana coluthon
 Despite his bulging muscles, Mike was in trouble. He didn't yet know it, but he had accidentally wandered to the scrawny side of the tracks. --Kal
 Steve was so manly, he drew sidekicks to him just walking down the street --djymm
 Did my wish come true? Is that the dreaded member of N'Sync, sweeping a sidewalk in front of a grocery store, his life a pointless existence? I guess my soul is Satan's now. --peckinpaugh
 Bond, Jimmy Ray Bond. --NME--
 From Marvel comics: What if Saturday Night Fever never bothered with disco?" --RMD
 The Ghosts of Steroid-Use Past, Present, and Future, respectively. --crispy
 "At Philip-Morris, we care about society. In fact, this long-time Marlboro smoker just gave 35 cents to that wino. Now do you like us?" --crispy
 Some little fucker stole Biff's squeegie, and he won't rest until he finds him. --K-Man
 Damn, thought Paolo. He's got everything! The build, the shirt, the glasses... he's even wearing shorts! Why did he have to be a smoker? Damn! --Weasel
 "John Connor... come with me if you want to live," the Best Pick-Up line Bruno ever had. --The Golden Refugee
 "Get your beer, here! Get your beer, here! Distilled in my bathtub!" --OAK
 The guys decided to leave Harry trying to control the traffic with his mind --Evnull
 "Hey fuck you man! This is my garbage can, I found it first!" --tupid
 "O" is for "Overcompensating." --Rotter
 "Do you remember a time when the homeless sold barrels of toxic waste for a nickel? Pepperidge Farm remembers. --Bender's cousin Blender
 Big muscular guy walking past a sign saying "Health Club", might as well have PJ standing by the Washington Monument with a "DC" pennant. --Slibs
 Donald Trump, on a "listening tour" of the Lower East Side, learns the hard way that when it comes to ten-dollar blowjobs, you get what you pay for. --Bill Stratton
 Y-M-C-A! --anon
 The six-million-dollar man, the five-thousand-dollar sidekick, and the $1.99/minute extra. --Riff
 With a 50-gallon drum of industrial cleanser, Dave was the most prepared squeegie-guy on the block! --Riff
 Suddenly, beer-belly-man's kegger sense began to tingle! --Riff
 Fox Sunday - When militia members misunderstand the Second Amendment III --DJC_JFPW
 Joey Buttafuoco's back...and this time it's personal. --ana coluthon
 Within seconds, the dork in the almost-Hawaiian shirt, the ambiguously gay stud, and the token Gen X slacker would share an experience that would forever bond them as the greatest crime-fighting team in history. --Bassman
 Nobody knew it, but Vinny had been humming "I'm Walking on Sunshine" to himself all day. --Bassman
 We've secretly placed Col. McSweeney (USMC, ret. 1975) in Ho Chi Minh City with a Viet Cong and a draft dodger. Let's see what happens. --Nyder
 If you're a jobless wifebeating steroid addict, do you really need a personal assistant? --RIZZZ
 No one ever suspected that Ben owed his manly strut to an internal symphony of show tunes. --Geranimal Boy
 The Three Musketeers: Asshole, Portly and Arable. --Nyder
 o/' Tall and balding and stoned and portly, the schmuck from Ipanena comes walking...o/' --Nyder
 "...and this is the corner that was featured on #459, 460, 467, and 471! And over here is where the guy had his kids in a tricycle for a couple of pics, and..." How the first date with a Spinnwebe addict usually goes... --Leth
 o/~ Well, you can tell by the way I wear my shorts I'm a girly man you've heard reports/Music loud and spandex thong, I've been shaking ass to an ABBA song.... o/~ --Stealth
 Smokers of marijuana, tobacco, and newspaper soaked in Drano, respectively. --crispy
 Fine, fine, if I have to guess... left to right, boxers, speedos, and a Taco Bell wrapper. --RIZZZ

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