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 "All right, all right, Sergei, McDonald's hamburgers DO taste like cardboard. It's still no reason to bring back Communist rule." --Badger
 Yoda slouched in the corner....it violated every principle of life energy and the Force, but he just had to cure the craving for a Big Mac and 6pc McNugget. --Slibs
 The tragic effects of excess ketchup and lack of ritalin. --Waldo
 Did somebody say "macabre"? --RoBear
 It's hard to find a suitable Happy Meal for a young Grim Reaper, but at least this McDonald's tries, by God! --peckinpaugh
 "Hey, you got three more fries than I did." --tupid
 In Kneewhap, Idaho, the town-wide controversy was finally solved by installing "Pointy M" and "Round-Top M" dining sections in restaurants everywhere. The solution worked. There were no more deaths. No more molestations. Life was good once again. --Moe The Maneater
 Fast Food Restaraunts of the Damned - Next on The World's Most Shocking Videos --Anastasia
 "...and it was here, on that fateful Wednesday, that he rushed into the restaurant with a rifle, screaming "You deserve a break today!" and finger-painting golden arches on the walls with the blood of his victims. After a fourteen-hour hostage crisis, he was finally led away in handcuffs, giggling and biting the heads off Grimace dolls. Yes, I know he's getting the help he needs now... but I sure miss Ronald." --Nyder
 While the waterfalls of red hands distracted the customers with their spectacular show, the psychic chairs crept slowly into the shot. Their time would come. --Nyder
 Great food, great value, ritual human sacrifices...you get it all at McSawneys, the home of the bloody arches. --Uncle Dave
 Merry, Pippin, just keep a low profile and drink your drink. We're new here and don't know these people. In the morning, we'll be on our way to Rivendell and we can put this all behind us. --Weasel
 How the Blair Witch Project REALLY ended --connect-o-beard
 McFogeys: Over 97 billion (aggregate years) served. --X_Bones
 From right to left: hat, hat, hat, no hat, no hat, no hat, hood. Another rousing game of Hat Hat Hood. --Spun Clyde
 Vidrik's eyes met Cunegonde's, Cunegonde's eyes poured back into Vidrik's, Frideswide took the opportunity to snag a fry. --Timmy
 Little lady, you make me McHorny. --Marlboro
 Grady tried not to make eye contact with the Grim Reaper sitting in the corner, but he found himself staring. "I always figured he'd be taller." --Marlboro
 "Dammint, Velma. You can't hear him howling. We had him put to sleep thirty years ago. Get over it." --Lots42@aol.com
 Take a good look at these people. Memorize their faces. You'll be stuck behind at least three of them going 45 in the fast lane in their McMinivan in the next two weeks. Trust me here. --rudy
 Looks more like a Blase' Meal. --Valvoline
 While still not too bright, McDonald's latest movie tie-in, the McBlair SandWitch, went over much better than the American McPie special. --narcoleptic
 "Well, I don't know why she's gaining weight... Here, have another fry dear... I mean, we're decent folks, clean living... No, honey, waste not want not... And no one in my family is obese..." Meanwhile, Herbert daydreamed about ending his life in the loving embrace of his wood chipper. --crispy
 In Hell, every Big Mac contains a live scorpion, half the McNuggets are made of human flesh, and the walls are smeared with the bloody handprints of the screaming sinners, clawing pathetically at their prison. On Earth, there's just the first two. --Magus
 "I'm tellin' you girls...I think them handprints is tryin' to tell us somethin'..." --Sylvester McMonkey-McBean
 "You don't mind if I steal a fry? Why thank you...don't mind if I do...and what? I can have your Fillet o' fish? all right..." Irma discovered how much fun it was to eat in the catatonic patients' commessary... --Sylvester McMonkey-McBean
 o/" Pour, oh pour the Pirate cola/ Fill, oh fill the pirate cup!/ And to make us more the merry/ Toss the chicken McNuggets up!0/" - From the lesser known Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, Dumbasses of Penzance --deadcoil (arr again, matey)
 Slit my wrists, or have some more fries. Hmmm... Just another normal Saturday night out with the folks for Sharon. --narcoleptic
 It's always fun guessing which food will kill you in the M is for Murder resturaunt. --ChAoS
 Wait a minute! I didn't order fries with my Plate-o-Pathos! --Coalcracker
 On the way into oblivion, both Death and Max Von Sydow got a wee bit peckish. --The Stranger
 The McGinty family ate in stoney silence and accepted their fate while being more determined than ever that next Friday night things were going to be different. By God, next Friday night they would find the game piece and win that free order of fries. --I am Kirok!!!
 If you think *this* looks bad, just imagine if they were wearing spandex. --RIZZZ
 When the handprints moved to spell "FREE US", Grandpa Joe had his first b.m. in years. --for(;;);
 Being a Pisces, Lucy never enjoyed her food when they seated her in the Aries section. --Doctor X
 Movie merchandising goes too far when McDonald's offers the "McBlairwitch" sandwich: A barbeque pork sandwich wrapped in a piece of flannel --Dave-Bert
 Look, Gramps! Your Happy Meal has a complementary copy of Final Exit! --Coalcracker

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