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 Dear Sir - Like the young gentleman at the center of the image, I am utterly shocked at the activites in which the pair of youths on the left are engaged! And I dread to think what is happening to that poor girl in the stocks. Let's have more pictures like this, pronto! --Darren
 The cave is dark and slimy. There is little light. You see : three junior high trolls armed with - piercing shrieks. Exits : None. --A Grouch
 A fact unknown to many, Brittany Spears fans will all go to Tartarus when they die. --A Grouch
 The victims of the New Jersey shoreline find new definitions of pain as they slowly digest in it's belly for a thousand years. --A Grouch
 "I'm...too sexy for that hole...too sexy for that hole...but maybe not *that* hole..." --AQUALUNG
 Hollywood's portrayal of the Baby Jessica story. --OAK
 Introducing the Budget Toupee. --Valvoline
 Nothing is more humiliating than being forced to play "Simon Says" by a C.H.U.D. --Anastasia
 Matt searches for meaning in the newest installation by artist Luccia DelAmorte, "Grotto of Small Annoying Children" --Cecilween
 Not only did Jimmy Hoffa survive being buried alive in concrete, it had a rejuvenating effect. --Slibs
 The kids who had completed their Foreign Exchange Student Program applications on time returned to their schools with enchanting stories of spending the term in Germany, England, or New Zealand. The others gave confused and conflicting accounts of their three months spent fumbling around in the hidden city of the Mole People. --Rotter
 As Don stared in amazement, a new teen-idol band oozed from out of the featureless rock. --Nyder
 We had hoped to win the trust of the cave-people through gifts of trade-goods, bottles of whiskey, and demonstrations of the latest dance-moves. --Nyder
 This is the worst Gap ad ever. --Shockyheadman
 I guess I just expected the Oracle at Delphi to be more, I dunno, impressive... --Nyder
 In the fall, members of the colony will take it in turn to stand sentinel while the rest store foodstuffs for the winter. --Nyder
 As the novelty of Renaissance Faires wore off, desperate attempts to find a substitute were made, such as Medieval Witchburnings, Colonial Massacres and (pictured) Paleolithic Wifeswappings. --Nyder
 Each year, the Potato People awaited with terror the arrival of Lord Vader's emissary, come to collect his horrible tribute. --Nyder
 Note to Studios: Idea to combine Land of the Lost with Blair Witch Slackers much eviller than originally expected. My bad. --Orrin Bloquy
 Gallant tries desperately to free himself from the stocks. Goofus sorta likes it. --Nyder
 Johnny stares at the scene of two girls, three big holes, psychic ferns and someone's butt, and tries desperately to think of a caption that won't get Difficult Zoned. --Nyder
 Remedial Geology 101: How to tell your ass from a hole in the ground. --Uncle Roy
 In Greek mythology, the gateway to the underworld was said to be guarded by a dog with three heads. The reality was much, much stranger. --Nyder
 I don't get it...the feng shui guide said it would work. Hold it, you at the end...ASS IN FIRST!!! --RMD
 o/'...and the skinhead is a person in--well, maybe not your neighbourhood, but he does turn up with alarming frequency in mine...o/' --Nyder (got to move. Soon.)
 It appears that someone took Todd literally when he said that this cave "fucking rocks!". --rudy
 Shit! My yarmulke! And it's a kosher cave - damn!! --rudy
 Hump no evil, scratch no evil, dumpster-dive no evil. --crisis
 "Damn Carrie, when you said you were limber, you weren't kidding!" --k.a
 Wait a sec... all this time the gateway to Hades was guarded by a three-headed bitch? --Mr. ?
 Chad grinned a blank, toy-monkey grin. The extra large strips of flypaper had been more than worth his money. --Magus
 Look! No flakes! --Zemnh
 Only known photo of Keanu Reeves acting. --Horselover Fat
 "Excuse me, are those 'Gangbangger wanna-be jeans"? --shoestar
 Will thought about it for a minute and then left his sister Holly in the clutches of the trecherous Sleestack. She was getting to be a bitch anyway since she started having her period. --I am Kirok!!! (ass self salvage))
 "So, let me get this straight. Here, in the third circle of hell, the Morons are doomed to forever sit in a tiny, cramped hole groping each other? Come on, Virgil. Let's get out of here." --Magus
 I think the Gorn's two sets down, honey. --Crack Baby
 Dude, I'm just spelunked out, okay? --NME--
 In the middle of life, I came to... well, a bunch of holes with kids sticking their heads through them. Somehow it sounds more impressive in Italian. --Coalcracker
 Bill & Ted also had several really shitty adventures. --Yakko
 "Hee Hee Hee" said the plaque as it slid slowly out of view. "Now they'll never know what happened here in 1735!" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 When people get stuck between the teeth of food. --Jackie
 In book four, Harry Potter chooses a prom date. --Frenchy, the Toad Swallower
 After mating, the female rolls a large ball of dung into the den. She then deposits her eggs deep inside to gestate in the warm feces. Sometimes the already-hatched young dive in to feast on the rich nutrients. Then the male swats them away, saying "That shit's fer tha babies!" --unclejoey
 Here, the Troma sysadmin wonders why a young girl is crawling from his ass. --Goodbye to the Brixton Sun

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