IADL #505
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 Librarians and tigers and bores, oh my! --Ken
 Diorama is such an underrated art form... --Jinikato, God of Fandom
 And here's me and mom picking out our Thanksgiving dinner.... --Bleech_
 New, from the makers of IADL: It's A Gr-r-r-reat Life! --Valvoline
 {ppptui!!!} "Yeah! I got him right on his nose! Your go, Mom." --Darren
 Proud, noble, masculine, dignified, thought Linda. Rug, thought Tom. --Nyder
 "Says in the guidebook that the females do all the hunting, raise the cubs and protect the family, while all the males do is lie around and have sex. Kind of remind you of anyone, John?" --Nyder (I know, it's lions I mean, but it's not half as funny otherwise)
 Little did Marv and Brenda know, but there was no glass separating them from Rajah... he was simply on a low-fat diet, and didn't want to wreck it. --Nexx
 "When Animals Just Don't Give A Shit!", Tonight on the Discovery Channel. --osh
 I see. Well, ma'am, what you got here ain't cockroaches- it's tigers. Worst infestation I ever seen. Lemme go get the Tiger spray, and we'll clean them outta here. Just quit leavin big haunches of Zebra Meat lying out, and they won't come back. --deadcoil (of Bob's Tiger & Pest Extermination)
 "See? I told you the tiger was a fake!! He didn't react at all to me lifting up my shirt!!" --the scottish valkyrie
 Hmmm. I am pretty hungry and it does look good, but I think I'll just pick something else from the lobster tank. --300 Laser
 It's scenes like this that force one to once again wonder how mankind ever managed to be the species that fought its way to the top of the food chain. --Geoduck
 Teams of researchers work around the clock to unlock the mysteries of snuggly softness that's really less expensive. --Doctor X
 "Well, alright, you can keep him. But you're cleaning his litterbox. And don't 'Ah, Mom' me!" --PM
 The Metro Zoo's innovative new underground cutaway exhibit really revealed the life of the tunneling prarie tiger in a way that hadn't been seen before. --HasNoName
 "...we believe the great beasts used to roam in herds across America's plains. In the exhibit to your left, Whalers On The Moon..." --HasNoName
 The long awaited "Tigers of Colorado" exhibit was something of a disappointment --MrScary
 Come to the new Russian Roulette Zoo(TM), where one in six animals have NO BARS on their cage! Bring all your slowest and least perceptive friends for the time of your life! --Badger
 "Rowr ROOOAAR Rooooowwrr" Translation:"I'll have the striped fat lady with a side of girly-man. Oh, just water to drink, thank you." --unclejoey
 Never before has such an awesome crime-fighting trio been brought together in one place. --Timmy
 "I told you he'd follow us, Jimmy! You know they're very territorial. We may have to leave Bangladesh altogether this time." --Timmy
 I guess this is Greg's way of making sure no one runs off with the Post-Its. --RMD
 Tyger, tyger burning bright.... you did bring the gasoline, right Shelly? --Mr. ?
 Wow! That was the best Seigfried and Roy show ever! --Coalcracker
 "They sure look diff'rent when they's not painted on black velvet, eh Clem?" --Rodney
 Tigers enjoyed sudden prosperity after learning the old mime trick: "Trapped in a simulated habitat with a glass front" --unclejoey
 The massive she-cat maintained her expression of disinterest. The humans had taken her freedom, but she would not allow them to take her dignity. And besides, if the dullard in the tee shirt hadn't hit the target even once with eight balls, her chances of being dunked were minimal. --Rotter
 One minute I'm out on the plains of the Serengeti stalking wildebeest. Last thing I remember is this sharp stabbing pain in my ass coming from the general direction of a goddam Daktari jeep painted like a fucking zebra. Next thing I know I'm stuck here in this lame-ass room, eating fuckin' Purina Tiger Chow, shitting in a box labelled "Maytag" and staring at a mural of the Canadian Rockies. The fucking ROCKIES?!? I mean, the LEAST they could do is get the damned continent right. Then they expect me to be entertaining? Fuck them. I'm sitting my ass right here till dinnertime. --rudy
 Calvin and Hobbes.....30 years later. Never thought he'd actually end up with Susie. --RMD [pillaging the yellow zone]
 "My soul yearns to run free / stalking the ugly two-legged ones / Ending once and for all their moronic taunts of "here, kitty, kitty." / Damn the plexiglas! / Damn the plexiglas!" --Tiger Poetry Readings --Gaijin Marty (self-salvaging a variation on a theme by Larson, and risking a longer "name" than the caption itself)
 "Says here that his favorite foods are gazelle, antelope, and elbow flab. Oh . . . shit." --The Stranger
 In her later years, once she had grown too old to use her "running really fast" trick, Cheetara found herself separated from the rest of the Thundercats on a routine excursion into the heart of Mutant Territory; two large nets, a tranq dart, and a custom-built glass cage later, she found herself in the middle of her worst nightmare. The worst part was that Lion-O, now senile and drained of cheap moralistic stories, had been overheard saying to "let the old bitch rot." --The Enigma (long....but does it make it?)
 Yeah, that morning he got up, came to the studio, hit his marks, said "They're GRRR-eat!" and ate the kid instead of the cereal. Shame, really. --Orrin Bloquy
 Sadly, despite what the man at the pet store had told them, they would soon find out that tigers and fighting beta fish did not get along. --HasNoName
 "Hit just goes to show you, Clem, thet human beins is the pinnacle of God's creation." --agtorange
 " I dunno ma, you think the skin will clash too much with the plaid sofa?" --k.a

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