IADL #506
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 I dunno dude, but if it smells like oregano and tastes like oregano, we probably got ripped off. --Anastasia
 Do you have any fruit to declare? --deadcoil (don't ask)
 Shiftchange on the human sundial. --Waldo
 "We've got to change this secret handshake, dude. I keep getting sprains!" --Riff
 John had had quite enough. For days, the black mime had been following him, mimicking his every movement. But copying his wedge-picking was just too far! --FireVampire
 Apple Computer HQ-- where even the wall grafitti is in Zapf Dingbats! --Jinikato, God of Fandom
 "You're new in town, aren'tcha, Sailor? Yeah, I could tell... the ones who've been around a while know that they're supposed to pay me." --Jinikato, God of Fandom
 Serena and Venus Williams, after the Accident. --Rabbi Pikachu
 "So. Apartheid's over. What do you want to do now?" --Nyder
 "A crumbling wall... a vanishing spectre... an interracial couple... a huge big Chinese tank just out of shot... Man, this is so 1980s." --Nyder
 "Welcome to the real world, Neo. Wanna buy some crack?" --Nyder
 "Hi! My name's Steve. I'm no good with girls, so I guess you won't want to go out with me." --Darren
 "And you'll notice with this particular piece that the graffiti artist attempts here to express..." Tameeka hung on Jake's every word. She was amazed at how easily he was able to deconstruct graffiti so that it spoke to the very nature of the human condition. --ana coluthon
 So... Come to bleak, post-industrial construction sites often? --Coalcracker
 Stevie Wonder is seen here with his "Seeing-eye Honky". --Rodney
 Everyone in khakis... everyone in Vests... the thoughts torment me in my sleep. They never should have fired me from the GAP. I'll go in there, and make it Everybody in the Morgue..... --deadcoil (everybody in my mom)
 Ok, I've got the two grand, you got the goods? --Terminus
 "Look at that! They've got the quotes and apostrophe in the wrong places! Gimme a Sharpie...The red one." --unclejoey
 Bob demonstrates the international sign for "My chicken is choking." --Norm DePlume
 "Check this out, the Air Force hates it when you open and close the hangars with this thing..." --K-Man
 "Good even, sir -- But what, in faith, make you from Wittenberg, Horatio?" --the scottish valkyrie
 Wonder Twin powers...ACTIVATE! Shape of...Whoopi Goldberg after shopping at Target! Form of...a rejected JC Penney model hustling oral sex behind a public restroom! --MrScary....I dunno, I guess I'm out of ideas.
 And, as you can clearly see from this photograph, the 'lone cameraman' theory is pure bunk. A second was located behind the two, possibly in this grassy knoll... --Badger
 ".....may I present to the jury Exhibit A, a videotape of Nyder selling one of her many bundles of IADL captions to The Enigma in a pathetic attempt on his part to get back.....well, I'll let the videotape speak for itself." --The Enigma (sliding my way back into IADL.....)
 "I'm sorry, miss, but I'm afraid you'll have to remove the colorful jacket and pay a $50.00 fine." Just another day in Buntville, where even the grafitti is grey and uninteresting. ----Tice
 "Let me get this straight: You want me to take you onto a shed, beat you with a rusty rake, and call you Cecilweed?" --ana coluthon (self-salvaging)
 "No. Sorry, but my Spider-Sense still isn't tingling." --Ape with Attitude
 "Well, I find the subject matter derivative of Diane Arbus and Francis Bacon, but the Keith Haring references are an inspired 80's homage. Can I have a quarter now?" -When art critics live on the street. --Frenchy, the Toad Swallower
 "Hello, good afternoon and welcome to sunny Milton Keynes for day thirty-two of the 45th Annual Standing-Still World Final....the heat really is coming down in buckets today and as we look at the camera now we see on the right, a man who's really no stranger to these kind of conditons, Otto Belcher from Hawaii. He came a close second last year to Lurgen Veintree from Upper Brindley, Yorks, but his opponent THIS year is a newcomer to the scene, Burlunder Vas-de-Nomes from Scarborough who - I'm sure we all remember - lost so badly to that small piece of cheese in last years European Semi-finals....I'm sure you all agree...this really must be one of the tensest Standing-Still finals in recent years...." --SASQUATCH
 Scene from the fortunately lesser-known film, Being Keanu Reeves. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "I loved you in 'The Mask' and 'Man In The Moon'," she began. And then she freed a pistol from her fanny pack. "But there still must be atonement for 'In Living Color' and those 'Ace Ventura' movies," she finished. Jim Carrey just closed his eyes. In a weird way, he was relieved that this inevitable day had finally come. --Rotter
 "Okay, if you won't let me pluck those eyebrows, at least let me give you a coupon for some hair extensions..." --Tailspin

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