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 In the Dayton Summer Stock production of Snow White, Sad, Sullen, Giddy and Non-Gender-Specific share a happy moment with Snow White on their way to the mines. --Weasel
 You can help the children of Diff'rent Strokes for just as little as a quarter a day... --Bleech_
 Spending my 8th summer at "Miss Paglia's Girls Town" was a pivotal life moment, to say the least... --SlappyJack
 The reality of school overcrowding. These 5 children are forced to share one swing. Support education reform in your area. Or Planned Parenthood. --RoBear
 After getting that garotte wire for Christmas, Tommy had been aching for a chance to use it. Then, one fateful day... --Magus
 Every 90 days, the workers at the Nike Production Factory are let out for 30 minutes of fresh air, sunlight, and being allowed to ride on the swing. --deadcoil
 Cue Porn Music in 346,896,000... 346,895,999... 346,895,998... --Vitriol (do the math)
 Scene from the hit 1960s drama When Schools Integrate. --Coalcracker
 June 14, 1987: Chelsea Clinton is united with several of her half-sisters. --Mycroft
 Only little Shaniqua knew about the bomb. --Zoltar the Not-so-Great (searching for peace, love, and tacos. especially the tacos)
 Where will *you* be when your hemorrhoid cream stops working? --Karl Malden
 When forced busing became impractical, the Atlanta government resorted to wheelbarrows. --Riff
 HMO Care 2000: Moniqua here doesn't properly appreciate the cost savings of sharing her pancreas with four other lucky girls. --Orrin Bloquy
 Ms. Struthers? Your lunch is ready. --rudy
 The promo shot for "IADL 433 - The Pre-Llama Years", now appearing at a theater near you. --rudy
 Slow children at play --DJC=JFPW
 The United Colors of Wal-Mart --Kal
 Young swingers?!? That does it, I'm switching to a different XXX search engine. --Helder
 Unfortunately, when she failed to recruit another 83 participants, Ms. Kerwynn's "Human Piano" didn't look so impressive. ----Gaijin Marty
 This week on The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Prince and the Revolution Babies, Wendy and Lisa meet a new friend, Nikki, who teaches them a wonderful secret. --The Golden Refugee
 This shot of girls happily playing at the Neverland Ranch was intended to be a PR coup, but it turned into a nightmare when Michael's publicist thoughtlessly observed, "After all, he only molests boys." --Mycroft
 Pro: the tabloid royalties are great. Con: swings are a real bitch. -- Excerpt from One Four All: Our Life as Siamese Quadruplets. --Nyder (sui-salvage)
 Laura couldn't hide her disappointment. Bondage and group frottage again?!? --Nyder
 "I have a dream that some day, my children can play with porky white kids." --crispy
 One more chorus of "It's a Small World After All" and I ice the geek in the glasses... --Nyder
 "Look, comrades, whatever Marx said about all property being held in common, I'm pretty sure he would have wanted us to use the swings one at a time..." --Nyder
 Glenda proudly displays two brace of freshly-shot rugrats. --Nyder
 The current Pied Piper of Hamelin demonstrates his new child-magnet. --Darren
 "What is this 'personal space' you speak of, fair stranger?" --A Grouch
 More fun and games at the "Descendents of Thomas Jefferson Jamboree". --A Grouch
 The Future Teen MOthers of America holds its first meeting --k.a
 The West Pole of the Earth is the place to photograph your children while visiting Kansas City. --Male Bimbo
 Roman Polanski's ex-girlfriends often got together after school to catch up, trade war stories, or just play Barbies. --minga
 What a nice tranquil picture of the youth of today getting along at play. Too bad that in 15 minutes they'll be inside the house beating the shit out of each other over Pokemon cards. --I.......I AM KIROK!!!
 What we don't see is the boy with cooties that they're slowly crushing to death. --Anastasia
 It was then the aliens realized they would need a bigger tractor beam. --Tyrethali
 All is not right in this little Maine town. Not since the Children of the Swing took over. --Mr. ?
 By the makers of 'Where's Waldo' comes 'Spot the Anti-Christ' --Mr. ?
 Sally Struthers is around somewhere, isn't she? --Yakko
 The Future Knocked-Up Teens of America --Slightly Bigger 80s Donna B
 Here at Rainbow Haven Daycare, we shower every bright young wharf skank of tomorrow with extra special attention. --Daniel M. Laenker
 The first meeting of the "Girlz Rule! Club" of Jasper, Texas (later merged into Trailer Trash of America, Inc. a subsidiary of The Po' Folk Corporation) --bassman
 I could have sworn there were only four of them a second ago... --balog
 For A Quarter I Will, gouache on kraft paper, S. Reynolds 1999. --Stan Xhiao
 And here we see what happens when the strong force is amplified 100 times --Mr. ?
 o/` Isn't this fun? Isn't this what's life all about? Isn't this a dream come true? Isn't this a nightmare, tooooooo...! o/` --Trenchcoat (It's an Oingo-Boingo Reference)
 Gary breathed a sigh of relief... At last, the cover photo for the Autistic Chainsaw Jugglers debut album had been found. --Master of All That is Evil

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