IADL #514
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 "Heh-heh...you think this is cool? Wait till you see what happens when I press F-U-N-D!" --Ravagin
 "Naw, I done this lots of times. We rendezvous with the mothership, they stick a couple probes in your innards, impregnate you with alien sperm, and then return you to Earth. The worst part is this airsickness." --Ravagin
 So far the giant electrical fence had keep the huge beasts at bay, but still the population of the city worried. --corpse
 At first, Margaret was fascinated by the idea of someone who'd bought a season pass to the Cleveland Skytower observation deck. Then he began rattling off the names of his ferrets. --Hideo Spanner
 "They said not to worry until Dunsinane moved against me...but I think we cut Dunsinane down last year to make room for that new shopping mall..." --Ravagin
 "To hell with the Grassy Knoll. I could pick off half of Congress from here!" --Paul T. Riddell
 "Like my painting? I call it Cityscape Behind Wires." --Trenchcoat
 It was when Larry double-dared Helen to reach out and lick the bars that the trouble really began.... --The Mattwolf
 "Hey, babe, check this out. You see that hospital over there? It's gonna blow in five... four..." --James Howard
 "Hey, you spit here often?" --Big ol' Bob
 Damn, those Velociraptors really are smart critters, ain't they? They've built a friggin' Dairy Queen in there! --MorboNixon
 Isn't this the point when Godzilla's enormous eye rises up from below the fence, just before the beast itself consumes them? Please? --Trenchcoat
 Earl surveyed his kingdom and smiled to himself. "Yes," he thought, "it's good to be the most powerful man in Scranton, Pennsylvania." --Al Fresco
 It is amazing to think that this was Jimi Hendrix's inspiration for "All Along the Watchtower." --Ravagin
 "It's a sprawling vista, full of tales both uplifting and disturbing; tales of shriners at flea markets, little old ladies waiting for tables and Turkish men squirting water up their noses. Under this panoply, there are kids at puppet shows and fat Italian men walking down sidewalks and bald guys sitting on bicycles. My name is Spinn...and this is my city." --Rotter
 "If you survive the jump, would you like to go out sometime?" --Helder
 My God! It's full of Starbucks! --anon
 1999 Charles Whitman Fan Club Annual Convention: Club president Earl "Boom-Boom" Musin (left) and Treasurer Christina ".308" Levitz (right) pose atop University of Texas Tower. --Goom
 And that's not my beautiful house, and that's not my beautiful house, and that's not.... -- David Byrne Finally Snaps --Yakko
 "... though, technically, we're not actually scraping the sky." Another poignant moment from the Geeks in Love collection. --Trenchcoat
 Can I buy you a cauldron of boiling oil? --Mr. Me
 In the Utopia of the future, any citizen who admits to liking Celine Dion is immedately banished beyond the walls of the city. --The Dork Wanderer
 The long-sought picture of the collision of booty and antibooty occurred in the strangest of places. --borric the yellow bearded
 Excuse me, Miss. Your ass is blocking my view of Indiana. --Bad Girl
 "Well, there was nuthin' we could really do about West Virginia, so we put up this here big ol' fence around it." --crispy
 Casual Fridays in Stalag Luft 5. --Nyder
 One more chorus of "Person in Your Neighbourhood" and they'll be scraping him off rooftops in the Bronx for the next three weeks... --Nyder
 Todd opted out of the suicide pact and sent his dad instead, --The Golden Retriever
 Following yet another trailer-park-and-tornado incident, naturalists resort to captive breeding to keep the numbers of white trash at sustainable levels. --Nyder (shall I salvage myself yet again, Davros?)
 Early attempts to breed geeks in captivity met with little success; here we see a very badly mismatched breeding pair. The male is failing desperately in his attempt to arouse the female with his displays of manly knowledge, and the female is reaching for her pepper spray. --Weasel
 "Since the wind is blowing from the northeast, you'll get much greater clearance from the building if you jump from the southwest corner." Ned Davis, the Bad Samaritan, strikes again. --Helder
 We're going over the wall at midnight. Bring lots of rope. Pass it on. --Weasel
 " The chocolate factory was one thing, but this is one bitchin' elevator! " --Hungry Joe
 Sure, the seats are a little high, but we're right on the 50-yard line! --Weasel
 "Well, sure, they might throw some beads, Rebecca...." --Stan Xhiao
 "I usually come up here in the evenings to watch Mothra beat against the lights of the watertower." --Toaster
 "Come on, sing it with me! This land is your land, this land is my land... Go on, take a verse! From California..." --Trenchcoat
 "Am I married? Well ... SPLAT! ... not any more." --Helder
 Mr. Williards explains to a former student of his that he no longer drops billiard balls off the Sears Towers for physics demonstrations. Now it's just for fun. --Orrin Bloquy
 "Susan, there's something that I think you should know, and as your father it's my duty to tell you . . . You have a really fat ass." --Kams
 "...and over that State Line is a beautiful, enchanted land where First Cousins are free to marry." --Rodney
 "Actually, Michael Landon couldn't make it. But before I tell you how much it would sadden God if you jumped off this building, let me tell you about my years on M*A*S*H." --Helder

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