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 Take This Car To Cuba -The Elian Gonzalez Story Tonight, on Fox --Rodney
 "Aw, c'mon, Dad, we can fit in that space! Please! I gotta go!" Scene from "Seven Years in Times Square." --Weasel
 NAMBLA now delivers. --Rodney
 Faster! We have to be doing 87mph for the Flux Capacitor to kick in and I just thought of a kick ass caption for DFC #497! --Slibs
 "Tell Billy that I want forty kilos of China White this month, let the Tongs know that if they're not out of the neighborhood by tomorrow night, we go to the mattresses, and then I wish to go to Discovery Zone, Mother." --Doctor X
 "Mother, Xiaomei continues to crib questions from my bar exam notes!" "Oldest son, quietness is valued. Oldest daughter, please to keep to your Java." --Horselover Fat
 ...help...please... --Samwise (don't ask; I don't know either)
 Sure, the candy houses worked well enough for the other witches, but Helga chose the more economical '85 Buick. So far, it was paying off. --Emberly
 "Now this is creepy. I go into the tunnel with an empty back seat...." --Emberly
 Remember, for air bag safety, kids in the back and people who probably wouldn't look any different if something exploded in their face in the front. --Trainman
 "We'll go home soon, honey. Just three more drive-bys." --Magus
 Who needs a ten dollar "Baby on Board" sign when superglue is $2.99 a tube? --Pastor of Muppets
 Little Joey is about to find out the hard way that his cheap-ass parents didn't spring the extra $40 for child-proof safety locks on the back doors. --rudy
 Damn! Childproof locks! Foiled again!! --Fionn
 That's ok, I don't need to go . . . anymore. --nutmeg
 12.....13.......14......man, they weren't kidding when they said there's a Starbucks wherever you go. --RMD
 "Leslie? Could you grab Ma her traffic-hurryin' gun?" --Magus
 "Hey! Quit yearning for a better life or else we ain't goin' to McDonalds!" --RIZZZ
 "Heh heh heh... idiots have no idea I'm even taking their pict-... hey, WAIT! THAT'S MY CAR!!" --K-Man
 "See kid? Now THAT was a sharp left turn!" --Platypus
 The great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Ghengis Khan stares out of the window. In his mind, he sees the people on the street impaled on spears, the buildings blazing, and himself, lips painted with blood, howling above it all. "Some day." he thinks. "Some day... after Pokemon." --Trenchcoat
 Taxi Driver Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. With Jake Lloyd as the young Travis Bickle. --Nyder
 Hot hung Latin male, GSOH, likes fast cars, older women and long walks in the park... --Nyder
 Objects in mirror may be more despondent than they appear. --Norm DePlume
 "Keep that window rolled up! Damn, that kid goes through a jar of Grey Poupon way too fast..." --unclejoey
 Fox's next smash hit: Who wants to abduct a 4-year-old? --Ken
 Linda kept her face impassive, but inwardly she rejoiced at the success of her mission. She had done well, and Kathy Lee would reward her handsomely. --Nyder
 Young Anakin's incessant requests for Tater Tots finally pushed his mother over the edge. --Nyder
 The last Emperor of China endures his worst fate yet: relocation to Detroit. --Trenchcoat
 I looked in disbelief from my car seat. There he was, my nemesis... staring back at me with a mocking sneer. Last I heard, he had gotten 5 to 10 in Time Out for that recess incident. I knew he was up to something... but what??? --Lump
 Virgo: (Aug. 23--Sept. 22) : You may think you've been exhausted in the past, but just wait until you spend four hours in the back seat of a 20 year old Datsun with a leaky tail pipe. --Norm DePlume
 Amid the back seat / broken dreams, angst, and despair. / Life is constant Hell. "How are your haiku studies coming, dear?" "... fine, mother." --Trenchcoat
 For many years the young Jackie Chan stared out the back of his parents' Ford POS dreaming of the day when he could really whup someone's ass with a shopping cart, refrigerator and a ladder. --Tenebros
 My parents will regret this someday. Because I'm going to drink my milk and grow up to be big and strong. Then they'd better watch the fuck out. --Anastasia
 "...now to find that little bitch Gretel..."--from Modern-Day FairyTales --Side of Fries
 "Have you driven a Ford, Lat Li?" --Probably best if I don't say.
 C'mon, Mom, Crank it! It's Kraftwerk! Fahn, Fahn, Fahn auf die Autobahn.... --Gaijin Marty
 I don't know which is worse about parking in New York City -- the meter maids who show up five seconds after the meter runs out, or the homeless families that move into your car if you forget to lock your doors. --Helder
 "You know what they call a Big Mac in Taiwan?" --Valvoline
 I bet the title of this limited edition print is '... and he was never seen again' --Mr. ?
 Do step on the gasoline pedal, nanny. I do not much care for how that shady character is aiming his picture making device at ourselves. --Mr. ?
 I remember it well... 1986 was a watershed year for the Toyota Neo-Industrialist Crushing Nightmare with the v6 engine and coal factory air fresheners included. --Phat Cheops

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