IADL #52
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 Would you mind doing something about this rabid chipmunk attacking the back of my head? --*sigh*
 "Why the hell did I become an English major?" No. wait, I already did that one. "Welcome to the first fast food place for the elderly, would you like to try our bran and prune bagel?" No, that one got rejected. "Hee hee hee, I put boogers in the cheese sauce!" Wasn't there one like that a while back? "Hi, I'm wearing a white hat, and I'd like a..." You're not giving us much to work with here! --His Imperial Majesty
 The letter I, escaped from Sesame Street, degenerates into the world of fast food. --ThreeSwords Delamirtri
 I say we just head over to Ten Forward and get a few synthohols instead. I hear Guinan's got a new hat twenty feet in diameter at the top today. --Cosmo
 It was then that Quasimodo met his true love: Beulah the Hunchbacked French Fry Girl. AHH...never mind...that was dumb. I KNEW I should have stopped snorting that Ajax when I had the chance. --toade
 Wait, okay, take it now. These are our best sides. --ChoppingBlock
 Remember Rosey, just keep your back turned and that guy can only get a picture that cannot inspire any captions. --anon
 Let me get this straight, "Large" used to be called "Medium" and is smaller than "Giant" which used to be "Large", and "Jumbo Gulp" which used to be "Extra Large" is bigger than "Giant", and "Mammoth", which never existed before is the largest of all. And you wonder why you have such a high turnover here? --Coyote
 The Emperor French Fry stalks his favorite prey; those who would devour his smaller bretheren. --Riff
 "Say, Edna? You get the feelin' we're beein' watched?" "No, but I do have an awful case of deja vu." --Riff
 Desperate for a promotion, Jenny silently wondered if anybody would mind if she deep-fried the competition. --Riff
 See Bertha, I told you these new clothes would get us attention! We look so good that some guy is taking a picture of us! --Tommy
 Hey wait a minute. Since when are shoes considered meat? --Cheezo
 ...so you take a bite out of the burger, swallow, run around screaming, making sure to spit meat on everybody you pass, and then you finally pretend to pass out. Got it? --Cheezo
 Five bucks I can stick my hand in the fryer longer than you can. --Cheezo
 I quit whoring for this? --anon
 Everyone was too shocked to react as the rabid otter sucked the brain right out of the cashier's head. --anon
 How cute: Marla's well-trained beaver! --anon
 "We need more hair in the shake machine." --anon
 "You know why I work here? The outfits." --Soil Creep
 What say we pick up a couple of quarts of Strawberry Hill and head back to the trailer and party in style? --The Lawyer

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